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1.0.35 - Attitude Control

- Deorbiting moonlets will despawn correctly now. Previously, an encounter of that magnitude would persist until you left the rings and locked the music on the mystery track.
- NPC ships will now consider The Space Bar a space station when finding trajectories around and inside it.
- Updated translations.
1.0.37 - Temporal Rift

- Singularity Cores will no longer break causality and despawn when required, allowing the mystery music to fade if you fly away from them. Their unusual physical effect stays the same.
- Improved readability of the Dive Summary screen. Previously, text displayed on the ore summary screen individual chunk composition and price estimations was challenging to read in some resolution/HUD scale combinations.
- Updated translations.
1.0.41 - Positron Contamination

- Nuclear reactor leak animation will stop when you can't see it, improving performance and preventing weird reactor leak glitches if you zoom the camera near a leaking reactor.
- Updated translations.
1.0.45 - Unholy Union

- Fixed GOG achievements synchronization. At some point, there seemed to be a change in the achievement API that caused some of them not to be registered by Galaxy. This update adds a workaround and will automatically synchronize all your achievements that were not registered correctly the first time you launched the game.
- Mining Companions, both rogue and well-behaved, sometimes entered an unholy union, with each of them entering simultaneously entering the cargo bay of the other. Attempting to astrogate with such an agglomerate in your cargo bay caused the reality to wrap up on itself and collapse your ship to singularity, crashing the game in the process.
- Transponder codes of your mining companions, cargo containers, and beacons will not repeat themselves anymore.
- Fixed the coolant leak animation on some reactors, which still glitched if you moved the camera near them rapidly.
- Updated translations.
1.0.47 - Absolute Zero

- Holding opposing manual rotation control keys on a ship equipped with a Fly-By-Wire autopilot will now cause it to zero out its rotation completely. Previously, it rotated left when you did that.
- Updated translations
1.2.1 - Hostile Takeover

- Changed the astrogation abort protocol. Previously, your astrogation jump would abort automatically if you deviated from the course too much. Now, you must press the "disengage autopilot" key or enter the OMS menu again to abort astrogation. This change makes it much easier to perform a manual astrogation jump and is more forgiving if you need to evade rocks that are in your way.
- Increased StarCAT acceleration resistance. It will now be a bit harder to damage your stellarator superconducting coils while consuming medium-sized rocks, and they will be able to withstand more serious damage before needing repairs.
- The autonomic EIAA-1337 autopilot will now work correctly on heavy ships. Its collision avoidance energy estimations used to overestimate impact energy if your ship was really heavy.
- You will not be able to flex that you have a famous singer on your crew if the station you are talking with already knows that.
- Entities dealt massive damage with plasmathrowers and particle accelerators will now get angry at you much quicker.
- Ships that see you attacking their allies will get angry at you much quicker. Previously, they could get apathetic enough not to do anything, even if they have seen their ally destroyed, and acted only on a second incident.
- Pirates didn't care much if you fired on their allies.
- Firing on some pirates could cause the miner guild to like you, even if there was no witness of the deed.
- Firing at the Vilcy bounty hunter ships could cause the miner guild to fear you even if there were no witnesses of the deed.
- When selecting a target in the Astrogation menu, you'll now see the bearing for it listed.
- Asteroids and events will not spawn close to your own ship when you are departing through an astrogation sequence.
- Fixed a loop in an Obonto Habitat dialogue, so you can't ask over and over for the same things anymore.
- Updated translations.
1.3.5 - Carbon Dainty

- Mining Companions will no longer devour human bodies on their way to Enceladus.
- When arriving at a temporary astrogation target (the one that disappears from the list once you get there), any adjustment to astrogation velocity would display the destination, bearing, and travel time to the next astrogation target on that list. If the place you astrogated to were the last on the list, this would cause the game to crash.
- Arriving near a destroyed space habitat could trigger a race condition that could sometimes cause the game to crash.
- Enceladus station will be selected by default when entering the Astrogator tab on your OMS screen to aid inexperienced pilots.
- Data from previously selected astrogation targets will not linger on the Astrogator tab on your OMS screen when you enter the menu after performing a jump.
- Fixed a bug that caused your crew to talk to you less than they were supposed to.
- Fixed the shading on the Rings beyond the Encke gap, which were lit from a different direction previously.
- When your crew talks to you, their job will display next to their name, making it easier to make employment decisions.
- The noise of a fusion reactor and its start-up sound will now adjust accordingly to time dilation effects.
- Ship captains will not get starstruck when talking to you anymore. Sometimes the feelings of NPC ships towards you could exceed the expected range, locking them out of dialogue if they feared, liked, or hated you enough.
- Flares on the visual feed on the very edge of the ring looked off, fading away at a different speed just beyond the edge of the Rings.
- Captains of allied ships will not fall in love with you when you are performing war crimes. There is a limit now on how much they can adore you when you unload a metric shitton of ammunition on a ship that was once threatening them.
- Updated translations.
1.3.8 - Quantum Overdrive

- Performance enhancements. You can expect improved GPU performance in both Dives and the Enceladus Prime station. This makes the game run smoother, reduces battery usage on mobile systems, and lowers the temperature of GPUs.
1.4.8 - Gamma Burst

- Nuclear explosions and laser flares will now be visible on the visual feed from the Enceladian polar telescope array.
- If you are in a quest-related dialogue, the game will prevent you from astrogating away to Enceladus and breaking that quest. The astrogation countdown will resume automatically once the dialogue clears.
- Setting your IFF system to "hostile" or "friendly" will now completely override any judgment your onboard IFF computer makes. Previously it was possible that, if a ship attacked you, the automatic IFF could override its classification from manually set “friendly” all the way to neutral.
- Fixed a bug that caused some of the temporary astrogation destinations to disappear if you lingered for a long time near them without actually visiting them.
- Fixed engine, explosion, and laser flares on the edge of the visual feed.
- The resupply data on the "launch dive" screen now has a fixed size, preventing the slider from jittering if you adjust the resupply amount with your mouse.
- Adjusted user manual for the Seal for Projectile Ammunition to say that nothing is installed with this option.
- A damaged onboard computer will now apply distortion effects to ore, ship, and autopilot markers.
- Disabling the "use autopilot" option during an astrogation jump sequence will now not change any autopilot settings at all, giving you an opportunity to perform the jump manually.
- Ringracers will not agree to race in the very rim of the rings, where there is a risk of losing the racing drone.
- Improved performance when you have a lot of raw ore on your ship.
- You can't dismiss your crewmember on sick leave only to hire them healthy again.
- Updated translations. Italian language is now fully supported.
1.5.4 - Bad Feeling

- Separate "Accessibility" tab in the Settings menu.
- Ability to turn the hearing-impaired music visual cues off. They are turned off by default now.
- Additional colorblind helper for the Accessibility menu to help highlight which colours you should be able to differentiate.
- When participating in a race, if the drone runs out of propellant, the race will be declared a draw - unless you were just about to catch it.
- Fixed flickering of ship astrogation markers on your main display.
- Claim Beacon cradle arms can now catch tampered claim beacons. For some of them, this is still not a very good idea.
- B8 Claim Beacons will call you automatically even if there are interesting or hostile ships around them unless they are less than 500m away.
- Improved B8 Claim Beacon docking protocol. The beacon will now move slowly towards you if you order it to.
- If you don't establish a claim after deploying a B8 Claim Beacon, it will automatically initiate a docking protocol with you.
- If you had an astrogator on board who marked a ship with a tactical marker and your LIDAR detected but then lost the line of sight to that ship for more than 60 seconds, the identify friend-or-foe settings for that ship would reset to the default "auto" setting without changing the slider position on the Pilot tab. Now the settings will be preserved for as long as the ship is tracked. If you don't have an astrogator and your LIDAR loses track of a ship for over 60 seconds, IFF settings will reset and change the appropriate slider accordingly.
- Improved performance of IFF detection. This will lower CPU usage somewhat when many ships are surrounding you.
- Updated translations.
1.6.11 - Containment Protocol

- Your crew will comment on finding dead bodies in space sooner.
- When carrying an autonomous system in a cradle, other ships will now consider it an integral part of the ship. This prevents pirates from trying to shoot down unpowered claim beacons - even when you have a good standing with them. They will still attempt to disable them if you choose to deploy them near a site they frequent, as they don't enjoy the extra attention from Enceladian authorities.
- Comms window will show the most recent dialogue option even if there is no reply for you to pick.
- The IFF control on your Pilot tab was always yellow on the "auto" setting, even if your onboard automatic IFF classified ships as hostile and friendly. It will now follow the automatic classification color scheme.
- Ganymedean Anarchy station docking arms will no longer attempt to grab OCP-209 from below.
- Voyager RSLS now has a standby mode and will not draw extra power when not printing anything.
- Fixed audio issues on Voyager RSLS Fabrication Plant audible when printing nanodrones on Eagle Prospectors.
- Manually paying outstanding salary through the Crew menu would cause the menu to close in 3 seconds unless you interacted with another button.
- The Onboard Maintenance System screen will now remember the last station you accessed and show it again when you enter it.
- Additional in-universe advertisement on the Enceladus Billboard.
- When hailing an entity that has nothing to say, the hail button will now instantly change to "no response" without the need to call twice.
- The racing team will not interrupt your conversation awkwardly when they suddenly realize that they hate you.
- Not being hostile to the racing team and discussing the race with them will put them a bit at ease now.
- Fixed the gravimetric augmented reality overlay, which was clipped on 32:9 aspect ratio displays on EIME and Bald Eagle Racing HUD.
- Updated translations.
- Updated credits.
1.11.10 - Quantum Simulation

Simulation Theory Catalyzes Quantum Computing
A groundbreaking leap in simulation theory has triggered a revolution in the realm of quantum computing. Researchers from Runasimi Inc have harnessed the latest insights from simulation theory to engineer quantum computer systems with unprecedented capabilities. These advanced systems exhibit enhanced computational power and stability, pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible. As the scientific community races to comprehend the implications, the marriage of simulation theory and quantum computing promises to reshape the landscape of computational technology.

Miners Guild Stands Against Trainee Exploitation
In a bold move, the Miners Guild has launched a fervent protest against the alleged exploitation of trainees within the space industry. The guild is demanding equal opportunities for all crew members hired for space stations, insisting that each individual should have the chance to perform and gain experience in various roles. The call for fairness resonates with those advocating for improved working conditions and ethical employment practices throughout the system. As the debate unfolds, the Miners Guild aims to reshape the landscape of crew training and station operations.

New Regulations Tighten Ship Inspections
A set of comprehensive regulations has been introduced by the Enceladus Corp, heralding a significant shift in ship inspection procedures across the station. Going beyond traditional safety measures, the new rules stipulate that all ships undergoing periodic and pre-flight inspections must now be photographed extensively. This measure aims to curb the rise of used ships being circulated with fraudulent flight records, ensuring transparency and accuracy in ship histories. Shipowners and industry experts are cautiously optimistic, believing that the new regulations will bolster trust and reliability within the space travel ecosystem.

Maintenance Logs
- Engine update to Godot 3.5.2. This fixes some area overlap issues, which were a root cause for a number of very rare, but impactful problems, including but not limited to: ore getting embedded into ship hull preventing astrogation and sometimes causeing heavy damage, point defence system ignoring some targets, AI not detecting some obstacles and attempting to fly straight through them. The engine upgrade also comes with a phleora of other fixes and performance improvements.
- New visuals for the Fleet and Dive ship display.
- Hiring multiple geologists or astrogators will improve identification speed in their respective fields.
- Hiring multiple mechanics will shorten the time required to perform maintenance. Not having any mechanics in your company will extend that time.
- Re-balanced astrogator and geologist identification times to make bringing multiple crew of the same role more impactful. Astrogators will now take much more time to spot a ship on the very edge of their range.
- „Not passing inspection" marker on used ships in the dealer and fleet menus will now be consistent with actual inspection results. They used to show only on badly damaged ships.
- Unusually high traffic at the edge of the rings will now die out slowly over the course of the game time.
- Improved drone zone visualization in the Tuning menu and its performance. You will now be able to see the entire area covered by your drones.
- Improved resolution of the ship preview simulation in the Tuning menu.
- Improved game performance when there is a lot of identified ore floating around your ship.
- Lifepods will now have tactical markers.
- Improved music mixing.
- Fixed line-of-sight shader settings. The previous shader settings caused some graphical glitches inside caverns and around moonlets that have caverns. New settings don't -have these problems and use fewer resources, improving game performance.
- When you accessed the ship logs for the second time, they would not scroll all the way to the end.
- Ship logs sometimes did not get focus on the last line of the logs.
- Fixed a vertical line visible on K44 if you examined the ship in your fleet.
- Added support for physical scancodes for hardpoint toggles to fix issues on unusual keyboard layouts, which require two keypresses for a number.
- The "pick your dive target" screen will now present a zoom level consistent with the zoom slider position when you first enter it.
- You can't sell ships that are undergoing maintenance.
- Ships that undergo maintenance are now marked as such in your Fleet menu.
- Ships appeared upside-down in some areas of the Fleet and Dealer menus.
- Mars Power Industries were caught red-handed, lying in the specification of muzzle velocity of their railgun. An errata has been issued.
- The dive summary screen will not pop up if the only things you brought in your cargo bay were something you already owned, like your own mining companion. This also prevents a glitch that allows you to use the station menus when you had a completely empty summary screen displayed in the foreground.
- The price assessment markers on the Dive Summary screen will now word-wrap the ship name to fit into the assessment square.
- The intro animation will now play correctly on displays with different than 16:9 aspect ratios, adding black bars on the sides if required.
- The emergency autopilot and automatic return when exiting the rings will not be disabled now if your astrogation velocity match is active.
- Having a lot of raw ore in your cargo hold will not distract your geologists anymore. Geologists will not be distracted by ore they have already identified either.
- Playing with a very low framerate will not cause your geologist to identify ores slower anymore.
- If you had your Pilot tab selected and entered the OMS menu, the transponder and ship name labels would display much more slowly than they should.
- Ship simulation preview in the Tuning menu will not be cropped on vertical displays.
- Fixed Enceladus background aspect ratio on vertical displays.
- You won't be able to trigger the Enceladus menu buttons when your dive summary screen is active. Spamming the action key while the menu is appearing will not cause that either.
- Fixed baked-in radiator glow on AT-K225 not reaching the entire ship's hull.
- Mass drivers will not break the conservation of energy anymore. This change only affects tuned mass drivers.
- Fixed a bug that could cause you not to find a POI if you dived directly to it from Enceladus. This only affected a subset of astrogation targets.
- Fixed nanodrone propulsion laser audio.
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to slow down and flood the game logs with messages when you undocked and re-docked to a space station that had nothing more to say to you.
- Focus was lost when you sent the very last message in a conversation using either a gamepad or a keyboard. Focus will now be re-acquired by the station selected in your OMS menu.
- Updated translations.
1.12.4 - Artificial Company

- After reviewing hundreds of hours of combined flight records, engineers from Titan Heavy Industries isolated multiple instances of ship captains performing maneuvers that put THI Cargo Containers and other unmanned craft sharing its chassis stress levels exceeding operational parameters, causing heavy damage to the reactor core itself and presenting a risk of premature catastrophic failure. A recall has been issued for all leased craft, and a more robust reactor design has been implemented. Reactors of the THI Cargo Containers and Mining Companions are now more resistant to g-forces and are less likely to get their rods jammed when you perform manouvers with a drone attached to your ship.
- Enceladus Flight Control will now notify owners of all unmanned crafts if they spot a critical reactor failure on the long-range polar telescope array, or then such ship clears the ring area and enters the interlunar return trajectory. You will get notifications when your Cargo Container or Mining Companion explodes or is on its way to successfully return to the station.
- After numerous complaints of ore not being delivered, the Mining Guild of Enceladus now offers mediation services for all Wingman contracts, ensuring that all ore mined under the contract is transferred to the employer. Hired wingmen will now always transfer the ore they dug up to you.
- Nakamura Dynamics released a new patch for the NT Mining Companion piloting protocols. The companions will now perform astrogation jumps with the host ship, provided they have sufficient reaction mass.
- New “fixed” camera mode.
- Improved resolution of the geologist vein coverage map.
- Improved performance on systems with older or integrated GPU cards.
- Tuning autopilot rotational velocity limit will not affect your ship's fly-by-wire rotational speed.
- NPC will now have to be aware of you in order to change their opinions about you based on your actions. Undetected sins will go unpunished.
- Derelicts refused to boot up or even start the derelict salvage event if they saw you blow up another derelict. The ghost of the machine was angry. It was pacified.
- Fixed mineral marker animation. It was flickering if your geologist was not very experienced.
- You can't talk with Big Bad Wolf about acquiring Ganymedean flight logs repeatedly.
Removed the white flash when you start the dive.
- Polished up military ship class descriptions for kinetic ammunition magazines to align with the military classification of ships.
- Updated translations.
1.12.6 - Nanometer Fallout

- The Xaser team at Enceladus was found slacking off and not burning a correct entry path for you, even if you paid the full fee, on the initial dive into the rings, causing some accidents as some ships collided with iceroids that were supposed to be cleared. Disciplinary action was taken.
- Mines laid out by your friends will not follow you when you are astrogating away.
F- ixes Steam integration on OSX and Linux systems. Due to library version mismatch, some Steam functions were unavailable on these systems, like the game automatically pausing when Steam Overlay was turned on. This version publishes the same library version for all the platforms, including an updated Windows version.
Ships approved for operation
Antonoff-Titan K225-BB break-bulk cargo carrier now approved for sale on Enceladus Prime station. A popular second-hand modification designed for carrying cargo that cannot be easily processed into standardized containers sacrifices some of its docking bays to extend the raw cargo capacity of its cargo hold.

Tetsuo Industries releases an industrial massdriver
Tetsuo Engineering, a trailblazer in advanced propulsion technology, proudly introduces the HMX-2000I Mass Driver. The HMX-2000I Mass Driver combines the power of proven magnetoplasmadynamic (MPD) technology from rocket thrusters with state-of-the-art superconducting acceleration coils. This fusion of engineering marvels results in an industrial iron delivery system with unparalleled throughput. It boasts the capability to accelerate iron particles up to an astounding 2000 meters per second, effortlessly delivering over 500 kilograms of material every second.

Astrogeological breaktrough
Recently created new generation of microseismic sensor arrays have revealed a remarkable geological revelation: the existence of pockets containing pure ore veins nestled within Saturn's A-ring. As scientists prepare to delve into the mysteries surrounding the formation of these valuable ore deposits, the miners' guild has seized the opportunity to enhance the sensors on their spacecraft, with the aim of maximizing the profitability of their upcoming missions.

Maintenance logs
- New ship variant: Antonoff-Titan K225-BB break-bulk cargo carrier.
- Tetsuo HMX-2000I Heavy Mass Driver is now available for purchase in the dealership near you.
- Mineral veins are now more pronounced, making rings surveying and exploration more meaningful.
- Obonto USV-D Microseismic Series Reconnaissance Craft sensors are now 200% more accurate.
- New moonlet class recently discovered in the Rings by the Enceladian Astrology Division.
- New Uranium purification methods drove the price of raw uranium ore up by 400%.
- Hot kinetic ammunition will now cause thermal damage. Depending on the systems used, this can mean from 5% to 30% more damage from kinetic weapons.
- Thruster plume graphics will not depend on the physics framerate anymore.
- Some used AT-K225 ships were sold with a non-functional high-stress hardpoints. You could buy and sell hardware for it, but it was not installed on your ship. Crew complained abouit big hardware crates in the mess hall.
- Projectiles that transfer heat to a target will lose that heat, preserving the conservation of energy.
- Adjusted the random event distribution. Some very rare events are not so rare anymore, and some pretty common ones will be less common.
- Astrogators will now be more careful when plotting a course towards big objects, ensuring the entry vector will not collide with their destination.
- Improved physics performance of the engine around moonlets of all shapes and sizes.
- 4k textures DLC expanded to cover new types of encounters.
- Obonto habitats with whom you have excellent relations with will not transfer all the ore you sold them to the Enceladus station, where you can sell it again for even more profit.
- The music mixer could mix between three tracks, rather than the two it was supposed to, which led to some unexpected music mixes.
- Updated translations.