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0.576.2 - Xenogeology

- Your geologist can now filter the mineral markers displayed on your HUD, making hunting for a specific ore type easier.
- Adjusted ship shape of Eagle Prospector and it’s variants, so bullets stuck in it’s hull won’t prevent you from astrogating anymore.
- The middlemost setting of the gamma slider had a slightly different brightness than the neighbouring settings.
- Fixed a bug that caused the EIME HUD to always look like your computer was damaged.
- Updated translations.
0.577.4 - Worldwide Threat

- Language selection menu will now show both the native language name as well as an English version of it.
- Changed the Geologist panel behaviour for filters of minimum chunk value. Since the composition and value estimations were not happening simultaneously, hardware configured to interact with unidentified chunks and chunks above specified value had a time window in which the ore was identified for content, but not yet appraised. This caused your AR1500 manipulator to briefly release chunks while they were apprised, as well as the new ore marker filter to toggle the labels of freshly identified chunks in and out.
- Expanded translations - French 98%, Norwegian 60%, Dutch 46%
0.577.7 - Manual Guidance

- Expanded geologist filter options. When having the "unmarked" option turned on, the affected systems will be allowed to act upon matching ore, even when it's not apprised yet. Disabling the "unmarked" option will enforce stricter checking, and ore that is not apprised yet will not be counted as a valid target. This changes the behaviour of drone systems and the AR1500 manipulator. If you want your systems to work on ore that is still being apprised, turn on the "unmarked" option for them.
- Fixed a bug in the tutorial, which would sometimes skip ahead without player input if previous action took much longer than anticipated.
- Tutorial step that requires you to target an ice asteroid or ore chunk will now spawn a relevant item nearby if there is none near.
- The tooltip for control settings for the excavator will now explicitly mention that double-tap causes it to stay open.
- Updated translations - Norwegian: 71%
0.578.0 - Acquainted Fire

- You can now toggle your main torch with a hotkey.
- NPC ships now understand how Haul Nanodrone system works and will use them to their full potential.
- Friendly AI ships, such as wingmen and mining companions, have now more incentive to stay in the general area of your ship and will not get lost kilometres away when hunting for expensive ore chunks.
- NPC ships are now aware of your craft at longer range, since they can also observe your thruster flashes on their visual feeds.
- Expanded the ship detection range for your Mining Companion, since they have a constant radio uplink with your ship.
- B8 Claim Beacons installed on a Pelican Prospector will not damage your ship anymore.
- Racing HUD will not show the overheat glitch shader when it is not overheating.
0.579.2 - Compliant Minions

- Control button hint in the Hardware menu is now bigger, and is displayed on both the Description and User Manual tabs.
- Adjusted some dialogue trees so you cannot inquire details about information that was not yet revealed to you.
- Grinders of an Mining Companion that is fully enclosed in your cargo bay will not prevent astrogation anymore.
- Astrogation labels on the Astrogator tab for destinations, whose tracking expires while you are flying in the rings will now disappear.
- Hiring wingmen will now make them more friendly towards you.
- Hired wingmen that dig out ore for you will now send over both processed and raw ore when you return to the Enceladus Prime station.
- Hired miners will not transfer the ore to you when they run out of propellant before you and return to the station on their own.
- Added a missing key prompt for manually operated point defence turrets.
- The camera on the Enceladus Prime station will now pan to the side when you open menus, so they won’t obscure information from the background.
- Interlunar transit usage on the Dive Selection screen used to flash a higher value for a fraction of a second after you pressed the Launch Dive button.
- Updated translations.
0.579.3 - Phantom Pain

- Ship in equipment menu simulations are not real and thus should not cause the simulated ore they catch of have in their cargo hold to transfer into the players inventory on a subsequent dive.
0.580.4 - Newsbreak

- New Enceladus News Network broadcast for the Enceladian Billboards.
- Added baked-in depth-of-field effect for the Enceladian Billboards to reduce aliasing artefacts and make displayed information easier to read.
- Point Defence Systems of stations and ships would try to snipe out equipment from your cradle that they didn’t like. Due to their overzealousness, this often resulted in an escalation of violence. All PDT systems will now treat hardware attached to your ship through cradles the same as your ship - but the crew might still not like that you bring wiretaps to their area.
- Some claim beacons could boot up while they were still attached to your ship - and tried to contribute to your ship manoeuvres with their own thrust. While commendable, this often resulted in overheating damage.
- Adjusted physical collider shape on Antonoff-Titan AT-K225.
- Ingesting cargo containers into your main hull and flying with them back to the station this way will now yield their contents, just like you had them attached to a dedicated cradle arm.
- Changed the collision algorithm for carbon-based ice. Previously used raycast was precise for small, fast-moving objects, but tended to experience problems with multiple items confined in a cargo hull.
- Limited the number of music tracks that can be mixed simultaneously. While all our soundtracks were designed to be mixed seamlessly, if you put 4 together, that didn’t sound very coherent.
- Ship logs now display progressively, eliminating a lag spike in late-game saves.
- Ghosts of deceased spacemen won’t haunt you with eerie music for the rest of your dive if you fail to put them to rest.
- Adjusted OSX fullscreen mode handling. On some M1 systems, window manipulation could induce a race condition that caused the game to crash when you switched modes while it was running.
- Updated translations.
0.583.1 - Inner Alignment

- Added more aggressive dynamic physic limitation will now focus the simulation around your ship if there is a lot going on there. While a system like that existed in previous versions, in some events it could allow the physics simulation to track and simulate an unreasonable amount of objects, which for some playstyles caused the performance to degrade dramatically.
- Ships and drones that are not actively powered, are in cargo bays or inside cradles will use much fewer resources. This improves performance for playstyles that favour multiple cargo containers constantly attached to your ship, especially on Antonoff-Titan AT-K225.
- Docking arms that rotate ships attached to them will now allow your ship to dock both ways, making it possible to dock to habitats, ships and stations with your engines pointed at them. This makes it easier to perform some of the more challenging docking manoeuvres.
- Big ships with docking arms now have their docking sequence adjusted to keep your ship further away from their hull. This makes it easier to dock with big and heavy ships.
- Ship logs at the Enceladus Prime station will now will in from the end, making the most recent events immediately visible.
- Adjusted physical shape for AT-K225 to prevent ore from sticking into certain areas and preventing astrogation.
- When a terrified pirate was asking for a truce the dialogue could be cut short if you did not actively approach them.
- Addressed the gameplay-story segregation of crewed derelict recovery. Previously, derelicts that turned out to be too damaged to salvage were rigged to explode. Now, they actually sustain the type of damage indicated by the dialogue. In the event of recovery of such craft by other means, the results will be consistent with the presented story. This will also prevent derelicts from spontaneously combusting if you recovered them in such way.
- Tooltips will now simply fade in and out, instead of sliding through your screen. There is a bit more delay when displaying the tooltip.
- Fixed an illegal access bug that could cause the game to crash if a point defence turret examined a possible target in the very same instant it was docking or undocking.
- When attempting crewed derelict recovery and not having enough propellant on board to perform the action, in 66% of cases the relevant crew reply didn’t show up.
- You could attempt to perform crewed salvage on a derelict that was in the process of being towed away by a Search and Rescue ship if it was a part of a crew quest.
- Extended the “ignore minor collisions” tuning range for EIAA-1337 autopilot.
- Changed the way the tutorial displays keyboard, gamepad and mouse controls to make it clear that some actions can be performed by more than one keypress, and the choice is up to the player.
- Updated translations.
0.583.2 - I Am Shift

- Fixed the controls display in the Setting menu for keyboard controls, which showed a shift key for all controls.
- Your ship logs will not scroll upwards anymore when you enter the menu for a second time.
0.584.4 - The Way of The Exploding Ship

- New reaction explosion visual effect, with destroyed ship parts now flying through space.
- Improved the performance of the explosion shader and added it to the shader cache, so the first explosion in a game won’t cause a lag spike anymore.
- Tactical markers of ships that exploded will now disappear immediately.
- Moonlets and other big entities won’t appear too close to each other anymore.
- The search and Rescue team will not ask you if you have seen any disabled ships if they can see a derelict ship themselves.
- Fixed a race condition in HUD initialization that caused tuning settings specific to a type of HUD you are using to not show up in the Tuning menu at random times
- Changed the visual prompt for “waiting for a keypress” when adding keybind to the Settings / Controls menu to be visible when the bloom option is disabled.
- When you send your crew over to salvage a derelict ship, they will refuel it when they reach their destination, not when they launch from your craft. This prevents a derelict from booting up prematurely and acting without crew direction.
- Derelict ships that your crew judges are too damaged to attempt salvage will be actually damaged if you tow them back with a salvage manipulator.
- Derelict options would not show up if there were hostile ships or drones nearby, even if you were not aware of them and they were not aware of you.
- Improved performance of the derelicts - they will now use far less resources than a working ship uses.
- The storyteller module is now more aware of the performance considerations and will attempt not to trigger two demanding events in close proximity.
- Improved performance of nanodrone systems.
- In an exclusive full-screen mode, the resolution scale slider did not work immediately and required a game restart or changing the display mode.
- Carbon Anomaly would not de-spawn after the first appearance, causing degraded performance and constant music shift.
- You can now use a custom paint job for the Vulture Prospector with custom-vulture-prospector.png file.
- Adjusted the physical shape of AT-K225 simulation again. The previous collider could be overzealous and accounted ore hitting the sides of your ship as cargo briefly.
- When discussing a location with another ship and astrogating to another location while still having comms open, the event exposed to you will now be based on the location the ship you were talking to was when you started, not the new location of your ship. This includes when you both astrogate to a new location.
- Adjusted in-ring astrogation trajectory abort conditions. Speeding over the required velocity will not disable the trajectory immediately anymore.
- Changing your active crew will update the relative skill indicators on the hiring tab immediately.
0.585.3 - Dark Energy

Kessler syndrome accelerating
A runaway Kessler syndrome triggered by a rogue asteroid impact earlier this year is accelerating. While cascading collisions produce more fine-grained ring particles each day, covering the upper and lower areas around the A-ring, scientists believe that proximity of the ring plane will eventually cause the cascade to slow down and diminish - but provide no estimation on when that will happen. Crews excavating in affected areas are urged to exercise caution.

Labor law expanded
The Mining Guild of Enceladus managed to win a class lawsuit against Enceladus Corp. Effective today, downtime during interlunar transits, as long as it is fully controlled by the autopilot, is classified as paid vacation. While this forbids employers from requiring crews to perform tasks not mandated by their job duties, some station citizens vote concerns that interlunar transits could be subtracted from mandatory vacation quotas.

Shadow dives available
With a new navigational array being available on polar orbit around Saturn, greatly enhancing the resolution and light sensitivity of Enceladus Corp systems, the station will now allow launches of private spacecraft into the shadow-covered regions of the rings. While lack of solar lighting can prove to be a challenge for inexperienced crews, many captains are excited about lower traffic volume and prospects of higher yields.

Maintenance Logs
- Fine-tuned in-game physics options to allow better performance of the physics engine based on real-world data supplied by players.
- Shifted computing majority of the ring background particle system from CPU to GPU, which improves average framerate on all systems with modern graphics cards. Older and integrated GPUs will not be affected.
- Improved performance of ore chunk physics simulation. Immobile chunks can now free up computing power, lowering the processing requirements for strip-mining ship builds depending on cleaning up a large area of the rings and capturing ore with nanodrone systems.
- Adjusted parameters of simulation throttling system. While previous values were effective at keeping the framerate consistent on tested systems, extreme builds could lock the system in a state where no new iceroids were generated. New changes ensure that even with a limited simulation range, iceroids can still appear around you.
- The physics throttling now adjusts the area of detailed simulation, not its radius, giving it much finer control over changes introduced in the game physics.
- Nakamura-Titan Mining Companions now have a slightly reduced iceroid detection range. While it makes them a bit less effective at mining, it reduces the CPU load of their onboard AI by over 400%, which allows ship builds sporting multiple companions to work with much better performance.
- When many in-game days pass in an instant - during interlunar transit, repairs or extended vacations on the station - your crew used to gain education experience for the first day only. Now you will get the full benefit of the entire time period. For most playstyles, this will increase the rate your crew educates itself downtime by up to 500%.
- When your processed mineral storage becomes full, your ship will now sound a brief alert.
- Adjusted the physical cargo bay shape of the Pelican Prospector so the cargo baffles installed inside work as expected.
- You can now turn off all the dynamic lights, including the sun, with the lowest lights detail setting, which improves performance on low-end systems. For roleplaying purposes, you can assume you are diving into the shadow of Saturn.
- The in-game profiler overlay available with the F11 key will display a version string for easier comparison of changes introduced in different releases.
- The Equipment menu “Simulation” and “User Manual” tabs now have icons, making them easier to spot by novice players.
- Elon Interstellar Model E cargo door dampeners are not as stiff now, making the ship open and close its excavator much quicker.
- New cargo acquisition protocol ensures that ore deflected from an area that the ship considers a cargo bay will not be accounted as on-board cargo briefly.
- Adjusted the physical shape of AT-K225 to better match the displayed sprite.
- If you created a custom player-created ads directory but did not put any custom ads inside it, the game would crash when loading the Enceladus station.
- When a ship appeared on your lidar, your astrogator assigned it a tactical marker - but if it moved into a shadow for over 60 seconds, its name would disappear from the list on the Pilot tab.
- Adjusted the default game settings for a new game to offer better default performance and experience over a variety of systems. You can still adjust the settings to your liking.
- Some events were despawning much quicker than they should have, which made locating them challenging.
- Updated game engine version for Linux and Steam Deck to Godot Engine 3.5.1, bringing all the new performance and stability enhancements to these platforms.
- Updated translations.
0.585.4 - Specific Impulse

- When acquiring job locations from the pirates, new locations will not override previous ones you did not visit yet.
- Improved performance of exhaust plume rendering.
- Improved physics performance of pulsed thrust reaction control systems and torches.
- Limiting details of the plume simulation now correctly limits the details for pulse rockets, both the rendering and physics simulation. - Turning the details down to zero will now disable the plumes completely.
- Fixed some character names that contained space at the end, which introduced strange formatting issues
0.589.7 - Pack Hunting

- Ore exploitation is now persistent between the dives and stored in your save. If you keep strip-mining the same area, you will find it eventually barren. The random fluctuation and collisions will eventually replenish any such location, but it takes a significant amount of in-game time.
- Vilcy now have a local branch accessible from the Services menu, where you can pay up your bounties at a discount before being approached by patrols in the rings.
- Reworked the crew bio card. Crew skills are now visible for your hired crew, and there is a new icon for “this skill level is roughly the same as your current crew has”.
- Wingmen are now much better at keeping formation, getting out of your ship’s way and avoiding large asteroids.
- Re-balanced services. Certain services now have a cooldown, so going into an all-you-can-eat buffet for three days straight is no longer the optimal way to improve your crew morale.
- Billboards on the Enceladus station now use mipmaps, making the edges of texts and graphics displayed less jagged.
- Changes the locations of docking ports on a particular asteroid-based space station to accommodate bigger and heavier ships docking.
- Your crew could get confused on a failed EVA salvage mission if another ship approached, making them return to the wrong ship.
- When hiring a Vilcy member as a bodyguard, he won’t promise to share a portion of gathered ore with you, as they are not interested in mining.
- All Heads-Up Displays operate now in OLED-display-friendly mode, slightly switching the location of fixed elements over time to prevent burn-in damage in prolonged dives.
- Updated game credits.
- Updated translations.
0.594.2 - Secret Services

New regulations for Salvage Manipulators
After a tragic accident in the Docking Ring earlier this week, Enceladus Corp issued an updated policy governing independent salvage equipment. Starting today, all ship-mounted articulated manipulators not under the direct supervision of qualified personnel must stay powered down, folded and secured on the ship’s hull.

Elon Interstellar enables new autonomy features
Following surprising Twatter poll results, the CEO of Elon Interstellar announced that he would be adhering to the ages-long tradition of his company and issued an immediate free over-the-air upgrade of all the EIAA-1337 autopilots. Changes include the implementation of often requested SanBUS protocol, introducing a compatibility between the Obonto US-GOT reconnaissance craft’s queue and the autopilot’s flight control.

New services available on Enceladus
Recent expansion of the commercial area of the Industrial Ring has caused a drop in average rent prices. Several companies have used this opportunity to establish permanent offices on the station. Residents of the station can now use the services provided by Obonto Habitats, Jameson’s Insurance Company, and the independently operated Miner’s Guild.

Maintenance logs
- Separate Fleet menu on Enceladus Prime, which displays all your owned ships, with the ability to view data on any of them
- New Services available on Enceladus Prime: The Miners Guild, Obonto Habitats office and Jameson’s Insurance.
- Autonomous autopilots will now communicate with other equipment on your ship through the ship area network bus. This allows them to coordinate with salvage manipulators and nanodrone systems.
- Your AR1500 Salvage Manipulator will now fold when powered down.
- All AI, including NPC ships, autonomous autopilots and mining companions, is now aware that turning or changing velocity is probably not the best idea if your excavator is open.
- EIAA-1337 autopilot can now interface with Obonto USV-GOT reconnaissance craft. If you set up an excavator order and point your autopilot to the first ore chunk, it will automatically follow the excavation queue.
- Reconnaissance drones category got renamed to reconnaissance craft to avoid confusion when discussing specific hardware.
- Renamed all the reconnaissance systems to use manufacturer models and designations instead of descriptions.
- Strafe controls for your autopilot can be assigned in the Settings menu.
- New warning siren for Antonoff-Titan AT-K225.
- Improved performance of the exhaust gas simulation.
- Improved performance of the racing autopilot path prediction overlay.
- Improved performance of the LIDAR systems.
- Improved performance of the Dealer.
- If you fail to recover a derelict ship and have to leave it in the rings, but it did get ore inside its cargo hold, you will not get that cargo when you return to the Enceladus Prime station.
- The scrolling speed of OMS windows was affected by the slowed-down time when you have your OMS open, making window movement sluggish. It was especially apparent when you used a gamepad to scroll the window.
- Notification animation popups were affected by the slowed-down time of an Adrenaline Surge and OMS window.
- Adjusted performance options for the renderer.
- New, more accurate normal maps and lighting setups for all the character faces.
0.595.2 - Terminal Resolution

- Improved performance of the background ring particles.
- Fixed scrolling the UI elements with gamepads with more than one physical control mapped to the same action, such as Steam Deck.
- Some particle fire and smoke effects on asteroid-based stations did not respect the particle detail settings.
- Added additional interactions with hostile stations if they are most afraid of you.
- NPC landing hits with a kinetic weapon will now back away quicker - unless you escalate.
- Additional data on the in-game profiler is available on the F11 key. The profiler will now adapt to any screen resolution.
- Fixed graphical glitch on mineral processing units' “venting excess remass” particle effect.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash if you rapidly switched between two owned ships with cargo containers attached.
- Double-clicking on the “switch ship” button on your Fleet menu will no longer cause the game to enter an undefined ship state.
- Updated translations.