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0.620.3 - More Dakka

Dangerous MPI railgun retrofit kits
Mars Power Industries' railgun kits, known for being cheap but inaccurate, are now available on the second-hand market. The kits were originally intended for use on Mars, where affordable weapons were needed. However, their low accuracy and short lifespan have raised concerns about their effectiveness. Unscrupulous dealers are selling the retrofit kits without proper testing and certification, potentially endangering buyers.

Pilots Urgently Needed to Collect Debris
Enceladus Corp is urgently seeking experienced pilots to collect debris in Saturn's Rings, where mass driver fire has increased debris density to a critical level. Failure to act may cause catastrophic collisions in the region. Skilled pilots with experience in space debris collection are needed for this high-risk mission, which requires careful navigation and hazard awareness. Time is of the essence to prevent the escalation of the Kessler Syndrome.

Triskelion-Armstrong Settles Planned Obsolescence
Triskelion-Armstrong settles lawsuit over planned obsolescence of AR-1500 Salvage Manipulator, releases upgrades increasing durability by over 400%. The company was accused of designing the product to have a limited lifespan, forcing customers to replace it regularly. Upgrades include reinforced parts, improved power systems, and enhanced software. Customers and experts praise the move as a demonstration of the company's commitment to responsible manufacturing practices.

Maintenance logs
- You can install railguns on low-stress hardpoints.
- All massdrivers, including railguns and coilguns, can be damaged now. This shifts combat balance significantly, as hitting hostile craft can now make their weapons less accurate or outright useless.
- Your ships now remember the crew you assigned to them and will switch to your preferred crew when you pick them, if available.
- When two stations were less than 10km from each other, one could message you about relocating, but the other would move away.
- Re-balanced some weapon repair costs and times. Weapons that are, according to the game lore, established on the market and have easy access to replacement parts will now be much cheaper to repair - but the repairs will take longer to represent the time required to adjust to subtle differences in available aftermarket replacement parts.
- Railgun based massdrivers are now less accurate than coilgun-based ones.
- Decreased the wear of salvage manipulators.
- NDCI firing solution projection will now take into account the projectile spread of damaged massdrivers.
- Improved performance of projectile rendering.
- Fixed a leak that caused projectiles that don't hit anything to be simulated indefinitely, possibly degrading performance over time if your playstyle included missing a lot.
- Equipment which is not part of the pre-flight inspection will not be marked as "failing" or "passing" inspection on the repair screen.
- Texts displayed on the information billboard in your docks will no longer jump around when preparing to play video.
- Enceladian information billboard in docks will avoid displaying the same program too often.
- Eagle Prospector HUD (both imperial and metric) will not hide part of the last equipment line outside the screen when OLED screen saving is active.
- New in-universe advertisement available on the Enceladus docking information billboard.
- Updated translations and unified unit presentation in ship and equipment specification tabs.
0.622.2 - Carbon Anomaly

- Conclusion to the first act of the "find the sister" crew quest, including two new story events and a quest-unique pilotable ship variant.
- Additional interactions with the Ganymedean base.
- When performing actions on your crew using the dialogue system, crew occupation will be listed next to their name.
- Improved performance of HUD rendering.
- Updated translations.
0.623.4 - Universe Tour

- Additional interactions with bounty hunters.
- Adjusted point defence safety protocol sensitivity on certain weapons. It is now more diligent in detecting your ship, and should prevent some possible accidents - when it’s not damaged too heavily.
- Fixed a bug in the dialogue system that caused some dialogue options to not appear for you.
- Adjusted claim beacon mounting spot on the Vulture Prospector to prevent the drone from bashing into your ship hull during manoeuvres.
- Your singer will now perform a tour in 7 days, not 168.
- You can’t perform over and over at the station by undocking and docking again.
- Classic mode easter egg will now work on Enceladus station.
- Actuator noise your point defence weapons make will now pitch down correctly when you are under the effect of an adrenal boost.
- Swapped orientation of docking arms on some stations you can encounter to make them more (or less) symmetrical.
- Updated translations and translation credits.
0.624.4 - Radio Silence

- You can now call out bounty hunters for not acting on the information you provide them.
- You can get an additional job at the bounty hunter HQ as long as you have relevant information.
- Fixed a bug that caused crew interactions, xaser warnings and similar events to be much rarer than they should be.
- Fixed race condition when discovering events which could, rarely, make an event not register in your astrogation logs.
- Stock reconnaissance craft installed on available ships will now be displayed in the Dealer menu.
- Updated translations.
0.624.13 - Flying by Stars

- Changed the astrogation drift and spawning parameters. You will now come out of the astrogation sequence much closer to your destination. This can both make the game much easier, removing the need to search the destination area for what you were looking for, but also substantially increasing the risks of astrogation accidents.
- Adjusted the spot where your ship comes out of the astrogation sequence during astrogation with a minimal speed. You should now end up at a similar distance to your target as if you were astrogating with your default velocity.
- You can now scroll your pre-flight inspection screen with a gamepad.
- When you hire a new crewmember, they will be automatically assigned as the preferred crew for the ship you had active when hiring. This prevents them from automatically leaving the crew if a day passes.
- You can't pause and save after the launch sequence starts anymore. This prevents saving the game in a state where you paid launch fees but did not actually launch.
- Fixed a bug that could cause complex objects to spawn on top of other entities.
- Added extra logging to pinpoint any potential astrogation problems.
- Changed the way the "rest at a capsule hotel until the end of maintenance" option is presented on failed pre-flight inspection.
- Fixed a race condition that could cause focus to not change to the hotel option on some systems, requiring mouse use to launch.
- Fixed the background viewport scaling at the Enceladus station. When changing resolution, HUD size or window size, the station in the background could get distorted.
- Updated translations.
0.624.16 - Astrogate Scandal

- Adjusted astrogation settings. Your astrogator will now try to get you closer to your destination and make efforts not to fly straight into it when you enter the ring plane again.
- Your RCS thruster and torch dynamic lights will now respect the light detail settings and turn themselves off when requested, improving performance on low-end systems.
- Increased chances to randomly encounter events such as big space stations and moonlets by just traversing the rings.
- Increased frequency of log writes. As logs are now flushed to the disc faster, in case of a catastrophic software failure (aka crash to desktop), there is a much higher chance of them containing relevant information.
- Updated translations.
0.627.2 - Final Countdown

Elon Interstellar sues Ganymedean Anarchy
Earlier today, Elon Interstellar filed a lawsuit against a non-recognized group known as Ganymedean Anarchy over copyright infringement. The Martian company claims that the Anarchy allegedly illegally copied the source code of the “Bitter” social media platform to provide their own open-source alternative known as “Twatter”. Enceladian court denied the case as frivolous due to lack of jurisdiction. In an unrelated event, an unknown party delivered containers containing organically processed biomatter to Elon Interstellar CEO.

The Miners’ Guild lobbying for new regulations
The Miners’ Guild initiated a fundraiser to lobby for new regulations over crew replacement during paid sick leave, requiring that captains hiring replacement crew for employees that were injured at work will be required to keep both crews employed for a period of at least 6 months following a complete recovery. The Miners Guild hopes that such regulation will drastically improve the industry's working conditions.

Allegations of Espionage in the Industrial Ring
Tensions are running high in the industrial ring of the Enceladus Prime space station as suspicions of industrial espionage rock the sector. Various companies operating within the industrial ring have raised concerns over potential information leaks and illicit activities that could compromise the stability and competitiveness of the station's businesses. Despite the mounting suspicions and high tensions, no legal actions have been taken at this time. However, station authorities have launched an investigation into the allegations of industrial espionage. Law enforcement agencies are working diligently to identify the culprits and bring them to justice.

Maintenance Logs
- You can now finish the Ganymedean infiltration quest.
- Additional paths to complete the Ganymedean Infiltration quest, depending on what kind of crew you have on board your ship.
- You can now find messages on GAnet's Twatter based on your faction standing.
- Increased the frequency of quest-related lifepod interactions.
- You can now access the GAnet even if you did not agree to perform the infiltration job.
- When returning to the station with complex objects in your cargo bay, such as rogue mining companions, they will be placed above other output you bring on the dive summary screen. This prevents them from intersecting with themselves or other objects and breaking physics on that screen.
- Improved sick leave resolution. If a crew member is on sick leave and you don't hire a replacement, they will automatically return to their duty when their sick leave ends. If you hire and assign a replacement, they will stay inactive unless a free seat is available on your ship.
- Big Bad Wolf will now acknowledge the completion of some tasks they give you.
- Using data obtained through espionage will now hurt your reputation with the party you obtained it from, should they discover it.
- Polished up the Ganymedean Anarchy dialogue tree to follow some uncommon conditions and decisions you could make in the past.
- Following two pirate ships that flee from you and losing none of them will no longer lead you to twin pirate stations.
- Lifepods will not call you if an NPC picks them up.
- Fixed the native executable icon on Windows.
- Fixed some typos.
- Added additional achievement.
- Updated translations.
1.0.5 - Kraken Released

A preface from the developer
This is a very special update, so this time, I felt it’s a good idea to start with a short foreword from the developer. I started making this game back in 2018, and after five years of development, it is finally ready for a full 1.0 release.

We have planned our official 1.0 release for 2023/07/21.

However, the 1.0 build we will be shipping is ready now. Much work still needs to be done outside the development itself - we have agreements to sign, press releases to write, parties to schedule and marketing decisions to make, and much more.

I am releasing this version to you early as a thank you to all of you. You have been with me for the whole development journey, through times good and bad, through despair and laughter. Without all of you, ΔV would not become financially self-sustaining and would most likely not arrive in its current state.

Thank you, and enjoy your special peek into 1.0!

What comes next?
The game will stay this way for a few weeks, during which we’ll prepare everything required for a launch. You might see bugfixes published, should any bugs be discovered, but no new features come in until the big party and official release.

After the release, I’ll resume the normal development process, with new features and fixes coming up at the rate you were accustomed to. While 1.0 marks the point where I felt the game is complete, I still have ideas for new stories to tell, upgrades to make, and ships to pilot. ΔV was designed to be extendable, and as new content releases, it will integrate seamlessly into your existing game.

Maintenance Logs
- Departing from one moonlet to another through astrogation could cause twin moonlets to appear at your destinations.
- Added new encounters and dialogues as a consequence of destroying some ships and stations. This includes dialogues for the relevant crew.
- Some enemies will now want to take revenge upon you instead of extorting money from you. Encounters with opponents that want you dead and try to use everything at their disposal to do so are more challenging.
- Services provided by factions that you destroy or severely damage by your actions will no longer be available.
- Fixed the "Inside Job" achievement, which was not awarded. It will be awarded retroactively when you load an eligible save.
- Fixed lighting on the Enceladus Dive Summary screen, which could have some of the ore unshaded if you brought back a large output.
- Updated translations.
1.0.8 - Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

- The ringracing team was not interested in catching the drone. They kept following it without trying to win the race, waiting for the player to wreck their ship. The judges found this to be unsportsmanlike behavior, and a warning has been issued.
- The ringracing team will not get distracted from a race if you pass near habitats while racing.
- Increased racing team and racing drone sensor range to 12 km.
- The racing drone can now detect racing accidents; when they happen during a race, it can refund the ante.
- Updated translations.
1.0.11 - Digital Emotions

- When your ring race was not very exciting, the racing drone could decide they are bored, low on fuel, and should return home to Enceladus instead of continuing to race.
- The racing team's first approach to the drone was somewhat casual, turning up the full thrust only after they satisfied their initial curiosity. This could lead to a not-very-exciting race, making the drone bored.
- Additional logging of the internal thought process of the NPC AI to help diagnose and fix AI-related quirks better.
- Hacking into the Ganymedean Anarchy station should not require the station inhabitants to trust you.
- The game now logs your CPU model in the game logs, making the performance feedback loop one step shorter.
- Updated translations.
1.0.14 - Exhausting Velocity

- Fixed a rare bug that could cause game crashes on transition between the Enceladus station and The Rings.
- Updated credits.
- Updated translations.
1.0.17 - We Brake for Nobody

- Previously, accessing the tuning menu would restrict the Bald Eagle autopilot velocity limit to 100m/s. However, you now have the ability to adjust it up to its original stock setting of 195m/s.
- Updated translations.
1.0.22 - Astrogation for Dummies

- Mandatory astrogation 101 training for all the ship captains now introduces a 12-hour coordinate tracking time even if you don't hire an astrogator, which is sufficient to perform basic astrogation jumps during single dive.
- Consequently, your crew will not pretend not to notice a quest location they are just next to just because you did not hire an astrogator.
- Fixed a tutorial bug that caused it to skip to the next step when the initial ore nugget you acquired flew all the way to the front of your cargo bay and bounced back inside.
- Updated translations.
- Updated credits.
1.0.24 - Space Mice

- Fixed a race condition that could cause you to buy or sell two copies of a ship when operating the Dealer or Fleet screens with a faulty mouse.
- Fixed a bug that caused NPC you were conversing with sometimes not to change their feelings about you when you picked a dialogue option that was supposed to have such an effect.
- Telling the racing team that you are in an area for excavation and not race will make them lose interest in you and leave, even if you defended them from pirates before that encounter.
- Updated translations.
1.0.33 - Matter of Time

- Altering the time flow rate will not change the energy of impacts anymore. Previously, slowing down time with adrenal response would make some damages lower and others higher, making them inconsistent with a normal time-flow rate.
- Re-balanced jerk-based damage and made it independent of time flow. Jerk is the change in acceleration, which you will experience if you hit a big rock or with similar lithobraking maneuvers. Previously, the jerk damage was affected by the rate at which time moved, making the damage much worse when the adrenaline kicked in. This release removes that time dependency and slightly adjusts the damage to compensate for the change.
- Adjusted ship acceleration computation to be more accurate.
- Centrifugal force will not depend on the rate of time flow anymore.
- Corrected centrifugal force on KTA24 TNTRL.
- Fixed Doppler Lidar velocity readouts being affected by the rate of time flow. This made the majority of the Doppler Lidar turn white when your adrenaline kicked in and also made the Lidar screens available in the OMS menu show mostly white dots. Now they both will show the correct colours for items getting closer and moving away.
- New minerals being detected or lost in the cargo bay could cause the big cargo bay scanner available in the OMS Geologist tab to reset.
- Adjusted Eagle Prospector default reactor settings to 3000K to match the operational parameters of its stock Yama SSR reactor core. You can still tune it up or down to any desired temperature.
- Big Bad Wolf will talk to you even if you engage in conversation with other members of Vilcy nearby before approaching it.
- You can't tell a miner asking for advice that he is in a shallow region if you are not actually in a shallow ring region anymore.
- Fixed typos in some in-universe commercials.
- Updated translations.