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Here at we combine work with passion for gaming to offer our customers the greatest selection of Windows, Mac and Linux games, both classics and day-one titles, always DRM-free, with lots of extra goodies and amazing customer support.

But is more than just a place to buy games. In addition to nearly a thousand games and never-ending promotions, we're building GOG Galaxy: a truly gamer-friendly online gaming platform, to offer our community online multiplayer, convenient game updating and the option to stay in touch with friends.

What makes us stand out is that we listen and react to our communities' suggestions and we're determined to keep working towards our goal of bringing all that is good in gaming to everyone.

The Mentality 

Joining you'll become a part of a team unlike most. You'll find yourself among people passionate about gaming, popular culture, and technology. We believe that a relaxed work environment and direct communication between co-workers creates a working atmosphere that inspires creativity and keeps everyday tasks fun. We're all professionals who seek to excel in their respective fields and tend to exceed the expectations while doing their jobs, but that never stops us from enjoying ourselves. Our company philosophy often goes against the flow of the corporate culture, just as much as itself stands up to the disputable trends of modern gaming industry!


When we tell people that we're looking to hire for our Warsaw, Poland office, the usual image in their heads is something grey and grim -a combination of Papers, Please and Richard & Alice. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Okay, Warsaw might be a little more Machinarium than Dyad as you wander around the city, but whether you're looking to be a part of a company that's changing the world (kind of like Syndicate) or you just want to work with people as cool as the regulars in the Aces and Eights tavern, and Warsaw are the place to be. Warsaw has a better public transit system than any you've ever built in SimCity 2000, but if you're the green type and want to experience nature like in Botanicula, feel free to hop on one of Warsaw’s thousands of public, rentable bicycles instead. With a diverse mixture of cuisine, ranging from traditional Eastern European dishes to sushi, burgers, vegetarian food, and more, there's plenty of opportunities to sample more food than you'd find in a Restaurant Empire.

Work can be challenging, like a puzzle in Fez or trying to beat FTL: Faster Than Light, but the rewards are great, too! Check out our list of jobs to the left and see if you're right to join the DRM-Free Revolution and