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1.16.9 - Core Meltdown

- Hitting molten iron with a tungsten projectile will no longer cause the game to crash.
- Using the keyboard autopilot target key on Linux-based sometimes triggered a race condition that could cause the game to crash.
- Big moonlets are reflecting more light now.
- Spinning moonlets will now preserve their angular momentum. You won't find a moonlet spinning in the opposite direction on your subsequent visits.
- When NANI used all its internal uranium salt tank, it would still emit light.
- Fixed a memory leak in the debug subsystem that could cause the game performance to degrade if you run the game with the --debug-console command line options. Non-debug runs were not affected.
- The pirates will now avoid attacks on the very rim of the rings
1.16.10 - The Cold Astromathematic

- Astrogator’s matrix multiplication error could cause your ship to hit some big objects, most notably the most recently discovered class of moonlets, during astrogation sequences.
1.18.1 - Virtual Curiosity

Virtual Flight Service unveiled
Minding LF just unveiled a revolutionary ship virtualization technology capable of accurately simulating a spacecraft in a controlled environment. A free version of the Virtual Flight Service is now available for every registered ship in the Enceladus Prime station, across Tuning Bays, Hardware Shops, and even the Enceladian Ship Dealership, allowing its customers to take ships on virtual test drives - free of charge.

New spotlight regulations
Stringent regulations have been implemented to restrict the maximum brightness of ship spotlight reflectors. This crucial action follows alarming revelations about the grave risks associated with high-intensity spotlights, which have not only been blinding the astronavigational telescope array but potentially endangering other ships. Previously, some ships, notably the popular K37 models, were often equipped with spotlights of blinding luminosity. These intense beams had the capability to effortlessly penetrate several meters of ice, occasionally revealing hidden structures within moonlets concealed beneath meters of ice.

Digital sabotage uncovered
During routine diagnostics of onboard systems, Enceladus shipyard employees discovered that Mining Companions were abusing the ship's sanbus communication system to disrupt the operation of essential tracking systems. This irresponsible behavior could have led to devices such as rescue manipulators or point defense systems ignoring objects of interest to the Companions, thereby exposing critical operations to danger. Titan Heavy Industries issued an immediate recall to address the issue.

Maintenance Logs
- Minding Virtual Flight Service now allows you to instantly test any change you make to your ship configuration in a safe, virtual environment without leaving the Enceladus Prime station. The service is available in the Dealer, Hardware, and Tuning menus.
- Godot Engine upgraded to 3.5.3.
- Ship reflectors will not reveal structures inside moonlets anymore.
- AT-K225 HUD displays are not so bright anymore. Multiple pilots complained about high-intensity displays blinding them during prolonged missions.
- Mining Companions will not prevent other hardware from acting upon objects they examine - unless they are actually attempting to intercept them.
- Raising the HUD size caused certain UI elements, like the Dive Summary screen and the simulation subwindows, to lose resolution.
- The MPU power indicator on your HUD is now brighter, making it easier to spot when it is processing ore.
1.20.5 - Extended Warranty

- New in-game extension manager allows you to pick which installed extensions and DLC you want to use. It will present itself automatically when it detects a new extension being installed and allows you to pick if you want to use it for your game. You can access the manager at any time from the title menu.
- Improved stability on M1/OSX systems. The modern OSX system depreciated OpenGL support, which the game uses, which means that driver bugs that are currently present in the system are never going to be addressed and fixed by Apple. Godot Engine 3.x, on the other hand, uses exclusively OpenGL for rendering. This leaves us in a state where known bugs in the system driver were causing the game to crash. This release includes a number of workarounds in the game code meant to address that and call the function methods in a different way in the hope of working around all the existing driver bugs in the system driver. The stability is greatly improved, but the workarounds impose a much longer time required to change the display mode (fullscreen/borderless window/windowed).
- You can now turn off your main torch in the Minding Virtual Flight Service.
- You will not get achievements for tasks performed during simulated flight anymore.
- Your crew will not gain experience for flying the MVFS simulation.
- Added dark bars on the top and bottom of the initial dive cutscene to make the texts displayed there, including the transit tips, easier to read.
- Updated translations.
1.25.5 - Sensory Overload

Sensor hardware retrofits deregulated
A significant policy shift was announced today as sensor hardware retrofits are now deregulated at Enceladus Prime Station. Captains can now seamlessly replace their ship's LIDAR with an array of options that bring subtler Lidar sweeps, calibrated Doppler sensors, and alternative sensor technologies. With the boundaries lifted, independent mining crews now have unprecedented control over their operations.

Decommissioned point defences found defective
In a recent examination of some decommissioned point defense systems available at second-hand market, it has come to light that some of these systems were found to be defective. The station's engineering team has identified issues in the power-saving eco-friendly mode installed in NDPT-4205 as part of its decommissioning, which resulted with the system entering power-save mode at random, endangering ships that relied on these Point Defence Turrets for craft protection.ll decommissioned point defenses will undergo thorough maintenance and inspection to ensure they meet the highest safety standards.

Polar telescope array found new moonlets
Enceladian Polar Telescope Array has revealed the presence of new moonlets orbiting the rings. These tiny celestial companions have remained hidden until now by thick formations of ice above them. Both researchers and space enthusiasts alike are eager to study these newfound bodies. These newfound moonlets may contain valuable resources or unique geological features, offering potential mining and commercialization prospects, further contributing to the profitability of ring excavation ventures.

Maintenance Logs
- Sensor upgrades. You can now replace your ship's LIDAR with another one. There are multiple options to choose from. Some of them come with their very own tuning options.
- Sensor sweep time and resolution tuning. You can now opt for a faster response or a higher resolution.
- Changed astrogation proximity detector bubble to respect new Lidar tuning. This required some graphical changes, as the sweep shape might not cover 360 degrees anymore.
- Lidar sweep can now be subtly observed on all lidar displays, making detecting the direction of a ping much easier.
- You can tune the brightness of HUDs with virtual displays now.
- Tuning options for autopilots and head-up displays will now have separate sections in the tuning menu.
- Lidar response pings are now smaller and will not obfuscate the sensor view so much.
- Re-calibrated the Doppler sensor for more accurate relative velocity measurements.
- An additional encounter. There are more things to discover in the rings.
- Cleaned up the shader code, improving performance a bit on machines with integrated GPUs.
- Additional dialogue path for the "find missing child" quest, should you decide to act instead of talk in the ultimate encounter.
- Improved performance and accuracy of collision detection and spawning of all moonlets.
- A bug in NDPT-4205 software caused the turret to enter a power-saving mode if all the targets the targeting computer could detect were ineligible by either being obscured by other objects or excluded by the safety protocol of the turret for long enough for the actuator to reach the resting position. Such a turret would only wake up from the power-saving mode when a new object entered its detection range.
- Additional colourblind mode.
- Updated translations.
1.25.9 - Docking Protocol

- If you install a smaller drone, ammunition, or propellant container, and your ship currently has supplies that exceed its capacity, you will get a refund on the excess consumables as soon as you launch your dive.
- AI will now treat ships or drones docked to other vessels and stations differently. This will most noticeably cause friendly ships to not attempt to communicate with and examine each of your containers if you run a general cargo ship, leaving your vicinity much sooner.
- The racing team will take a clue that you are not interested in racing when you tell them so and will leave you alone, even if they really like you.
- Added a workaround for a driver bug that caused the game to crash on Intel-based OSX systems.
- Fixed animated icons on the Eagle Prospector HUD not displaying if the HUD did not boot on-screen.
1.25.11 - Xenocidial Tendencies

- The remaining propellant icon will now display again on the Eagle Prospector HUD.
- Previously, some people would confuse you for a genocidal maniac even if you did not commit any genocides recently.
- Updated translations.
1.25.16 - Falling Free

- Optimized proximity sensors readout during astrogation. The astrogation sequence could be slower on low-end machines, especially with a high-resolution LIDAR installed.
- Fixed the Morse code radios to deliver more readable Morse code and not confuse dots with dashes anymore.
- The "Driving Stick" achievement will not be granted if you just float in place or spin around a habitat.
- Updated translations.
1.28.11 - Spacegate Scandal

Kitsune now available on the second-hand market
Nakamura Dynamics unveils the ND-LIS Kitsune, a refurbished Light Interstellar Shuttle from decommissioned capital ships, now available to independent buyers. Packed with advanced features, including a variable-geometry cargo bay and a nuclear thermal rocket that seamlessly switches to ramjet mode in the atmosphere, Kitsune guarantees top-tier performance and reliability within a compact frame. While its form factor would theoretically enable docking with many civilian crafts, it's important to note that it is not yet approved for such use, underscoring Nakamura Dynamics' commitment to safety and quality standards.

Spacegate Scandal revealed
Following the "Spacegate" scandal that revealed that many spaceship manufacturers advertised false cargo bay sizes, new regulations for spaceship specification require manufacturers to advertise only usable space of a cargo bay in spaceworthy configurations. Some companies, who at this time opted to remain anonymous, announced that they will seek justice in the Martian courts, as the new regulations disproportionally affect their products. New product specifications should be available at the ship dealerships across the system this week, matching closely to sizes reported by specialized cargo bay scanners.

Digital Mimas concert scheduled next week
The Digital Mimas Orchestra, known for its groundbreaking fusion of classical music and cutting-edge technology, announces a much-anticipated concert at the virtual reality space of Enceladus Prime station. This extraordinary event promises to redefine classical music by introducing never-before-heard compositions that will transport attendees to celestial realms. Combining captivating audio and visual experiences, the orchestra's performance aims to blur the lines between reality and music.

Maintenance Logs
- A new ship - Nakamura Dynamics Light Interlunar Shuttle "Kitsune" is now available in the spaceship dealership near you.
- New equipment: ND-LIS Heads-Up Display is now available for purchase and retrofit.
- Free space estimation in microseismic scanners of some ships was inaccurate, especially for ships with variable geometry.
- Additional soundtrack.
- Adds support for Kitsune-specific achievements.
- Sensor fading is now visible on big LIDAR displays in the OMS menu, making it easier to spot outdated data and the current sweep angle.
- Sensor displays, like lidars and radars, will now refresh at a rate consistent with all the other indicators on your HUD. This improves performance, especially visible on low-end systems.
- Improved performance of the proximity alert detection for the autopilot comfort mode.
- Fixes font rendering for Chinese Simplified language.
- The "docking clamps locked on the ship" sound will not play anymore when you change the loadout of your ship or switch to another ship in your fleet.
- Fixed "Dead or Alive" achievement, which was not granted when it should be.
- Changed physical transition between static and fully simulated models. This prevents some physics glitches at the Enceladus station, like ships drifting away from the dock, and improves performance.
- Updated ship specifications with more accurate cargo bay space data.
- Doppler color shift was overcompensated when your pilot was under the effects of adrenaline, causing them to see colors where there should be none.
- Updated translations.
1.28.15 - Away Team

- The crew level-up notification during the return trip to the station will trigger earlier in the cutscene, so it won't be cut short by changing the stage to Enceladus station.
- When changing from a ship with a consumable (nanodrones, kinetic ammunition) installed back to one without it, the number of consumables displayed on the launch dive screen would not update to zero, showing phantom cargo.
- Habitats that change locations will now tell you this only once, even if you un-dock and re-dock again during the same encounter. Previously, re-docking could invalidate the coordinates of another habitat if it happened to be less than 50 km away from you.
- Particle effects that are currently not visible will not play now, improving performance. This also prevents some particle effects from playing partway through and out-of-sequence if you move your camera rapidly.
- Fixed stone jet particle effects that will again be ejected from asteroids hit with high-powered kinetic impacts.
- Audio effects for adrenaline surge and the UI beeps will now respect the "SFX volume" slider setting.
- Setting shadow levels to low, but not zero, setting previously could flood the game logs with warnings. Now, a proper minimum value will be enforced for all the lights.
- The HAL9000 HUD OMS display could overflow the physical monitor it was on when you installed thrusters with long names on certain ships. Now, it will cut off too-long thruster labels instead.
- Kistune will not advertise that it uses a K37 reactor anymore.
- Fixed a graphical glitch that caused a powered-down Kitsune to be displayed with a green square all over it on OSX M1 systems. This mostly affected the Fleet and Dealer views.
- Updated translations.
1.30.5 - Artificial Impatience

- Changed the way NPC impatience works in dialogues. NPC can now become more impatient when talking to you during the conversation if you attempt to astrogate away. This makes quest dialogues flow more naturally if you decide to astrogate during them.
- NPC ships will not try to shoot through objects that they know are indestructible anymore.
- AI now has a better concept of line of sight. It will attempt to position itself for a good shot when fighting and dodge behind objects when running away.
- Sometimes, you could end up having a channel open to a ship, but it was done talking to you. This prevented further contact with other ships and returning to Enceladus until that ship left the simulation area.
- NPC ships will now close the comms channel to you immediately when they have nothing more to say to you.
- Racing path prediction was missing one vertex.
- When ships tell you they leave for repairs, they will leave instead of reverting to the default NPC state.
- Profiler is now available in the Virtual Flight Service.
- Kitsune's spinal low-stress hardpoint is now described as such. Equipment that can be mounted on a spinal hardpoint is also marked appropriately.
- The autopilot overlay refresh rate is now limited and on par with the refresh rates of the rest of the onboard computers. This improves immersion and performance, but the computer output looks different, and I'm looking for feedback on it.
- Powered off autopilot won't issue collision alarms anymore.
- Ship mass calculation will now show correct mass and delta-v values for ships with variable geometry, accounting for moving parts and extra equipment, like radiators.
- Kitsune cargo bay light will not shine when the ship is not powered up.
- Kitsune will not flash with a blue light when spawning.
- You could take a specific astrogation path between multiple moonlets that could cause you to arrive in a twin moonlet formation that should not be there.
- When performing an EVA recovery from Kitsune, your crew will exit through the proper airlock, accounting for the articulated cargo bay state.
- Cothon-211 "Chonker" had a slightly off-balance excavator, which caused strange physics interactions when the time resolution was raised due to adrenal boost or using the OMS menu while the excavator was open. It will behave more consistently now and will also open up a bit more.
- Updated translations.
1.31.2 - Warp Resonance

- Adds a warning in the Settings menu if you configure the game in a way that might cause your performance to be really bad.
- Microwave emitters will now be less prone to misaligning, and when the dish is damaged, it will not bend so much. This prevents visual quirks, which sometimes led to the dish appearing as if it was completely detached from a ship.
- Fixed internals of the "asteroid shower" event, which misclassified some of the ore chunks, leading to possible unusual spawn behavior later in the same spot.
- Fixed a bug that caused ships sometimes to try to scan the space between worlds during stage transitions or some equipment purchases. The eldritch abominations inhibiting that non-space did not like that and caused the game to crash when the ship glimpsed between realities.
- In some cases, messages about aborting communication would be repeated multiple times in the game logs.
- Updated translations.
1.31.4 - Plasma Overload

- Fixed plasma throwers are not registering right on the Kitsune, causing them to accumulate damage that could not be fixed but disappeared when you re-loaded your save.
- Updated translations.