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0.461.3 - Cosmic Background

Digital Mimas performance
The classical music performance will be held next week in the netspace of Enceladus. The Digital Mimas Orchestra, conducted by renowned R2D7, will perform classical works of Bach, Penderecki, Jarre and Moloney, as well as some modern pieces by both digital and organic composers. Performance bandwidth allocation will be limited to 5000 attendees and ticket sales will start this midnight.

Man-Hub adjudicated legal across Sol
The Interplanetary Court of Sol has passed a judgement in a century-old dispute on the legal standing of controversial information and manual database. With a stated goal of providing free and unrestricted access to information, Man-Hub was sued for violating intellectual property laws by multiple corporations. In closing, the jury proclaimed that the release of manuals shared by the service was already mandatory for all affected parties and the whole case was based on a technicality. The judgment is not final.

Thruster burns are a basis for weregilds
In today's press conference the spokesmen of the Vilcy formation revealed that the bounty-hunting organization considers thruster burns as a fully-fledged basis for posting weregilds. Exhaust-based damage was often disputed as mere accidents, and this release opens up a shortened path for offended parties to seek compensation.

Maintenance Logs
- Additional soundtrack.
- New User Manual tab for all equipment, detailing in-game usage of your hardware.
- If you don’t agree on a trade, but still dock at habitat, they won’t tell you that ore transfer is in progress.
- Some portions of the screen could not be interacted with using the mouse.
- Consistently burning ships or stations with your torch drives will be considered a hostile act now. Accidental burns might still be forgiven.
- In some situations, you could get a salvage option for a lifepod of a ship rather than for a ship. If successful, this could corrupt your savegame.
- Fixed some typos.
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0.463.0 - Pirates of the Ganymedean

- New ways to interact with pirates, including trade and job opportunities.
- Mechanics that are not on your active crew will still contribute their skills when repairing your ship on Enceladus.
- Improved pathfinding. Recent optimizations had a side-effect where ships, in some cases, would not detect a possible collision with nearby massive asteroids, ships or stations and would ram them.
- Lifepods won’t have processed ore aboard.
- The Space Bar could have its fission reactor overheated easily and would explode in a rather unimpressive explosion.
- Exploding Cothon-212 would leave a radiator glow sprite visible for a few moments after the explosion.
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0.467.4 - Everything not saved will be lost

This is a very special update. In a time of a global crisis, there are causes that need your contributions more than we do. Today I’m lifting all the restrictions of the demo version, making it essentially a full game. Instead of buying ΔV, spend your money on something important and help someone in need. You can get the full version of ΔV when we have peace again.

Maintenance Logs
- Removed all demo restrictions, making the demo essentially a full game. There are more important things than games you should be spending your money on now.
- Additional story event.
- A new gravimetric readout shader for EIME and Bald Eagle HUDs make the readouts much less noisy and more useful.
- You could not click on tabs in the Hardware menu if your monitor resolution was small.
- Adjusted audible warning levels on Elon Interstellar Model E heads-up display to not trigger warning sirens when fitted on a fission craft.
- Eagle Prospector HUD will now fit well on 1280x720 displays.
Post edited March 03, 2022 by Adrian__W
Adrian__W: This is a very special update. In a time of a global crisis, there are causes that need your contributions more than we do. Today I’m lifting all the restrictions of the demo version, making it essentially a full game. Instead of buying ΔV, spend your money on something important and help someone in need. You can get the full version of ΔV when we have peace again.
Sorry to interrupt here, but thank you so much and my total respect to Adrian__W, koderski, Kodera Software & for this generous thinking & action. Peace in the world
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0.473.2 - Squadron 303

- Difficulty selection. You can now choose the difficulty level of the game - and change it at any time. The difficulty level adjusts the types of events you can encounter, with the Peaceful level giving you no hostile encounters at all. The default level is Balanced.
- If the game is unable to contact achievement service, due to being off-line, network outages, playing a demo or pirated version, unlocked achievements will be stored off-line and uploaded as soon as the game can contact the achievement provider again.
- In-game notification of unlocked achievements as you unlock them.
- New achievements.
- Some achievements now have visible progress and will pop-up update notifications as you get through them.
- The current player count is displayed in the main menu and pause menus.
- Improved network error handling for achievement providers.
- Increased the speed of mineral trade at Obonto habitats by 500%.
- You need to actually agree to trade a mineral in order for habitat to buy it from you.
- Fixed a number of typos in translations.
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0.473.4 - Crowning Achievement

The game can now detect corrupted offline achievement storage file and will rebuild it when required. This fixes game crashes should the file got corrupted somehow.
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0.475.2 - Mass Processing

- Mineral Processing Units have mass now.
- More achievements to unlock.
- When you schedule a race in future, your astrogator won’t extend how long the racing team will wait for you.
- When successfully talking down a terrified pirate, he won’t open fire to you as soon as you are done talking.
- Fixed some dialogue trees.
- In some languages, the setting menu would show English selected even when another language was used.
- Updated translations.
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0.477.3 - Focused Commitment

- The game now supports DLC that can modify game content.
- A new story event.
- AI can be told to focus on its current target more. This prevents botched salvage attempts by Search and Rescue teams when players did something that distracted them from the operation.
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0.477.6 - Increased Verbosity

- Released THI Cargo Containers will now hail you even if the release manoeuvre used up a lot of their reaction mass.
- When playing with DLC that modify game content, you’ll get a list of enabled DLC in the title menu.
- Support for multiple DLC modifying the same assets.
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0.477.13 - Quantum Tunneling

- When your crew levels up at the very start of a dive, the notification will not be obscured by the initial cutscene.
- When you schedule a race with the racing crew, they will come on the same ship you agreed to race with.
- A rounding error in radian to degree conversion prevented you from tuning autopilot rotation velocities to certain values.
- Distance between astrogation targets discovered on the very seam of the ring map will now be calculated correctly.
- In some circumstances your THI Cargo Container could move its processed cargo to Enceladus before leaving the map, making it possible to teleport ores if you caught it again.
- A space right behind the torch of Eagle Prospector and the Bald Eagle counted as contents of its cargo hold, causing the ore nuggets to lose geology markers and autopilot locks.
- When you dismissed a crewmember, the crew menu would automatically close after a few seconds.
- One of the Obonto habitat arms docked you in a wrong orientation.
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0.480.4 - Legal Combat

Runasimi loses on a technicality
The leading producer of LIDAR hardware, Runasimi Inc, lost a case in First Enceladian Court over not exposing rangefinding capabilities in their software package. The case presented by an independent contractor hinged over a technicality of having “Ranging” present in the name of “Light Detection and Ranging” equipment. While Runasimi accepted the ruling and rolled out an OTA update to their software, the company soon retaliated by suing the contractor for unlicensed use of military-grade targeting hardware.

Obonto shackles companions
Obonto Microengineering in cooperation with Nakamura Dynamics rolled out an unexpected upgrade to its popular reconnaissance drone. By cleverly subverting the standard SANBUS protocol of modern ships the upgraded drone is able to remotely inject operational imperatives to the class-2 artificial intelligence of Nakamura-Titan Mining Companions, enabling captains to direct the notoriously quirky drones with commands that they cannot disobey. AI researchers raised concerns over the possible unexpected side effects of connecting AI systems with a remote network.

Salvage audits across the station
With an increasing number of independent contractors entering the salvage operations industry, Enceladus Corp is conducting a station-wide audit of the salvage logs. Station authorities will search for both illegitimate salvages and any unusual salvage patterns that might suggest foul play.

Maintenance Logs
- LIDAR display now shows scale.
- Autopilot overlay for all autopilots will now show relative velocity and distance to your current target.
- Nakamura-Titan Mining Companions now communicate with each other using your onboard Ship Area Network BUS, coordinating efforts to capture multiple ore nuggets at the same time.
- NT mining companions can now be controlled with Obonto Microengineering Guiding Drone.
- The dive summary screen will now list who brought in which nugget, making it easier to estimate the performance of hired miner wingmen and mining companions.
- Ore carried by Mining Companions could be lost when they returned to Enceladus on their own.
- Non-player controlled ships equipped with salvage arms won’t transfer ships they capture to the player.
- Ships salvaged in the rings will now show up in your ship logs.
- Eagle Prospector autopilot would trigger an alarm siren if you flew over 50m/s with an FBW-enabled autopilot and used WASD controls while pressing the right mouse button to orient your ship.
- When launching a Cothon-212 with an empty beacon cradle in front low-stress mount and another cradled equipment fitted in the back, the latter was inadvertently released during the launch sequence.
- In some regions of the rings, a map seam caused a number of glitches, including thruster flares not being visible on visual feed, ships orienting in a wrong direction during astrogation and astrogating backwards.
- Pirate traps near moonlets won’t be present on peaceful difficulty anymore.
- DLC are now properly recognized and loaded on OSX systems.
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0.480.5 - Devil in Details

- Distance markers on LIDAR were not up-to scale.
- Made distance markers on LIDAR easier to read.
- Added interface with Mining Companions to the User Manual of the Guiding Drone upgrade.
- One of the branches in conversation you could have with the Phage station didn’t grant you the achievement you were supposed to get for it.
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0.484.8 - Continuous Variety

- Improved gamepad controls. You now have better autopilot aiming, a brand new gamepad controls screen in settings, autopilot aiming assist and both relative and absolute control schemes.
- Equipment won’t be targeted by your gamepad targeting beam anymore.
- You can now pan the screen with your right analogue stick on your gamepad.
- Sliders in the tuning menu can now be controlled with analogue sticks on your gamepad.
- Updated the tutorial with new gamepad controls.
- Habitats are less likely to turn their point-defence weapons on you for minor infractions.
- Ships that use microwave emitters are quicker to disengage now.
- Processed cargo on the dive summary screen is now attributed to your ship.
- “Space Western” mood and soundtrack are now more common.
- Power and reactive mass consumption, as well as thermal damage of thrusters and torches with a significant wind-up time, will scale during the ignition appropriately.
- Fixed a bug that could result in some of the achievements to unlock prematurely.
- Anomalies and events won’t appear on the very rim of the rings, in regions where your autopilot could take over and take you back to the station.
- Obonto habitats always greeted you with trading dialogue when you docked, even if you did not agree to trade.
- Relative crew skill levels on the “Hire Crew” tab will update when you put people on and off active duty.
- Updated the translations.
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0.484.13 - Entangled Telecomunication

- The comms window will now always scroll all the way down when you receive a message, so you won’t miss any reply options.
- You can now scroll your comms window with analogue gamepad controls.
- When you collect an ore chunk you were targetting with your autopilot, your ship will continue on the same trajectory it was following before interception, conserving propellant.
- Gamepad controls for EI1337 autonomic autopilot now work the same way as for other autopilots.
- When you complete a crew quest that involves finding a family member and your crewmember survives the encounter, he won’t be asking ships if they have seen them anymore.
- Fixed a race condition that could sometimes cause the game to hang up when switching from Enceladus to Rings and back, preventing you from either leaving the station or returning to it.
- Dismissing your crewmember could cause your game to crash.
- Fixed a number of typos.
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0.484.18 - Folding Space

- When you open your OMS screen after receiving a new message, the comms window won’t scroll from the very beginning.
- Income and expenses during ringdive now have separate positions in the ship logs.
- Improved B8 Claim Beacon’s autopilots so they make better use of their thrusters and reaction wheels.
- Adjusted Eagle Prospector’s cargo baffle spring stiffness to make it easier to ingest low-density ore.
- In rare circumstances, objects that were not supposed to could follow you through an astrogation jump.
- Gamepad controls of the autopilot did not work if you explicitly selected the gamepad as an input, but they worked fine with auto-selection.
- Some of the buttons were skipped when you navigated the settings menu with a gamepad or keyboard.
- When switching the control scheme from keyboard + mouse to gamepad while your control settings are open, the focus will adjust to a correct widget.