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0.486.25 - Displayed Aspect

- Fixed some lighting glitches on Enceladus station, with some of the spotlights being pointed in a wrong direction.
- Added population to the docking ring.
- When your ship is damaged, you’ll now see the repair crew fixing it on the Enceladus station.
- Mystery music will fade away to normal background sound once you discover the mystery in question. This changes the music - and the blue visual cue - around frequently-visited discoveries, such as habitats and moonlets.
- Mystery music will now trigger in more weird encounters, making them easier to spot.
- Visual glitches from overheated computers are now less pronounced when your computer is barely damaged.
- Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage devices will now switch from charging to discharge much quicker and will be able to power a highly-demanding hardware even if you don’t have a large ultracapacitor array to back up the peak usage.
- When perceived flow of time changes the sound effect will have lowered pitch now.
- Improved gamepad and keyboard controls in Enceladus station. You won’t be able to accidentally close your menu by pressing left direction on your keyboard or d-pad.
- When you exited the Crew menu using gamepad or keyboard, focus was lost on the main Enceladus menu.
- Improved performance of LIDAR rendering.
- Some of the pirates you could encounter, defeat and salvage had ships with turbines and ultracapacitors that were not available in the hardware menu, making it impossible to sell them.
- Improved fullscreen, window and borderless window handling on Linux systems. The window should now respect all window manager configurations and toolbars.
- Improved performance of window scaling when in windowed mode.
- Fixed an aspect ratio scaling bug that caused the game to overflow the screen on thin vertical monitors. Game now supports a full range of monitors from 4:1 to 1:4 aspect ratios.
- When you lose a crewmember during ringdive, the appropriate OMS screen reflection will be updated accordingly.
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0.494.3 - Digital Facelift

Modified ships approved
Multiple ship modifications, including both factory modifcations and aftermarket kits, were approved this week for operation and sale on the Enceladian station. Among the approved models were the Conlido Cothon-211 and 213 variants, the Mistudaya-Starbus Vulture Prospector and post-facelift versions of the Rusatom-Antonoff K37.

Another Digital Mimas performance
After the success of their previous classical music performance, The Digital Mimas Orchestra will hold another concert in Enceladus netspace. Tickets for the previous performance sold out in 2.4 minutes, so for this event performance bandwidth allocation will be raised to 15000 attendees. Ticket sales will start at midnight.

Information boards at docks
Due to a recently net-famous mixup at the docks, in which a mixup led the captain of the Stupendous Identity to board the Stupendous Idiot(and his subsequent mauling by the captain’s pet ocelot), Enceladus has mounted displays at each ship berth. These render the ship’s name and flight status clearly visible, regardless of the poor lighting available at the docking ring. Enceladus has not responded for comment on the claims that they were primarily mounted in preparation for delivering targeted advertising to ship captains.

Maintenance Logs
- Added ship hull variants. The ship hulls you can purchase at your local Enceladian Dealership have now multiple variants. You can find pre-facelift models, dedicated modifications made by companies or long thrusterbase versions of your favourite crafts. A total of 7 ship variants were added in this release for a grand total of 12 playable ships.
- Reworked Dealer interface to present new data about the ships in a more organized way and work better on smaller displays. The ship description now occupies a prominent space, and ship statistics were moved to the Examine Ship tab. Ship name, model and price are now displayed above the tabs.
- New ship comfort gameplay mechanics. Some ships are just comfortable, and flying them is a real joy, while others are a pain to operate and affect crew morale negatively. A happy crew will perform better and are less likely to ask for raises.
- Added an additional soundtrack.
- Reworked lighting at Enceladus station. There are fewer flashing lights now, and these that remain turn on and off gradually for a less jarring experience.
- Information billboard on the Enceladus station, showing primary data about your ship.
- The model of the ship you are purchasing is now prominently displayed on the Dealer screen.
- When you begin a crew quest related to a particular habitat and already have their coordinates, the crew will acknowledge that.
- Crew quests events are now more frequent.
- The ERS2205 torch used 12MW of electrical power instead of 120MW, as the description claimed.
- Friendly ships now keep 50% longer distance from you and will approach you 50% faster.
- If your ship runs out of propellant, but you manage to eject a cargo container before rescue is dispatched, you will retain the cargo that returns autonomically.
- Added stiff rotation limiter to Eagle Prospectors grinders to prevent them from being pushed into the cargo hold with energetic impacts.
- When you bring multiple lifepods to collect bounty to Vilcy HQ, you will get separate bounties for each of them.
- Added additional defences to Vilcy HQ.
- Re-visiting a known location will display a notification when your astrogation coordinates update.
- Fixed a memory leak that caused a permanent performance degradation when you owned a lot of ships.
- When defusing hostilities with the Ganymedean station in the middle of combat, the station could offer you a truce and still immediately open fire again.
- Some ships had unlisted ammo compartment seals, corrupting the purchases of other ammo compartments in the Hardware menu.
- When playing with a gamepad or keyboard alone, the smart camera could position itself to make parts of your ship go off-screen.
- Both Repair menu and Crew menu stats will now account for mechanics that are not currently active crew but still help repair your ship.
- Improved performance of Enceladus station background.
- Updated translations.
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0.494.8 - Heads Up

- Eagle Prospector HUD system list will not overflow even when there are a lot of systems installed.
- EIME HUD now has a longer range of LIDAR.
- Improved performance of EIME HUD.
- HUD boot-up sounds now respect time-related pitch changes when you use an adrenaline booster.
- Improved performance of the Dealer menu when you own a lot of ships.
- Fixed a bug that caused incorrect prices of an owned ship to be displayed depending on which button you used to display your ship.
- Fixed hotkeys that toggle front low-stress hardpoints on K44 prototype.
- Fixed cargo hold area of K44 prototype, which didn’t consider ore held in the very tip of it’s beak to be part of your cargo.
- Removed redundant log entries that could cause slowdowns due to disk access.
- Notifications that pop up during the dive won’t capture mouse clicks, allowing you to interact with screens below them even when they are displayed.
- Some ships used unlisted reactor core configuration. Owned ships with unlisted configuration will now default to closest legal configuration.
- Hardware simulation window now has minimum size to ensure that the entire description is visible even on small monitors.
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Original Soundtrack expanded

The Original Soundtrack of ΔV: Rings of Saturn was just updated with two extra tracks. If you got it already - either from the stand-alone purchase, or through the Tungsten Edition, your music should update automatically.

New tracks
- A Horse Named Fission
- Big Damn Heroes

If you don’t have the soundtrack yet and you are looking fine music - and to support development of ΔV - you can find it here:
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0.494.11 - Terminal Resolution

- Further improved Elon Interstellar Model E HUD performance.
- High-resolution LIDAR display on Runasimi KR37 could corrupt the display of EIME HUD near huge objects.
- Ship transponders on high-resolution LIDARs could fade away between sweeps.
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0.498.6 - Little Helpers

MLF Haul Drone recall
Following a number of lawsuits from independent mining contractors, Minding LF issued a mandatory recall on their popular Haul Drone systems, replacing a faulty neural processing chip. Company stated that while the old chip performed withinn required operational parameters and MLF can’t be reasonably held accountable for ship damages caused by mishandling, they are releasing updated safety imprints as a gesture of goodwill.

THI Cargo Containers facelift
Titan Heavy Industries released a facelifted version of their signature Cargo Containers this week. Imrovements include direct interface with geology station using both SANBUS interface as well as dedicated Titan Heavy Bus, which gives much finer control over the semi-autonomous storage and transport system to its operators.

Special deorbiting fee
After the M374-A moonlet incident, in which an intoxicated crew of a “Retrograde Burn” pushed that moonlet out of the plane of the rings, causing a persisting gravitational ripples across the A-ring and an estimated 13 billion damages in lost potential mining profits, Enceladus Corp introduced special deorbiting fees to be incured on attempts to destabilize the moonlets. The fee is set at flat rate of 1 milion E$ per incident and the enforcement will begin next week.

Maintainence Logs
- New MLF Haul Drone behavior takes into account movement of your ship in relation to ore in front of you, position of your excavator and if it’s open.
- New control options over THI Cargo Containers on your Geologist tab. You can now choose which container should take which minerals, get ability to manually pump them out to your ship cargo hold for trade and see a detailed breakdown of processed mineral storage.
- Mineral pumping speed in and out of THI Cargo Containers raised from 100kg/s to 500kg/s, resulting in faster habitat mineral trade.
- THI Cargo Containers will not leave 500kg trading mineral buffer on your ship anymore. You can opt to pump minerals back to your ship on-board storage on the Geologist tab of your OMS.
- Updated simulations for drone systems in the Hardware menu to showcase new MLF Haul Drone behaviour better.
- The default minimum range of the drone systems is reduced to 0m, as the new heuristics are able to handle ore next to your ship gracefully.
- When taking some of the dialogue options you could end up with a Vilcy Drop Point that would vanish every time you visit it, instead of waiting for 30 days for you.
- AI would ignore any object that could not be held in a cargo hold, like moonlets and other big items, when computing collision avoidance, resulting in both NPC ships and EI1337 autopilot raming them.
- In some cased long-lasting audio would slow down during adrenaline events and not speed up again until you released the button.
- Unpausing the game using the “resume game” button, rather than ESC keypress, would leave the muffled filter on music activated.
- Adjusted the position of the EMIE HUD Augmented Reality cargo hold display when installed on the Vulture Prospector to not obscure the grinding area.
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0.501.1 - Cryomarket Crash

Mineral Market Deregulation
In yesterdays meeting the board of Enceladus Corp voted to lift the price regulation rules of the Mineral Market. Effective today the station owners will no longer impose arbitrary prices based on external factors and the market will rely on supply and demand generated by its participants. While the majority of the market participants welcome this change, the Mining Guild raises concerns that deregulated ore prices might result in unprecedented inflation.

Extended pre-flight inspections
After another incident with a spaceship stranded on the rim of the A-Ring directly after orbital insertion due to inadequate propellant load, pre-flight inspections will now include checking the propellant level of all crafts that leave the station. Numerous independent contractors raise concerns that this step was taken not to improve crew safety, but rather to force all contractors to submit detailed flight plans, exposing their excavation zones to Enceladus Corp.

Auxiliary loophole closed
Starting this month, the auxiliary power systems will not be classified as ship accessories, but rather power system extensions. The previous classification as accessory allowed manufacturers to omit parts of the specification, such as the mass of the unit, from their marketing material. Reclassification closes this loophole, forcing both manufacturers and distributors to comply with all ship extension regulations.

Maintenance Logs
- Your actions can now influence the Mineral Market prices on Enceladus. The effect of this change is retroactive and all past purchases and sales will now be reflected in the prices.
- Market chart predictions for inexperienced geologists will now be more chaotic, making investments riskier.
- Ammunition, propellant and nanodrone component prices are now tied to mineral market prices of iron, water and platinum respectively.
- When you employ or dismiss a crewmember, the Mineral Market price prediction chart will now update immediately.
- Auxiliary power systems now have mass.
- The dive selection screen will now show the amount of propellant required to perform orbital insertion, warn you if you did not take enough to complete the manoeuvre and prevent you from launching until you take enough.
- Dialogue during combat was prone to looping and repeating the same commands if little changed between messages.
- Skipping ahead time in Enceladus while trading will now record subsequent trade days as separate events in your ship logs.
- THI Cargo Container will again leave a 500 kg buffer of ore on your ship to handle trade and drone fabrication without requiring a manual switch of the container pumps.
- Lifepods you recover in the rings won’t be recorded in your ship logs as salvaged ships.
- Audio feedback from lifepod radio will now respect time slowdown.
- When pressing analogue control on the gamepad and moving the mouse simultaneously the icons on the screen changed a few hundred times per second, which could flood the buffers and cause crashes.
- HUD scale slider in settings also affected the zoom level of your ship's reconnaissance drone camera as long as the setting menu was opened.
- The game could crash when loading a slightly corrupted save.
- Improved performance of the Enceladus station menu.
- When examining autopilots in the Hardware menu, the simulation will now show a shadow simulation of your currently equipped autopilot, showcasing the difference in behaviour.
- When you asked bounty hunters what to do with prisoners, the coordinates of the drop point you got would expire as soon as you visited it. It will now persist for 30 days.
- When someone leaves your crew and takes another ship during a quest event, they will now leave your crew immediately.
- If you manage to externally fire up a thruster in a ship that is not operational by applying sufficient heat, the thruster valve will automatically close. This prevents accidental ignition of the thrust of cargo containers and mining companions using your own thrusters, which would fire constantly until released.
- Fixed a number of typos.
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0.501.5 - Market Hack

- Patched an exploit that could allow you to break the market and corrupt your save.
- You can now store up to 10,000 metric tonnes of a single mineral on the Enceladus station. The excess will be sold automatically.
- Changed the way geologist predictions work. Now they are based on how sure your geologist is about the trend and can ebb and flow.
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0.505.6 - Moving Pictures

Entertainment and Advertising
Short movies and advertisements now run at idle information boards in docking areas. Many have already criticized the information boards as a blatant move to create advertising space, and this seems to bear out their worries. However, some crews waiting for dive clearance approval expressed relief for anything to watch as they wait for approval to depart. Enceladus Corp has denied accusations that increases in wait times are an intentional move to boost their advertising metrics.

Third party remote manipulator software approved
After years of stagnant drivers and software hindering the effective use of Triskelion-Armstrong’s ARM-1500 platform outside of salvage and cargo operations, third-party software has been approved for use in Ring A. With more advanced software packages available, this move is expected to increase their effectiveness in mining operations.

Astrogation protocols updated
New requirements for record keeping now mandate closer tracking and more detailed records of any objects of interest ‌in the rings, to aid in tracking navigational hazards. Ring researchers hope to use the additional data to gain a better understanding of the complex gravitational interactions within the rings.

Maintenance logs
- AR 1500 Salvage Manipulator can now be directed on your Geologist tab to pick up specific ores.
- New Titan Heavy Industries Monocargo Container is now available in the hardware store near you.
- Display boards all across Enceladus station now display mini-movies to entertain the crew of the docked ships.
- Your astrogator will now be able to record more than one discovery with the same name.
- Removed the blinking lights from the background of Enceladus Prime station.
- Updated the Bald Eagle description to reflect 2 low-stress hardpoints that are available on the ship.
- The amount of camera pan was dependent on the resolution you were playing in. This caused the game to move the viewport further away on 4K displays, and hardly move the camera on small displays, like Steam Deck. Camera panning is consistent now.
- Window decoration settings are now updated only when needed. This fixes window decorations flickering on and off when adjusting unrelated display settings.
- Fixed a memory leak that could crash the game when you fast-forwarded time on the station.
- You won’t receive two notifications for the same discovery anymore.
- Labels on the Mechanic tab are now vertically centred.
- Turning off the background particles used more resources than it should.
- Some of the UI buttons sounds in the Settings menu played multiple times, making them louder than others.
- If you meet the racing crew after you already scheduled the race, they will acknowledge it.
- Updated translations.
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0.511.4 - Quantity and Quality

- The processed cargo manifest will now explicitly display how much cargo is stored in external cargo containers.
- Moved the processed cargo manifest on the Eagle Prospector HUD to another spot to prevent obscuring the entrance of your cargo hold.
- Holding the “hold position” button when flying EI1337 autopilot will now disable collision avoidance as long as the button is held.
- Physical displays on the HAL HUD now apply their curvature to texts displayed on them.
- The movement of the physical displays of the HAL HUD is now much subtler.
- When sending the crew on an EVA mission through a dialogue option, you will now see them perform the EVA flight.
- Added new smart camera option: smoothed movement without automatic excavator zoom.
- New double-tap excavator control that keeps your excavator open. You can adjust sensitivity in the Settings menu.
- You can play your own advertisements on the Enceladus station screen.
- You can now tune the angular velocity limit of the autopilot up to 360 degrees per second, which was the stock setting of the Bald Eagle.
- EVA mechanic crew visible on Enceladus now respect proper parallax when your camera moves during the launch sequence.
- Fixed missing Chinese/Korean font on the Eagle Prospector HUD.
- When you discover something more specific about a location, your astrogation listing will update by replacing the generic discovery with the specific one, instead of listing both.
- The repair crew on Enceladus won’t flicker in and out of existence as they weld your ship back into shape.
- Text on the dock billboard will now wrap to the next line if it exceeds the screen size.
- NPC ships will not attempt to communicate with asteroids anymore.
- The hacking sequence now uses correct Linux commands.
- Reactor explosions are now visible on the visual feed.
- When adjusting lighting settings at the Enceladus Prime station menu, you could activate lights on the docking arm that were supposed to be dormant.
- The phage-class stations will not cause the game to play the “mystery is near” music once you discover them.
- Known locations won’t play “mystery is near” music when you astrogate to them on subsequent missions - unless there is something more to discover.
- When your cargo manifest and processed cargo manifest was nearly full, the window of K37 hud showing your cargo bay could resize, restarting the cargo bay microseismic scanner.
- Added new achievement.
- Updated translations.
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0.514.3 - Shifting Gears

- A number of performance improvements for mid-range machines that don’t have a lot of L3 CPU cache. This should significantly improve performance with advanced autopilots, busy HUDs, near NPC-controlled ships and in the Mineral Market.
-New modding infrastructure, which allows mods that are less intrusive and more likely to work across game updates. Note that mods are still not officially supported, can cause all kinds of problems, corrupt saves, cause crashes, etc. This is not a feature for the faint of heart at this stage of development. Should you want to try, despite the warnings, find details on #mod-library on our discord
- The salvage manipulator will now ignore new targets during the astrogation cutscene. This prevents accidental snatching of large asteroids that could cause serious damage when you arrived.
- The mineral market will now always show the minimum and maximum values of the ores on charts.
- Excavator would open if you quickly alt-tabbed out of the game multiple times while the Streaming mode was activated.
- Astrogation points you have a track of are now unlikely to unexpectedly change locations in the rings.
- Obonto habitats won’t cluster in tight formations anymore.
- Habitats will now be able to tell you that they are relocating to a new spot.
- Ships you agreed to meet in a specific spot won’t approach you at random anymore.
- Thrusters and torches will not cause thermal damage during a final return cutscene when your ship flies above or below the rings. This prevents accidental destruction of ships if you decide to return to the base near them.
- The rogue THI Cargo Containers that you can sometimes encounter in the rings will now have a correct course and faction.
- If you manage to catch a racing drone and release it again before the race starts, it will power up again.
- Random events you discover during dialogues will now be more spread out.
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0.514.6 - Null Void

- When you discover astrogation points through the dialogues while being near the edge of the map, the discovery could end up 10 times further away from you than it should be.
- Ships your crew goes to during their personal quests will not be hostile towards you if you shot them before they boarded.
- When astrogating from one moonlet to another you could end up in an empty region of space instead.
- Vilcy Drop Point time limit won’t extend every time you ask patrols where to deposit prisoners.
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0.518.17 - Element of Surprise

Antonoff-Titan AT-K225 hits the market
Made in collaboration with Titan Heavy Industries and Antonoff, AT-K225 general cargo carrier features a modular design capable of adopting a wide range of cargo requirements. The processed cargo storage relies on dedicated THI docking bays to host up to 6 compatible autonomous containers to increase ships' cargo capacity. A stock variant comes with a standard THI Cargo Containers pre-installed.

New sensor data protocol
Improvements in compression and predictive error-correction algorithms lead to development of an improved sensor data protocol, boasting over an 80% increase in bandwidth accompanied by vastly improved error resistance. On-board computers featuring new protocols are expected to hit the commercial market this year.

Elon Intersteallar Recall
Elon Interstellar issued a limited recall on its Model E excavation ship. The newly discovered flaw in the signature excavator/cargo bay combo caused actuators to misfire under high stress and rapidly open the cargo bay, leading to both dangerous shifts in the ship's centre of mass and direct damage to the craft. Both the actuators and any damaged cargo bay doors will be replaced free of charge.

Maintenance Logs
- Antonoff-Titan AT-K225 is now available for purchase.
- The new AT-K225 Head-Up Display can now be retrofitted to ships.
- Obonto habitats will now dock ships further away, making docking easier and allowing them to dock bigger ships.
- Adjusted performance settings for asteroids spawning, which could stop all ice generation if enough ships and drones were on screen.
- New proximity buffer tuning setting for MLF Haul drones control how close to your ship drones can keep ore.
- Music changes were subject to performance throttling, making music changes inconsistent across machines.
- Improved performance of graphical displays on all Head-Up Displays.
- Improved performance of physics/collision computations.
- Improved performance of charts in Tuning and Hardware menus and on Head-Up Displays that use them.
- Greatly improved performance of thruster physics simulations, which is most noticeable when multiple ships or a drone swarm approaches your position.
- Fixed a physics model bug that caused the Elon Interstellar Model E excavator to jerk open on some occasions, which could damage your ship.
- Added missing mipmaps on EIME excavator sprites, which makes them look better at distance.
- Having multiple mining companions mounted on your ship will not cause the camera at Enceladus Prime to zoom out further out.
- Excavator opened with a double-tap action will now stay open when you enter the OMS menu.
- Changed how AI and your pilots perceive the shape of the Phage Class stations, which used to freak out pilots and AI when they got near them.
- Haul drones will now release any target that entered a cargo hold immediately.
- Pirates that really hate you, but ask for a truce themselves due to circumstances won’t open fire on you once you close the comms window.
- You could fix some of your hardware in-flight when you adjusted jury-rig settings and caused damage again.
- Hitting something massive with an Elon Interstellar Model E excavator will not bounce you aside so much anymore.
- Shader animations running on GPU (like the ringstorm discharge or HUD elements on Eagle Prospector) will now respect pause mode and time dilation.
- Racing autopilot course predictions on big ships like Cothon-212 or AT-K225 were not accurate.
- Cradled equipment like mining companions and cargo containers could collide with your ship hull when spawning, which misaligned them when you examined the ship or started a dive.
- When you pick a new astrogation destination while the trajectory countdown is in progress, the counter will reset now.
- Crew after performing EVA could get stuck visually to the ship they flew from.
- New achievements.
- Updated translations.
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0.520.2 - Total Recall

- A new drone control visualizer in the Tuning menu will show you exactly how the drones will direct the ore, as well as visually represent the minimum and maximum range settings.
- New haul drone system tuning option - deceleration zone.
- Improved algorithm for MLF Haul Drones for ore directly behind your ship.
- While Elon Interstellar Excavator would not jerk open unexpectedly, it could still be stuck open if you pushed its jaw outside of the actuator range.
- Improved performance of the Hardware menu simulations and hardware listings.
- When you re-visited previously discovered Uranium Caves or a Space Bar, you could get again the Moonlet discovery, only to be superseded with a more detailed one when you entered the interior.
- Mystery music would play around a Space Bar you already discovered and visited again.
- Fixed SPC Gungnir projectile velocity listed in the Hardware menu.
- The Geologist panel would shift a bit when you adjusted the minimum price for your drone systems.
- Separate printing audio for the Voyager RSLS.
- Events you discover will now immediately be placed on your Astrogation map.
- Thruster flares on the visual feed could disappear if your mission took many in-game days.
- Eagle prospector HUD would flicker when you power it on if you installed it on a ship with a lot of equipment installed, like AT-K225.
- Voyager will now print drones 400% faster.
- Updated translations.