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Now Available: West of Loathing



Windows + Mac + LinuxNow Available: West of Loathing

Now Available: Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition



Windows + Mac + LinuxNow Available: Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition

Now Available: Tower 57



Windows + MacNow Available: Tower 57

Now Available: Megaton Rainfall



WindowsNow Available: Megaton Rainfall

Now Available: Deep Sky Derelicts (In Development)



WindowsNow Available: Deep Sky Derelicts (In Development)

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DRM-Free Content
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Fair Price Package
Because $1 is not €1
Money-back guarantee
It works, we guarantee it

Release: Megaton Rainfall


Time to take off the glasses. Megaton Rainfall is now available, DRM-free on, with a 10% discount until November 24, 6PM UTC.You are a god-like being with virtually unlimited powers. Meanwhile, aliens are invading Earth and totally wrecking the place. It's a match made in superhero heaven.Get those pesky skyscraper-huggers off the planet bu

Among the Sleep updated to Enhanced Edition


Owners get the new content for free. Among the Sleep, the first-person toddler simulator with things that go bump in the night and are NOT your own head has just been updated to the Enhanced Edition. Its price has been re-adjusted to reflect the content additions and improvements but previous owners get the update for free. Here's what's new:- Impr

Star Control: Origins - Closed Beta now open for everyone who pre-orders


Give this space some quality time. The Star Control: Origins Close Beta is now available to anyone who pre-orders the game (or the Star Control: Bundle) and wants to participate.Called Fleet Battles, this first beta version is about getting your ships together and launching them either against your A.I. opponents or your friends. If you're not enti

QUIZ: West of Loathing's Destiny Assessment Exam


West of Loathing is silly, surreal, and from the creators of Kingdom of Loathing! You'd be silly not to play it.Are you the magical Beanslinger, the crafty Snake Oiler, or the punchy Cow Puncher?Find out in our Destiny Assessment Exam:

Release: West of Loathing


Stick 'em up, paesano! West of Loathing is now available, DRM-free on with a 10% discount until November 23, 2PM UTC.Blazing saddles, ill-mannered cows, awkward musical numbers, sticky mysteries, and more goofy hats than there are bullet holes in the walls of the local saloon: this is a true Wild West epic, complete with open-world explora

Release: Westerado: Double Barreled


True wit. Westerado: Double Barreled is now available, DRM-free on with a 50% discount until November 20, 11PM UTC.A smoldering piece or iron took your family away, leaving you a pile of distraught, vengeful pixels. But whose finger was on the trigger? Armed with your stylish bandana, difficult questions, and a gun that can just as easily

Release: Helldorado


For a handful of justice. Helldorado is now available, DRM-free on with a 50% discount until November 20, 11PM UTC.The Wild West was never known for its cool-headed people but this nasty kidnapping has brought Santa Fe to its boiling point. Now some calm, strategic planning is required if you and your dodgy bunch are to find answers. There

Release: Tower 57 & Two-Pack edition


The halls are alive with the sound of SHOOTING! Tower 57, a top-down shooter taking place inside a dieselpunk tower, is now available, DRM-free on with a 17% discount until November 23, 12PM UTC.All that's left of our crumbling civilization are these enigmatic Megatowers. Now seven uniquely skilled individuals find themselves inside one suc

In development: Deep Sky Derelicts


Grimy with a chance of loot drops. Deep Sky Derelicts is now available, DRM-free on of social ascendance? Customize your mercenaries, board abandoned alien ships crawling with abominable monstrosities, and defeat them in gruesome turn-based combat...or die from an unfortunate card-draw. This tactical RPG with the unmistakable comic

Release: Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition


Gather all parts before venturing forth. Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition is now available, DRM-free on with a 25% launch discount until November 19, 11PM UTC.The acclaimed isometric RPG now finally in a complete package that includes every bit of available content: Pillars of Eternity - Royal Edition, White March Part I & II, plus t

UPDATE - Release: Raiden V: Director's Cut


Shooting like a hurricane. UPDATE: Yeee-haw, all weapon systems are back online! The game now supports Leaderboards and GOG Galaxy Achievements, to help you show off those mad screen-clearing skills.Raiden V: Director's Cut, is now available, DRM-free on latest entry in the celebrated series that's been sending us straight to bullet hel

Release: This War of Mine - Stories: Father's Promise DLC & Season Pass


About a girl. Stories: Father's Promise is now available, DRM-free on To celebrate, This War of Mine: Soundtrack Edition is 80% off until November 21, 11AM UTC.Surrounded by death and squalor, Adam is desperately looking for a way to leave this war-torn city behind, for the sake of his little daughter. With 4 new locations, additional dia

Coming Soon: Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


Reigniting that old flame. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is coming soon, DRM-free on sequel to Obsidian's seminal RPG, which brought back all the immersion and attention to detail we remember from the genre's classics, is finally around the corner. Introducing naval battle mechanics, a new vast open world, a relationship system that n

Release: Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two, Episode 4: Below the Bedrock


These blocks are made for running. Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2: Episode 4, is now available DRM-free on turn real spooky as Jesse and co. reach a hidden underground world that nobody knew existed. Nobody except the villainous Admin, that is, but in order to find out the truth behind his mysterious past, the gang must first survive

In development: Dead Cells


Ghost in the cell. Dead Cells is now available, DRM-free on with a 25% discount until November 20, 2PM UTC.Roguelite? Metroidvania? This is RogueVania: progressive exploration, replayability, and the adrenaline pumping threat of permadeath; but it's YOUR own ability that matters the most!Freeze, zap, pierce or fireball your enemies as you e

Weekly Sale: Daedalic & Double Fine games, up to -90%


Woah, watch where you click! There's a lot of adventuring to be had in this Weekly Sale inside some wildly imaginative worlds crafted by the talented folks at Daedalic Entertainment and Double Fine.Truly, it's not everyday that we get to hang out in junkyard worlds alongside obliviously goofy rascals, turn an insane asylum upside down, go trick-

Twitch alert: Watch DarkSaber2k play SPAZ 1 and 2


Three hours full of pirates, zombies, and neon-lit spaceships. Hey there, planet-plunderers! Have your tried Space Pirates and Zombies 2 yet?By all accounts, it's a more than worthy successor to the addictively entertaining SPAZ. Developers MinMax Games expanded upon the things that made the original so popular while also taking quite a few risks i

Release: Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy


Mummy issues. Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is now available, DRM-free on, with a 34% discount until November 17, 1PM UTC.This action/adventure from 2003 starring the intrepid Egyptian hero comes to the PC for the first time, sporting high-resolution support, HD textures, a proper mouse + keyboard control scheme, and certain visual improveme

Release: Little Nightmares: The Hideaway DLC


Feeding on secrets. The Hideaway, the second chapter in The Kid's horrific story, is now available DRM-free on So many Nomes. The ship's engine room seems to be their favorite place. But why would so many of these mysterious creatures congregate at such a dangerous place? Are they hiding something? Or are they hiding from something?

Release: Syberia 3: The Complete Journey


Find your true north. Syberia 3: The Complete Journey is now available, DRM-free on with a 57% discount until November 13, 11PM UTC.Kate Walker returns for another magical point & click adventure alongside the nomadic Youkoles and their peculiar beasts. A new villain is threatening their peaceful ways while Kate realizes she finally needs t