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high rated
0.427.2 - Impulse Shielding

- New auto-exposure and tonemap settings make the screen not go so dark when you use bright light sources.
- You could get multiple rewards if you managed to re-dock to Big Bad Wolf after releasing prisoners.
- Tab navigation shortcuts were backwards.
- Stray bullets that you had autopilot lock on will lose that lock when you catch them in your cargo hold.
- Items that are held in salvage manipulators and cradles cannot be targeted by guiding drones anymore.
- Autopilot rotational adaptation for ER42 and MA-337 autopilots were confused by powerful pulsed thrusters, making the rotational manoeuvres erratic.
- Individual disposition changes for patrols propagate, so you won't end up with one Vilcy leaving you alone while other shadows you or one pirate harassing you when you made a truce with the other one.
- Phage-class stations and habitats won't try to rotate to face you anymore.
- Some pilots - civilians, Vilcy and pirates alike - can fly on manual, not relying solely on autopilots. Microwave emitters will still disrupt their flight but will not stun everyone unconditionally.
- The dialogue option that results in you hanging up now has a distinct hang-up indicator.
- Fixed Edge Runner ship thruster allocations, so it's nimble again.
- Drones and claim beacons won't try to turn to face you.
- AI will not be afraid of itself - and thus, your point defence will never shoot your beacons nor drones.
- Astrogating with a lifepod in a cradle won't cause your ship to spin uncontrollably.
- Increasing physics simulation FPS caused your excavator to deal less damage to rocks.
- You can't send over your crew to a ship that is currently salvaged by the search & rescue team.
- CERF search and rescue craft will not rotate to fly backwards during fast transits, as its symmetrical and backflip serves no purpose.
- Derelict ships your crew managed to boot up won't follow you through astrogation jumps if you choose to astrogate before they depart.
- Catching ship with AR1500 manipulator when you have an autopilot lock on its reactor or other equipment will release that lock.
- Adjusted physics collision settings to prevent cargo from phasing through ship hulls.
- Derelict ships are now more damaged and should be a bit more challenging to catch.
- You can now ask Vilcy patrols for drop point coordinates even when you already have a bounty-hunting licence.
- The "Reset to default" button for microwave resonance tuning will correctly reset the slider to 50%.
- Adjusted the cargo hold of Elon Interstellar Model E to prevent ore from causing damage from inside the cargo hold.
- You cannot abuse claim beacons to generate multiple events astrogating between the two. They will now attract just one event per dive.
high rated
0.428.6 - Nuclear Leak

- Fixed a bug that caused crashes on startup on some systems.
- Re-balanced reactor leak damage. Reactors are now less likely to leak seriously, but the leak is more extensive when they finally do.
- Adjusted physics collision detection settings to prevent dead bodies from entering reactors without proper shielding.
- Fixed a race condition in a microseismic drone, affecting your cargo scanner, which sometimes caused readings to disappear.
- Bullets shot from a ship that moves quickly sidewise won't hit its hull anymore.
- Added mipmapping to icons that were missing it.
- Added delay between messages from different ships and entities, so you don't get a new conversation just as you are finishing your current one, as that could cause you to overlook a new message while you hang up.
- Elon Interstellar Model E cargo bay doors are much less likely to damage themselves on front-mounted weapons during hard burns.
- Nuclear Activated Nanoparticle Incinerator is now much more resistant to being misaligned - but if you manage to misalign it, it's more significant.
- Crew quests and agendas for inactive crew members are stored in a save file, enabling other persons to have the same story at a different stage.
- Updated translations.