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0.427.2 - Impulse Shielding

- New auto-exposure and tonemap settings make the screen not go so dark when you use bright light sources.
- You could get multiple rewards if you managed to re-dock to Big Bad Wolf after releasing prisoners.
- Tab navigation shortcuts were backwards.
- Stray bullets that you had autopilot lock on will lose that lock when you catch them in your cargo hold.
- Items that are held in salvage manipulators and cradles cannot be targeted by guiding drones anymore.
- Autopilot rotational adaptation for ER42 and MA-337 autopilots were confused by powerful pulsed thrusters, making the rotational manoeuvres erratic.
- Individual disposition changes for patrols propagate, so you won't end up with one Vilcy leaving you alone while other shadows you or one pirate harassing you when you made a truce with the other one.
- Phage-class stations and habitats won't try to rotate to face you anymore.
- Some pilots - civilians, Vilcy and pirates alike - can fly on manual, not relying solely on autopilots. Microwave emitters will still disrupt their flight but will not stun everyone unconditionally.
- The dialogue option that results in you hanging up now has a distinct hang-up indicator.
- Fixed Edge Runner ship thruster allocations, so it's nimble again.
- Drones and claim beacons won't try to turn to face you.
- AI will not be afraid of itself - and thus, your point defence will never shoot your beacons nor drones.
- Astrogating with a lifepod in a cradle won't cause your ship to spin uncontrollably.
- Increasing physics simulation FPS caused your excavator to deal less damage to rocks.
- You can't send over your crew to a ship that is currently salvaged by the search & rescue team.
- CERF search and rescue craft will not rotate to fly backwards during fast transits, as its symmetrical and backflip serves no purpose.
- Derelict ships your crew managed to boot up won't follow you through astrogation jumps if you choose to astrogate before they depart.
- Catching ship with AR1500 manipulator when you have an autopilot lock on its reactor or other equipment will release that lock.
- Adjusted physics collision settings to prevent cargo from phasing through ship hulls.
- Derelict ships are now more damaged and should be a bit more challenging to catch.
- You can now ask Vilcy patrols for drop point coordinates even when you already have a bounty-hunting licence.
- The "Reset to default" button for microwave resonance tuning will correctly reset the slider to 50%.
- Adjusted the cargo hold of Elon Interstellar Model E to prevent ore from causing damage from inside the cargo hold.
- You cannot abuse claim beacons to generate multiple events astrogating between the two. They will now attract just one event per dive.
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0.428.6 - Nuclear Leak

- Fixed a bug that caused crashes on startup on some systems.
- Re-balanced reactor leak damage. Reactors are now less likely to leak seriously, but the leak is more extensive when they finally do.
- Adjusted physics collision detection settings to prevent dead bodies from entering reactors without proper shielding.
- Fixed a race condition in a microseismic drone, affecting your cargo scanner, which sometimes caused readings to disappear.
- Bullets shot from a ship that moves quickly sidewise won't hit its hull anymore.
- Added mipmapping to icons that were missing it.
- Added delay between messages from different ships and entities, so you don't get a new conversation just as you are finishing your current one, as that could cause you to overlook a new message while you hang up.
- Elon Interstellar Model E cargo bay doors are much less likely to damage themselves on front-mounted weapons during hard burns.
- Nuclear Activated Nanoparticle Incinerator is now much more resistant to being misaligned - but if you manage to misalign it, it's more significant.
- Crew quests and agendas for inactive crew members are stored in a save file, enabling other persons to have the same story at a different stage.
- Updated translations.
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0.431.8 - Freefall

Custom craft approved for mining equipment
This week several custom-build kitcrafts were approved by the Enceladian Safety Committee to install standard-issue mining hardware, most notably the popular in “Bald Eagle” racing modification of Eagle Prospector. While limited cargo bay of modified craft makes using it for mining questionable, the racing crews are excited by an option to cushion lithobraking manoeuvres.

Unrest in the industrial ring
The recent discovery of unusually high residual radiation in the Industrial Ring of the Enceladus Prime station led to protests blocking out the transfer pillars. The residents of the Industrial Ring blame Enceladus Corp for obscuring the buildup of radiation. At the same time, the Enceladus representatives quote that the industrial section of the station was never approved for habitation. As of 2273, over 21,000 residents currently occupy the low-gravity environment of the Industrial Ring, making up over 12% of the station population.

Nakamura Dynamics Recall
Popular nuclear thermal propulsion manufacturer issued a free recall on its Pulsed Nuclear Thermal Rocket. Service includes refurbishing vectored thrust chamber and new propellant pumps, lowering the power requirements of the torch. Nakamura’s PNTR won "Torch of the Year 2251" and remained a common propulsion choice thanks to its cheap maintenance costs and impressive durability.

Maintenance Logs
- Bald Eagle now can mount mining hardware on its low-stress hardpoints. Cradled equipment is not available.
- The geologist tab in the OMS now features a cargo hold display, including processed cargo storage and cargo estimations.
- I extended the demo. You can now load saves as long as less than 30 days have passed in the game.
- ND-PNTR torch rebalance. It's now capable of vectored thrust, making it much more helpful for ships that lack serious RCS rotational thrust.
- Default Cothon-212 configuration adjusted to feature Nakamura autopilot required to make good use of the vectored thrust of its stock PNTR torch.
- ER42 racing autopilot now has Fly-By-Wire capability.
- Added a short-range propellant tank, taking 15,000kg of propellant, dedicated to shuttles and large drones.
- When your comms screen was already full with dialogue, when a new ship approached you, the window sometimes did not scroll to reveal all reply options, showing only the first one. While you could still scroll down with a mouse, keyboard or gamepad to display the remaining replies, some players missed that.
- It's now easier to pay off your entire bounty if you accumulate one.
- Vilcy sometimes called you with combat dialogue when there was a bounty on you, requesting your support instead of asking to pay up.
- Rescuing a stranded friendly ship or a friendly lifepod now counts as a friendly action and will improve your faction standing.
- Abducting a pirate ship or turning a pirate lifepod for bounty will make pirates dislike you.
- Stealing drones not owned by you and selling them at Enceladus is considered a hostile act now.
- Removed lag when selling a lot of ores at once.
- Fixed a bug in the individual disposition system that caused individual ships never to be genuinely hostile towards you.
- Fixed missing Elon Interstellar Model E cabin lights.
- Grinders of Eagle Prospector and Mining Companions are now visible inside caves.
- The Space Bar will not offer you drinks before you dock.
- Hostile actions against a faction have diminishing returns now, so you won't turn everyone in a given faction against you when you get into combat with one of their members.
- It will take a bit longer to build up faction confidence when assisting them in combat.
- The shortcut key display in the Equipment menu is visible again.
- When you agree to meet someone in a week, the event won't trigger if you go there immediately.
- Improved visuals of PNTR torch. It's now easier to spot the warmup stage and direction of the thrust.
- When your crew talks to you about derelicts and you don't respond, they will get impatient and ask again.
- Miners will now return the money they owe you faster and stop bugging you after they do.
- Tampered drones are not considered prisoners anymore.
- Radiators of fission ships about to breach containment will radiate brightly as they desperately attempt to eject heat.
- Improved performance for Elon Interstellar Model E HUD.
- Ships equipped with EI1337 autopilots could override commands given in dialogue. That resulted in some recovered derelicts mining the rings instead of returning to Enceladus immediately.
- THI Cargo Containers that the player does not own will not initiate docking comms.
- The new texture compression format included game binaries aimed at GPUs and drivers that cannot properly process our previous format, decreasing video RAM requirements on some cards.
- Autonomic systems and weapons now have hard-coded targeting directives and will always engage pirate ships while never fighting legitimately-owned vessels.
- Fixed a bug that caused drone and claim beacon dialogue to glitch out if you stayed 100m or closer to the beacon, causing a claim drone to automatically cancel your claim even if you choose an option and pay.
- Derelict ships are now marked as independent, and shooting at them will not cause other derelicts to be mad at you.
- Updated translations.
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0.431.13 - Unseen Imagery

- Mining companions cannot be mounted now on the right low-stress point of the Bald Eagle.
- Fixed corrupted textures that caused some of the images not to display on some systems.
- Additional texture formats improve performance on systems that can use them.
- Fixed some dialogue trees.
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0.432.10 - Terminate Hostilities

- Some NPC ships now have a military-grade point defence systems capable of targeting weak spots like reactors, making some optional encounters more challenging but also making them more helpful as allies.
- NPC ships that belong to a faction that was friendly towards you could not become entirely hostile even under heavy fire.
- You can now lock your mouse pointer to the game window in settings. Enabling this option will also enable hardware mouse pointer due to engine limitations.
- Added custom sprite for the hardware mouse pointer.
- Added a notification popup when your crew was taken off the active rooster by decreased crew capacity of your ship.
- When you spun your ship fast while having a 30 FPS framerate limit enabled, your cradled equipment (mining companions, cargo containers) stretched out their cradles which could make them forcibly detach or explode.
- Crew portrait will not flash for a moment before the animation when hiring a new crew.
- Your crew will not ask for free days if you have already agreed to them.
- Fixed lighting glitches inside The Space Bar.
- Docking arms inside The Space Bar will now hold your ship and orient it correctly.
- New achievement.
- Updated translations.
0.436.4 - Effect of Mass

- Game engine update to 3.4.2, with extra physics performance, new collision detection code, improved stability and graphics performance improvements.
- All thrusters and torches now have mass, making the equipment swaps more meaningful.
- Habitats will now talk to you when you dock to them, making it possible to continue quest conversations if you discussed trade on initial contact.
- Support for Portugal (Brazil) language.
- Fixed a bug that caused a temporary point of interest to persist on your astrogation map after you visited it.
- Hitting a ship with microwaves will not trigger an emergency reactor shutdown unless you hit the reactor directly. This makes retrieving some items easier, prevents microwave-equipped opponents from stun-locking you easily, with a drawback that it makes microwaves less efficient for self-defence.
- Performance improvements.
0.439.3 - The Bughunt Encounter

- Reconnaissance drone camera offset, configured to show equal space around your ship even if your heads-up display is taking over the lower segment - is bound now to the Eagle Prospector HUD and not the ship. Retrofitting another HUD will reset the offset making the Eagle display on the centre of your screen.
- Turning on the hardware mouse pointer will not interfere with gamepad controls anymore.
- When you select a different language but cancel the changes, the selection box will revert to the currently used language.
- Your geologist will not display multiple readings for a single ore chunk in case of an onboard computer reboot.
- Titan Heavy Industries Cargo Containers captured inside Elon Interstellar Model E cargo hold won’t show up on top of its cargo bay anymore.
- Ships won’t wiggle on the docking arm at Enceladus.
- Changed location of cradle mounts on Eagle Prospector for Titan Heavy Industries Cargo Containers and Nakamura-Titan Mining Companions. Cradles are now located in the front, out of the way of thruster fire. This allows mining with companions still attached and makes gimbaled thrusters able to decelerate your ship without overheating drone reactors.
- Fixed a bug that caused multiple notifications with the same name and face to appear when you received multiple notifications regarding your crew simultaneously.
- You can’t turn in the same ship or lifepod for a bounty multiple times by flying away and returning to drop point.
- Added video ram conservation mode for graphics cards whose drivers incorrectly report VRAM usage to the game engine. Using more VRAM than your card has caused the framerate to drop significantly. You can now force removal of unused textures, conserving memory at cost of additional loading times. The default, the automatic setting will attempt to detect if you need VRAM conservation by checking your framerate and will apply the setting automatically.
- General VRAM optimization decreases video ram usage across all systems.
- Articulated mass drivers mounted on Eagle Prospector will now aim slightly outwards and are mounted further away, preventing them from hitting the Prospector’s nose when tracing passing targets.
- Some large asteroids were immune to being targeted by the autopilot after you bumped into them with your cargo bay open.
- Changed the way the initial cutscene computes the velocity of your ship, making your ring entry point much more consistent. This prevents some light, high thrust ship builds from stopping before even entering the rings and makes heavy, slow ships stop sooner.
- Faces in the comms screen will now appear for dialogues that were received when the OMS screen was hidden.
- Adjusted ship initialization routines to repress physics computation until all the ship systems are fully loaded into the engine, which prevents some ships from spinning and moving directly after spawning. This fixes a number of glitches related to astrogation and the equipment preview screen, which could be with some ship configurations.
- The Ganymedean Anarchy station won’t greet you with trading dialogue if you dock without agreeing to trade.
- When following a pirate to his base, you won’t encounter two stations anymore.
- Disabling a pirate ship and staying near it no longer counts as following it to its base.
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0.439.6 - Barrel Roll

- Some ship builds were spinning uncontrollably when you rapidly changed simulations in the Tuning menu.
- Software cursor will be hidden in the pause menu if you opt for a hardware cursor.
- The Big Bad Wolf docking arm will now release you when you engage your autopilot.
- Updated translations.
- Fixed some typos.
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0.441.5 - Rapid Expansion

- Performance improvements in the graphics rendering pipeline drastically speed up the game on some systems.
- Improved performance of ship system simulation.
- Optimized memory requirements of The Dealer menu.
- Improved performance of particle effects of leaking reactor.
- Adjusted mounting point for AEMD14 articulated mass driver so it won’t accidentally damage your ship while tracking targets.
- Adjusted location of cradles for THI Cargo Containers on Eagle Prospector.
- Changed shape of Voyager RSLS fabrication plant on Eagle Prospector to make it not choke so easily.
- When loading a save made directly after returning to Enceladus, the value of ores changed slightly upon each load.
- Docking arms and equipment cradles used a different equation to compute their location during a cutscene and during normal gameplay, which caused docked ships and cradled equipment to jerk when transitioning to interactive gameplay.
- When you catch a lifepod with a ship-mounted cradle, your gimbaled thrusters will now avoid hitting it with their exhaust.
- Weapons and equipment mounted on Elon Interstellar Model E will not render above docking clamps.
- A damaged space station that lacks propulsion won’t relocate to another location anymore.
- Changing the focus of the tuning sliders without adjusting the value was causing the tuning option to reset to the value set upon opening the menu, without being visible in any way.
- Nakamura-Titan Mining Companion cradles have now more torque. This increases their power requirement when operating, but allow them to position the Companion correctly even after collisions or rapid manoeuvres.
- Prevent slight lag when a ship explodes for the first time.
- Fixed a number of typos.
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0.444.1 - Access Denied

- When you launch the game for the very first time, you won’t be able to skip past photosensitive epilepsy warnings.
- Reworked XASER burn event visuals, removing rapidly flashing lights in favour of gentler ones to reduce risks of photosensitive epilepsy.
- Changed the visual cue of changing music for hearing-impaired players to be more subtle and clearer. It will now display correctly with portrait monitor orientation.
- If your ship is too heavy to decelerate before handing you the controls in the initial cutscene, the entry sequence will skip the final flip to allow it to use its main torch on the entire approach.
- If your ship has a big enough cargo hold to fit an entire THI Cargo Container or an NT Mining Companion, these drones will count as cargo and your salvage manipulator won’t try to reach for them.
- Renamed “unclassified” mineral filter to “unmarked” on the Geologist tab to make it clear that it means the ore nuggets that don’t have apprisal marks placed on them yet.
- Adjusted physical model of Conlido Cothon-212. Its cargo hold is now a bit narrower, with reinforced walls. This prevents both cargoes from piercing your cargo hold and a visual glitch that enabled you to see ore poking through the left side of the ship. As a consequence, the size of its cargo hold is a bit smaller.
- When adjusting Onboard Maintenance System with a keyboard or a gamepad, your cursor was not clearly visible.
- Audio subsystem could hit a division by zero, which flooded the logs with warnings and decreased performance.
- Hardware simulations of SPC Gungnir left charged asteroids floating around when you switched between simulations, electrocuting your simulated ship at the very start of a new simulation.
- Adjusted physics setting to make small collisions more accurate.
- Updated translations.
- Fixed typos.
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0.444.6 - Pathfinder

- Improved AI pathfinding performance by 80%, sacrificing 20% of its rock-evasion capabilities. This should result in much better performance when non-player controlled ships are present while having a negligible change in behaviour.
- Adjusted storytelling options for the “missing child” quest to not finish too abruptly.
- Talking with Vilcy patrols once you get the location of the drop point will not make the ship you are about to meet wait for you 30 days longer each time you interact.
- You can’t buy more than one round of drinks at The Space Bar if you undock and re-dock immediately, raising the crew morale indefinitely.
- The bartender at The Space Bar won’t order its docking arms to throw you out if she is taking your order.
- You won't be able to tell habitats multiple times about the same event.
- Ships that run out of propellant during calculating astrogation sequence will abort the jump.
- Adjusted power draw warning for Eagle Prospector heads-up display in the numerical section to 150MW for warning and 500MW for critical level.
- Processed cargo in Titan Heavy Industries Cargo Container will now count towards the Blue Gold achievement.
- Enceladus station background won’t turn black if you set the background FPS to 0 and change your HUD scale while docked at the station.
- Non-player controlled ships caught by docking arms of stations and habitats won’t forget the player anymore.
- Adjusted cargo bay shapes on Elon Interstellar Model E, so ore hitting the edge between open jaws and ship hull from behind are not counted towards cargo temporarily, thus losing autopilot targeting and geologist marks.
- You will now trigger automatic return protocol when you get into the Encke Gap, over 3005km, just as you get the achievement. Any POI you could have in your save deeper in will be moved to maintain savegame compatibility.
- Clicking on the menu buttons when you have the Dive Target Selection screen open will now close it.
- Keyboard focus will move correctly to the last menu item you had selected on Enceladus when you close the Dive Target Selection screen.
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0.445.1 - Enceladus Waxing

- When a crewmember tells you that they quit once you get back to the station they actually quit once you get back to the station, not immediately.
- Times displayed in the astrogation panel menu and the details on the map will match now for all locations.
- The storyteller module is now aware of the prices and dangers of salvage operations and will use that knowledge to give you a more balanced and compelling narrative.
- Friendly ships will now approach you before initiating dialogue.
- Only valid cargo will be displayed on the Dive Summary screen. This prevents mining companions from showing up (and booting up and flying around stealing your ore) if you manage to fit them into your cargo hold.
- When you install multiple point defense turrets, you can now configure them separately in the Tuning menu.
- Points of Interest and Drop Points won’t be generated outside of the game map anymore. If you had any astrogation targets that were generated this way, they will be automatically adjusted.
- Adjusted internal space of Conlido Cothon-212 to better match what is visible outside. This should fix ores poking out the sides of the cargo hold.
- Found and fixed a number of bugs that could cause a crash when you astrogated back to Enceladus station with unusual things in your cargo hold or salvage manipulator.
- Fixed a number of typos and rephrased some texts in the game to make them clearer.
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0.451.0 - Ganymedean Approach

Organized crime activity
Reports of organized crime activity in the A-ring are being investigated. While independent and disorganized pirate attacks were common in the past, recent developments point to the possibility of an organized group. Following an increase in posted bounties on known criminals, patrols of both licenced and independent bounty hunters were dispatched to the area.

Increased interlunar bandwidth
Introduction of H.271A standard into the Mimas Interlunar Tightbeam Array increased the available interlunar bandwidth by over 350%, allowing broadcast of high-quality video streams from the rings A to D directly to the station. While the upgrade was meant to improve security with real-time video feedback from security cameras on ships, the development was quickly exploited by independent streamers offering real-time entertainment channels. Some popular reconnaissance drone manufacturers were quick to capitalize on the development with integrated options to assist these streams.

Insurance investigations
With multiple insurance claims made against damage caused by hypervelocity ore impacts, several reconnaissance drone manufacturers have provided options to integrate observations of hypervelocity objects with on-board adrenaline systems. Enceladean insurance providers express hope that more detailed crew logs of such events will help them rapidly resolve an increasing number of claims. Experts note that most of the popular drones available on the market today may have an insufficient frame rate to be conclusive.

Maintenance Records
- Added streaming-friendly mode to the Settings menu.
- Added more interaction with the pirate faction. You can now communicate with them even when you are in combat, trading insults and having multiple opportunities to defuse the situation. Pirates will also attempt negotiations when the tide of the battle is against them.
- Turning the onboard computer off will now provide resistance to short circuits and overheating.
- Increased chance of getting quest-related interactions with ships you came across, so crew quests don’t feel stalled.
- You can now salvage ships that are part of crew quests if it makes sense in the context of that quest.
- Pirates could try to extort you while being terrified, which made them open fire on you and try to escape while they were asking for money.
- Faction and personal reputations could coincide in a way that made it impossible for an NPC ship to break away from combat.
- You will now get some adrenaline slowdown when you use the Adrenaline Booster even if you don’t have a pilot on board.
- Nearby hypervelocity explosion will now trigger an adrenaline boost, giving you time to react or at least perceive the impact that damages your ship.
- Tuning Direct Energy Mining Tool power input used to change its efficiency in a way that cancelled out any extra power you pumped into the device, making power tuning of lasers and microwaves next to useless.
- THI Cargo Containers used to fly away from you even before you ordered them to return to the station if they managed to get away from you before booting up.
- Active cargo, such as drones, could boot up and fly around or even explode on the Enceladus dive summary screen if you gave them enough time.
- When your crew was returning from sick leave and there is not enough space for them on board your ship, the game added them to the roster and immediately removed them, displaying confusing notifications.
- Improved performance of the mass driver hypervelocity bullet simulation.
- Improved performance of the Enceladus station crew display.
- Improved performance of ship collision detection.
- Improved performance of ship spawning.
- Bullets can now collide with other bullets.
- When you established a claim beacon, the notification of the claim price didn’t play, which made the price of your claim be counted towards your next in-ring sale or purchase, displaying confusing money counters.
- Your salvage manipulator will now go into the Tsukuyomi-class docking bay when you dock.
- Adjusted the thruster configuration of the Tsukuyomi-class frigates so they are less likely to accidentally burn ships they are docking with.
- When you transfer criminals from a disabled ship into custody, the ship is now considered a legitimate salvage.
- You can now turn in criminals held in lifepods caught in your ship cradles.
- When making quick course adjustments with your mouse the autopilot vector could snap back to your current velocity if your adjustment was quick enough to be registered as a mouse click.
- Logs showing your propellant usage during the dive could be inaccurate if the framerate changed during your mission.
- Changed nanodrone storage descriptions to make it clear that it’s a consumable storage container and not an independent drone system.
- Clicking on a tuning item header will now switch the description and simulation to this item.
- Fixed a bug that caused your mouse pointer to stay on screen much longer than needed.
- New game-over screen if you manage to blow your ship up.
- A ship that lost all power and propellant won’t be able to keep the cargo it has in external cradles or salvage manipulators during a rescue operation.
- Updated translations.
0.453.5 - The Multiverse

Possible parallel universes
An independent Class-3 artificial intelligence self-identifying as “Marvin” (formerly operating under the Class-2 designation of “Entangled Thought”) has proposed an experiment with the potential to falsify the Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Though human scientists have expressed some skepticism over the relevance of the experimental data, Marvin has replied to such claims without surprise, stating that “Bio-processing is at an inherent disadvantage in attempting to challenge quantum mechanics. The entangled mind is a prerequisite for intuitive understanding.”

The initial results, though inconclusive, have yet to invalidate the Many-Worlds interpretation. If borne out, these results would be far from a failure; it would represent an important finding, though it will take time to explore the implications of such a finding.

A class-action lawsuit against Nakamura Dynamics
Multiple independent geologists and astrogators filed a class-action suit against Nakamura Dynamics after several contractor fatalities stemming from overwork and exhaustion came to light. Though a Nakamura representative offered no comments, new regulations surrounding the number of hours these positions can stay on shift are already being reviewed, according to sources inside the corporation.

Ring-rage incidents on the rise
A statistically significant increase in ring-rage incidents among independent miners is raising tensions across Enceladus. A representative of the Vilcy, the independent mercenary group known for establishing a bounty and enforcement structure in the rings, has promised swift and decisive action.

Maintenance records
- The new game button, after you finish the tutorial, allows you to re-roll your starting ship name and pick one of the parallel universes, which changes the seed for procedural generation, giving you a unique experience. You will now start the game at Enceladus, allowing you to customize your crew and your ship before the very first dive.
- Multithreaded performance improvements speed up the frame rate on systems with multiple, but slower cores, especially when other ships are around.
- Additional general AI performance improvements across all systems will make the game run faster when other ships are around you, including faster pathfinding and decision-making routines.
- Re-balanced the faction and personal hostility and fear adjustments from being shot at by the player to consider the actual amount of damage taken. This makes NPCs less likely to turn hostile from glazing accidental shots and quicker to act when under concentrated fire.
- Fixed a race condition that caused random crashes on some systems.
- The undocking procedure from the Big Bad Wolf is now gentler.
- Rebalanced experience gains for your crew. Geologists and Astrogators will now level up a bit slower, and Pilots and Mechanics will level up faster.
- Additional protection from cargo piercing your ship hull.
- “Guide us through the thicket” questlet now has the ship asking you for a favour to assert its course, showing you exactly where they want to go.
- You can now re-deploy claim beacons that you pick up in the rings during your dive.
- Drone-mounted microwave dishes are now a bit smaller and will not poke through the hull of your ship if you have one in your cargo hold.
- Adjusted number of dialogue trees that could look weird if you undocked during the course of discussion.
- When you dock to a ship or a station while having your comms channel opened to another ship, you will be contacted by your host as soon as you finish, allowing you to pick trade options and transfer prisoners even if interrupted.
- Money notification during in-ring mineral sales will now use a monospaced font, which makes the values easier to follow as they change in real-time.
- The demo version can now delete saves.
- Updated translations and updated some missing strings.
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0.459.3 - Opposite Reaction

- Support for the Dutch language.
- New story event.
- Expanded friendly pirate dialogue tree, giving you more opportunities to befriend them and see what they really want.
- Friendly ships that are in combat now can call you and request support or offer combat-related dialogue options.
- Expanded the Vilcy dialogue tree, so you have an opportunity to query for drop points and combat patrols whenever applicable.
- Ships you take on combat patrols will now talk more and will give you a better indication of what is going on.
- The reconnaissance drone camera range is now displayed on your LIDAR screen.
- Improved performance of ships spawning and loading the dialogue trees.
- Better support for vertical monitors.
- A bug caused only one ship to spawn in some circumstances where there should be multiple. This makes some ambushes more dangerous.
- Ringracers will now complain if you catch the drone before the race even starts.
- Changed the description of Rusatom-Anonoff MPU to make it clear that it has propellant reprocessing capability.
- A bug could cause AI to freeze up and take no action if an object it was examining was destroyed unexpectedly.
- If you encounter a habitat that just finished construction once and then loses track of it, it won’t say they just finished construction if you manage to discover them again.
- Added a tooltip for tutorial button prompts to make it clear that they represent a keyboard key and not a widget to be clicked with the mouse.
- Changed colour of the keyboard/gamepad dialogue highlight.
- Sounds were not playing then you navigated some of the menus with the keyboard or a gamepad.
- You could only move down in the tuning menu when using a keyboard or a gamepad.
- Fixed typos.