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0.520.5 - Pre-emption Rights
- Sick and injured mechanics will not fix your ships.
- Miners passing you on the very rim of the rings will now be less likely to mine around you and will try to find their own mining spot.
- Miners will now recognize deployed claim beacons and should not challenge you when there is a claim in plain sight.
- Incoming communication displayed on the Eagle Prospector HUD installed on AT-K225 will now be displayed correctly.
- Flying with fly-by-wire capable autopilot, but with the onboard computer turned off or the FBW capability disabled, will now count towards the “Driving Stick” achievement.
- Attached steering wheels and similar devices will not scroll the game menus when you pick keyboard+mouse as a control scheme.
- You could enter the OMS menu while the astrogation cutscene was in progress, which resulted in a slowly-fading black screen covering your menus.
- When you started a habitat trade while a notification was displayed on the screen, you would get multiple trade notifications in a row.
- Grinder of the Eagle Prospector will now sound right when you have it open in the OMS menu and during adrenaline surges.
- Adjusted physical shape of the AT-K225 collider, making its docking bays larger and less likely to be damaged by containers moving inside them during rapid manoeuvres.

Bonus Content
Tales From The Rings free DLC expanded with:
- AT-K225 3d model.
- AT-K225 skin template.
0.523.2 - Bullet Heaven

- New Nakamura Dynamics NDPT-4205 Point Defence Turret can now be unlocked and purchased.
- Additional interactions with Obonto Habitats and independent miners.
- Hardware and Tuning menu simulations for point defence turrets will now present the simulated ship with a constant hail of targets.
- Improved Dynamic Temporal Simulation Simplification performance on low-end hardware, making the game much smoother when the system adjusts the physics framerate to your hardware capabilities.
- Some combat patrols could last for hours if you had really bad luck and did not encounter any targets. Your wingmen will now terminate the patrol in that case.
- Choosing a borderless window mode on the Windows platform will now actually use the borderless window, and not silently fall into an exclusive full-screen mode. This will degrade performance a bit in that mode but help with most screen-capturing issues. You can switch to exclusive fullscreen in the Settings menu to restore the high-performance behaviour.
- Some point defence turrets, including these mounted on habitats, now have safety protocols and will try to avoid hitting friendly targets. These systems are not foolproof.
- Updated translations.
0.524.3 - Safety Protocol
- Relaxed safety protocols of NDPT-4205 point defence turrets. The firing solution computer was overzealous at times, limiting the fire cone far more than it should - in extreme cases completely preventing the fire on certain ships and mounts.
- Adjusted position of spinally-mounted NDPT-4205 on all the ships with spinal mounts.
- All the docking arms are now more rigid, preventing the cradled equipment wiggle in the fully locked position, which was especially noticeable in lower physics framerates.
- Cargo Containers and similar equipment could spin out of alignment when the initial cutscene was terminating.
- The game no-longer relies on your operating system to provide an order of multiple monitors, as some systems used to change their minds about which monitor was the primary one on subsequent boots, causing the game to switch to an undesired monitor. You might need to change the monitor you want to use in settings when you first start this version, but the choice should be persistent now - as long as you don’t re-position the monitors.
- Fixed interlunar propellant usage for ships to use a correct value. If you tuned your Xenon drive usage, you might want to re-examine the tuning option before starting a dive.
- Uranium Caves could disappear prematurely from your Astrogation list if you followed a specific order of actions.
- Re-balanced dialogue frequencies of friendly encounters with miners. Some of the dialogue options were underutilized and quite rare. You should perceive that as a wider range of replies possible from miners if you are on friendly terms with them.
- Miners will not hit you on how to obtain a hardware licence if it’s apparent that you already have that licence.
- The dive entry selection screen will now take into account the amount of propellant and other consumables you will take aboard when displaying the propellant required for entry burn.
- Improved performance of the ship setup, making ship spawns faster. This should prevent slight lags you could see when new ships entered the detailed simulation area.
- When you fly to a Vilcy drop point, the ship awaiting you there will not fly away as soon as it finishes talking to you. Flying away caused the ship to re-spawn nearby and re-initialize the dialogue, as long as you remained in the area.
- When you dock to a ship at a drop point for a prisoner transfer, you will be now able to continue the dialogue, making obtaining the bounty hunting licence smoother.
- If you docked into an Obonto station after opening fire at them and apologizing, you could be able to confirm a trade deal that was not proposed, breaking the dialogue tree.
- Crewmember that left your ship on a successful salvage operation will return aboard when you return to Enceladus automatically.
- Significantly improved the performance of the Crew menu at Enceladus station and added better animations to showcase new crew being available and being hired. This also improves the performance of all the time skips.
- Search and Rescue teams will not ask you if you have seen someone to rescue when there is a stranded ship just next to them.
- Vilcy patrols will not ask if you have seen something suspicious or warn about rumoured piracy in the area if you are in the middle of combat with a pirate already.
- When telling your crewmember to get out from your ship during a quest event, you will now see the proper EVA action happening.
- Mod loader will now look for mods at the correct path on OSX system.
- New achievement.
- Updated translations.
- Fixed a number of typos.

Bonus Content
Tales from the Rings - a collection of short stories - added to the namesake free DLC.
0.530.3 - Enceladus Tour

- New Services menu in the Enceladus Prime. You can opt to stay at hotels and resorts, or take your crew to a bar. This supersedes previously available time skip buttons and gives extra gameplay effects, depending on your choice.
- Improved drone tuning visualizer. The previous visualizer caused some of the players to feel slight nausea due to the moving patterns, I worked with them to change it - in a way that presents the same information but does not cause issues.
- Improved performance of ship initialization. You should feel even fewer lag spikes when ships spawn around you.
- Vastly improved performance of the Dealer menu at Enceladus Prime station.
- The smart camera will not re-centre itself if you are holding down one of the mouse buttons.
- The smart camera will not zoom in or out if you are holding the right mouse button to prevent accidental ship turns.
- Increased the minimum size of the ship preview window in the Dealer to ensure that all ship information is always visible.
- Improved the monitor placement detection code. Previous code could be confused with some exotic monitor layouts.
- You can cure cancer during a crew quest now.
-When flying KR37 with the MA337 autopilot installed, the lidar overlay ring would break and flicker inside caves, when surrounded by a rock structure.
- The Big Bad Wolf will try to not shoot you accidentally anymore.
- When using AT-K225 HUD with a damaged onboard computer and full or nearly full cargo container, the processed cargo readout could exceed the stated capacity of the container, causing flickering and sounding ship-wide alarms. You can still get inaccurate readings with a broken-down computer, but they will not trigger alarms anymore.
- Activating the “unmarked” filter in the Geologist tab will now cause your systems to ignore the minimum price for the unmarked ore since by definition it can’t have any price estimation assigned.
0.530.6 - Vertigo Effect

- When you opened your Onboard Maintenence System menu for the very first time each dive, you could not navigate using just a keyboard or gamepad. Subsequent visits to the OMS menu worked fine.
- Fixed the jury-rigging not being initialized properly for your ship, causing weird behaviour of your Mechanic OMS tab.
- Adjusted the background of the Dive Summary screen, so it’s less likely to cause discomfort.
0.532.1 - Friends and Foes

- Your astrogator tactical awareness skill will now place different markers on ships recognized as hostile, equipped with damage estimation of the target.
- Changed the physics of small very objects, like certain crystals and isolated pockets of carbon. They will now fit between the gaps in your cargo hold and will not clog your mineral processing units.
- Streamlined the background resource loading. You will be able to jump into the game a few seconds quicker.
- Improved performance of the Enceladus Prime station, which should be especially noticeable on slower computers.
- Already captured rogue cargo containers won’t play “nearby mystery” music anymore.
- The smart camera will not zoom out or in slowly when you are holding the right mouse button and an interesting object simultaneously moves into the field of view.
- Attached mining companions could prevent you from astrogating.
0.538.4 - Autonomic Love

Mandatory IFF Pilot training
Following a number of accidents involving the misuse of autonomous weapons, all the licenced pilots operating in the Enceladus space are required to undergo annual training on the operation of autonomous targeting systems. While the Enceladus Corp spokesman claims that the sole purpose of the training is to increase the safety of the station occupants, a number of mining guilds protest this mandatory activity as an additional thinly veiled tax imposed by the station.

New community patch for EIAA-1337 autopilot
A new community patch to the infamous autonomous EIAA-1337 autopilot reached a release candidate stage today. Taking advantage of the MIT licence of the software, a group of developers introduced an overhaul to the notoriously sparse visual interface of the device in order to expose its internal decision process. The merge request quotes a capability to “finally understand what the damaged thing is trying to do and perhaps not fly with your finger on the power switch all the time”. Elon Interstellar already integrated the changes into their next OTA update.

New simulation theory breakthrough
Researchers led by dr Bostrom announced today a new breakthrough in the field of simulation theory; the idea that we live in a universe run as an immensely complex simulation. New experiments seem to bind well-known quantum phenomena with the simulation theory, suggesting that the universe seems to be approximating the quantum results when no one is observing them. Dr Bostrom suggests that we could abuse observed phenomenons to introduce additional shortcuts in quantum reasoning algorithms, significantly increasing the computing capacity of modern devices.

Maintenance Logs
- Added the Pilot tab, with a full-screen LIDAR, the ability to hail ships and configure the Identify Friend and Foe settings for your ship.
- New Tactical Awareness markers for friendly and hostile ships, as identified by your onboard IFF, make it easy to spot hostiles on screen and estimate the damage inflicted.
- EIAA-1337 autonomic autopilot is now equipped with visual feedback exposing the internal decision processes of the system.
- Extended Point Defence targeting protocol, with tuneable targeting criteria, ability to ignore obscured targets and optimize the turret turn ratio.
- Enhanced the Geologist Mineral Markers. Your ship can now display 400% more and when they overflow, the marker with the least value is expired first, making the marker display more consistent and useful when mining overzealously.
- Performance improvements for both the Enceladus station and the Rings.
- A number of stability upgrades.
- Radiators of Antonoff-Titan K225 will not remain on screen when the ship is exploding.
- After an astrogation jump, ships and stations could ignore you if you arrived in their comms range.
- Adjusted the hearing-impaired visual aid on the edges of the screen to be more subtle - in line with the music shifts that they are representing.
- Improved AI collision prediction. Both NPC ships and autonomic autopilots are now better at detecting collisions and can navigate better around large objects. Your pilot's adrenaline boost will also not trigger so often when you navigate around large objects.
- HUD size slider can make the HUD even bigger now, which is useful on vertical displays.
- A side-mounted Cargo Container or Mining Companion would appear to be above an SPC Gungnir assembly.
- Game engine updated to Godot 3.5, bringing new performance features, asynchronous shader compilation and the latest stability enhancements.
- Using the kinetic point defence turrets now counts towards the achievement. This change is retroactive.
- Improved the error reporting handler.
- Fixed a display glitch on the cargo bays mineral scanner display.
0.539.6 - Brace for Impact

- Collision avoidance enhancements for AI. All AI - including NPC ships, NT Mining Companions and your ships equipped with EIAA-1337 autopilot - are now much better at resolving when they will collide with objects and what path to take to avoid it.
- Added trolley problem resolution module to AI. Ships are now able to recognize lesser evil and take an unfavourable choice if it allows them to avoid a catastrophic one.
- Ships are now capable of efficiently using their main thrust to help with manoeuvres if the situation calls for it.
- Improved anticipation heuristics for burnfinder make ships rotate in anticipation of deceleration only after they complete their manoeuvring.
- The big LIDAR display on your Pilot tab will now use the same data as your main LIDAR. Most noticeably, after an astrogation jump, it will immediately display the new surroundings.
- Fixed a bug that caused tuning values for Point Defence equipment to be ignored during a dive.
0.542.1 - Red Alert

- Your Geologist panel settings are now saved in the ship configuration and will persist between games and dives.
- Added collision warning visualization for the EIAA-1337 autopilot.
- AI-controlled ships, including these using autonomous autopilots, will now detect more rocks in the direction of the movement.
- AI is now much better at detecting and avoiding collisions with moving objects. This makes ring races much more difficult.
- Services you use will now be recorded in your company logs.
- You can now turn off the “ignore obscured targets” tuning setting for your Point Defence.
- Fixed some bugs that could cause the game to crash when things exploded near AI-controlled ships.
- Catching many ores with your AR1500 Salvage Manipulator will not degrade performance anymore.
- You can now sell your ship using a gamepad or keyboard.
- Updated translations.
0.547.2 - Temporal Resolution

- The game now can run the display engine at a separate speed than your physics engine. If you are able to display more frames than your CPU can compute the movement will be interpolated to make it appear smooth. This allows you to achieve a higher framerate even if your CPU is not able to keep up with the physics simulation, but your GPU is capable enough to render the results.
- DTSS can now simplify the simulation further if your framerate was about to drop. With the new physics interpolation feature, this should result in smoother performance.
- Miners you encounter at the very rim of the rings are now much less curious and more likely to go about their business without pestering you constantly.
- The personal disposition of the NPC you meet for the first time will now have some variation over the faction default. This makes encounters more varied.
- AI can now get impatient.
- A new tuning option for EIAA-1337 autopilot allows you to ignore low-velocity impacts. This allows the autopilot to push against lighter rocks at safe velocities and not dodge ores that haul drones throw at it.
- Reworked the ringraces. You will now receive a race reward without leaving the rings, and the racing team is able to recognize failed starts.
- HUD previews in the Equipment menu will now show the entire HUD preview in all screen resolutions.
- Enceladus's main menu will not cover up the in-game time indicator on a small monitor.
- Kinetic damage of pulse lasers could vary when the framerate was changed during the game.
- Improved performance of encounters with multiple drones.
- Further improved burnfinding performance of the AI - both NPC ships and EIAA-1337 autopilot.
- Improved performance of the background particle system.
- Updated translations.
0.549.2 - Parlay?

- Added roadmap to the main menu.
- Additional savegame slot.
- 3 new achievements.
- Disabling a Point Defence Turret will immediately release the Sanbus lock on its target, so another device can pick it up without delay.

The new roadmap feature can also be accessed from browser directly at:
0.550.2 - Collision Course

- Friendly ships approaching you will not pick a collision course anymore. This prevents accidental collisions in case of power or thruster failures.
- Ore nuggets you collect now have a slight size variation. This prevents some artificial stockpiling and jams at the bottlenecks of the ship (the excavator, MPU) and will make the bare-bay mining missions a bit more profitable.
- Fixed “the singer” crew quest not recording certain events and possibly granting an achievement at the wrong time.
- Mining companions are now more careful when grabbing rocks and will actively try to avoid your ship.
- Fixed excessive bloom on HAL 9000 HUD.
- NDCI autopilot collision warning overlay will now ignore the light ore chunks again.
- Pilots flying AT-K225 will not freak out inside inhabited caves anymore.
0.550.4 - High Output

- Fixed a race condition that could cause the game to crash when you brought back a large output to the station.
- Improved performance of the dive summary screen.
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0.552.9 - Radioactive Decay

Runasimi released facelifted LIDAR chip
Runasimi Inc, the leading supplier of white-label LIDAR signal processing hardware, released a facelifted version of their R68050 phase-processing chip. Increased base frequency and improved noise filters promise to improve the LIDAR detection range even on existing hardware, and an additional bandwidth allows integration of the output image into up to three additional workstations. The new chip will reach the storefronts on Enceladus within a month and is already available for pre-purchase.

Launch fee tax evasion exposed
The ERS exposed a tax evasion scheme in the docking ring of Enceladus, abusing vague regulations on recording the launch fees, environmental damages and ship supplies. Starting today, strict recording of any and all of the launch fees is mandatory. The tax audits on the ring are in progress, and ERS officials anticipate legal action.

Radioactive leaks across the station
A number of coolant leaks were detected across the Enceladus Prime station. While venting radioactive coolant into the void of surrounding space poses little risk to shielded habitats, the station authorities issued a station-wide inspection of the coolant loops. All major leaks were patched as of today, but the station staff continue to monitor the coolant lines for anomalies.

Maintenance Logs
- Revised asteroid generation code. Recent improvements in the physics simulation performance and AI performance made it feasible to extend some limits imposed on the physics engine.
- The geologist panel now contains a LIDAR overlay with range markers, so you can position the detected veins easier.
- Improved contrast of the nearby items on the LIDAR screen inside the OMS menu.
- Launch fees will now be listed in the ship logs.
- Installed hardware is now visible in the Hardware menu without opening the sections.
- Fixed a memory leak that was triggered by storing a dive output. It caused performance degradation and corrupted ship initialization, causing ships with illegal equipment to be spawned.
- Fixed a bug that could crash the game when loading a save. All affected saves will be automatically corrected.
- You could hail some derelict ships and send your crew on an EVA mission while being far away.
- Fixed a memory leak that caused memory consumption when spending time on Enceladus to increase each day you spent there.
- Fixed a lag spike that happened on Enceladus when a day passed.
- Improved memory management of the Hardware and Tuning menus.
- After visiting the Tuning or Hardware menu once, the Dealer would start listing new ships much slower.
- Adjusted the event frequency of some very rare events to not be so rare.
- Improved performance of the Dealer.
- Support for 120Hz monitors.
- On small screens, such as Steam Deck, the dive summary screen could lose focus, requiring you to use a touchscreen in order to sell your output.
- Pressing the Cancel button on the keyboard (Esc key) or gamepad will now collapse an open section of upgrades in the Hardware menu.
- Updated translations.
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0.556.2 - Tidal Lock

Vanlock-Hosk Comet torn by tidal forces
Early today, the Enceladus Telescope Array captured the Vanlock-Hosk Comet being torn to pieces by the tidal forces of Saturn. Comet debris scattered and hit a wide area of the A and B Rings, triggering a limited Kessler syndrome - a runaway cascade of collisions causing vast clouds of debris on erratic orbits - and shifting the mass distribution in multiple registered excavation claims. While extreme caution is advised when traversing out of the plane of the rings, the Enceladian Space Observatory claims that craft operating within the rings should be well shielded from impacts. Spectrography did not detect any unexpected mineral signatures.

Astrogation advisory for in-ring transits
A sharp increase in piracy across the disturbed A-ring regions has prompted the Astrogator Guild to issue a new advisory for private operators. Performing burns out of the plane of the ring itself are no longer advised, as with the transit velocities limited by clouds of orbiting debris, ships performing manoeuvres outside the ring plane are exceedingly easy to detect, track and ambush. To prevent illicit interception, the Astrogators guild recommends performing the manoeuvre entirely in the plane of the rings and cutting all thrusts as soon as your ship enters the open space above the ring plane. Trajectories back to the station cannot be intercepted and can use a classical trajectory.

Elon Interstellar StarCAT recall
Multiple events of the fusion misfire of the famous Elon Interstellar StarCAT Stellarator were traced back to a software bug. The mars-based fusion spaceship manufacturer issued a recall on all Model-E ships for a mandatory software upgrade. To compensate customers for lost profit, the company extended the free supply of fusion reactants to their signature Z-Axial-Pinch torches by another year, or as long as the stocks last, whichever comes first.

Maintenance Logs
- New astrogation protocol for in-ring transits. You can now set the velocity of the transit, and it will require you to make the initial burn without a cutscene. This makes the astrogation burns either more challenging or much longer if you opt for an easier transit - but in return, you can orient the ship the way you want it, you are not sitting still when trying to astrogate away from a hostile situation and you have control over your ship orientation when you reach your destination.
- Improved performance of the in-game physics.
- Improved performance of the Enceladus station.
- Some of the NPC ships and drones were using much more resources than they should. This includes certain rare ship encounters using 1000% more CPU than it should and mining companions, cargo containers and drones using 400% more CPU. This dramatically improves performance in relevant encounters.
- New visuals for rare and unusual encounters.
- A new way of tracking the ring density and composition, combined with enhanced physics performance, makes the rings much denser.
- The game now tracks your excavation progress during a single dive and you are able to completely strip a region of the rings of ore and asteroids. This both incentivises discovering new areas, improves the immersion factor and enables you to clear a path for an astrogation burn in advance.
- Improved tracking of unusual excavation sites. Unique items will now be depleted gradually, and having multiple unusual sites present won’t cause their content to respawn when you visit them sequentially.
- Astrogation proximity alert now has an active display when activated, making it easier to spot objects preventing your jump.
- Improved the way the game tracks events to take into account lidar contacts and rumours that you did not check out yet. This prevents some objects that were not supposed to move around the rings from spawning in another location.
- The game now correctly takes account of your angular velocity when computing the kinetic energy of the impact. This prevents asteroids or ore chunks wedged -between your ship and cradled equipment from inflicting heavy damage when you rotated your ship.
- Disabling post-processing now disables the background nebula shader and overheated computer shader, making the game perform better on low-end hardware.
- When entering and exiting the Tuning menu multiple times in quick succession you could trigger either a crash to the desktop, or make the tuning menu miss all the settings.
- Ship transponders were visible only on the first LIDAR screen they appeared on. This usually meant that they did not display on the Pilot and Geologists tabs, but in some cases, they could be missing from your main display.
- Kinetic weapons with a high rate of fire did not fire at all when your framerate was low.
- The fusion reactor now ignites correctly in low framerates. Previously, if the frame rate was low enough, fusion-based ships were not able to boot up and leave Enceladus station in the initial cutscene, and when disabled in the Rings they remained powered down indefinitely.
- When NPC check if your ship is docked, it checks if it is docked to them specifically. This prevents weird dialogue quirks when a station will give you an unexpected “docked” conversation even if you are docked to another, nearby station or ship.
- Updated Cothon-213 description to reflect the missing Faraday’s cage.
- Fixed some of the crew-based dialogues that were referring to two different persons with the same first name.
- Race drones will not be piloted by a human anymore.
- Fixed lighting and line-of-sight glitches on ultra-wide monitors.
- Race drones and lifepods will now communicate immediately when they enter your cargo hold. This prevents the need to wiggle your ship in order to get your race reward on ships with a long cargo hold