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0.385.26 - Rearmed (07.09.2021)
- Fixed a bug in AR1500 Salvage Manipulator that was causing crashes when returning to Enceladus station in some cases.
- Updated translations.
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0.387.6 - Sensory Overload (13.09.2021)

New mining claim options now available
Starting today Enceladian mining claims can be obtained in different variants. Varied periods of claims allow both small and medium-sized excavation companies to effectively protect their mining investments. Enceladus Corp representative denies the connection of new, updated claim options to the recent anti-trust investigation against the company.

New generation of quantum processors released
The release of 11th generation Obonto Microengineering Q7 quantum processors promises over 30% improvement in the processing capabilities of q-network based artificial intelligence using the popular processor as their primary platform.

Safety upgrade for GNU/Antonos-based autopilots
Released today patch 3.1457 of the open GNU/Antonos autopilot system focuses on safety improvements. While the patch contains multiple bug fixes, the most obvious change is an extension of the digital sensor bus, allowing the transport of metadata like visual warning signals for the pilot.

Maintenance Records
- You can now choose different claim options when deploying B8 Claim Beacons.
- Your astrogator will not extend the duration of claims for free.
- Performance enhancements for NPC AI.
- Stability fixes in the dialogue subsystem.
- Salvage Manipulator will not exceed its maximum power draw anymore.
- Made the storyteller module more forgiving for new players, holding back hostile encounters until you learn to fly decently well.
- Drone systems will now be automatically disabled in cutscenes.
- Docking at habitats will not cause adrenaline rushes anymore.
- You can now exit the settings menu with a gamepad or keyboard alone.
- Your hud will now fade away during tutorials so the instructions are easier to find.
- When flying a ship without ammo or drone systems, relevant storage sensor will no-longer report a warning.
- Ship sensors reaching critical value will now flash briefly to draw your attention to arising problems.
- Elon Interstellar Model-E depth display will no longer be truncated when flying over 1000km deep in the rings.
- Updated warning levels for pulse lasers in the Upgrade menu.
- Updated translations.
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ΔV: Rings of Saturn release 0.392.4 - The Enceladian Order - comes with tutorial improvements, new geologist options, improved AI and new disguised taxes.

As always, demo was updated with all these changes above.

Strike of The Geologist Union ended
Today marks the end of the long-running Geologist’s Strike, spanning the planetary system. The conflict over the use of AI to phase human labor out of geological surface operations on Saturnian moons has run for over two years. Specific to orbital operations, this means the resumption of services in drone system management and mineral mapping.

New Enceladian Order
Fulfilling his electoral promises, the new president of Enceladus Corp has increased the tax exemption on inherited spaceworthy ships from 7,000E$ up to 35,000E$. While this move would help small family-based excavation companies, tax experts note that the very same bill established a general 9% shipcare contribution that, despite the promises, will increase the effective tax burden on most independent miners.

Obonto Habitats declare neutrality
With the escalation of hostilities within the A-Rings between Vilcy security contractors and anarchist refugees from Ganymede, Obonto Habitats declared neutrality in the conflict, offering to trade with any ship that would approach their stations with no ill intent.

Maintenance Records
- Expanded tutorial with additional in-character notes left for new players.
- New Geologist tab in your Onboard Maintenance System, with local mineral excavation map and ability to control remote drone systems, focusing them on specific minerals or specific values.
- Improved artificial intelligence of ship-mounted mining companions and cargo containers. You can now order a return to your cradle if you launch any of them by mistake, and the docking protocol will now align them correctly and bring them close enough for you to catch without moving your ship. You still need to power up your cradle to catch them.
- Changed the icons for stat comparisons when hiring a crew to make it clear that you are upgrading or downgrading your current staff.
- Improved persistence of dialogues. Stations will not change their minds on what they want and who is aboard if you fly far enough and return to them.
- Increased the patience of your crew when you forget to pay their salary.
- The dealer will now ask for confirmation when buying or selling ships.
- Obonto habitats will not get offended anymore if you fire on independent miners.
- Removed a view button on the Dealer screen, which did the same as clicking the ship name.
- Mineral market polishing: highlighted month changes, all the numbers formatted the same way, added missing padding.
- If you lost a rock from the cargo hold, your cargo hold value would display state before losing that rock.
- Moved the OMS mechanic hotkey display to another column to make the power buttons more prominent.
- Fixed a bug that caused drones and ammo contained in onboard storage of drone systems and mass-drivers to disappear upon launching from Enceladus.
- Gimballed thrusters could operate well below their minimum power when pointed in the wrong way, causing your autopilot to use up propellant without getting any meaningful thrust.
- Fixed several graphical glitches inside the Space Bar and made it easier to spot the entrance.
- In some cases, you could launch the game without getting keyboard focus on any of the buttons, making it impossible to start playing without using a mouse.
- Updated translations.
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0.392.5 - Native Support
- Fixed bug that caused Rusatom-Antonoff K37 HUD to disappear if you launched the game with the Russian language selected.
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0.394.4 - Tiny Details
- Added detailed graphical and performance settings: you can control background and explosion particles, light and shadow quality, postprocessing, separate framerate limit for backgrounds and more.
- Improved the performance of the Enceladus Prime station screen.
- Removed incorrect tooltips on buy/sell buttons on confirmation window in dealer screen.
- Player replies in the dialogue system will now span multiple lines when needed.
- The game will not count processed cargo containers as recovered anomalies in ship logs anymore.
- Russian translations updated.
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0.395.8 - Finite Space

- Changed layout of Enceladus Prime station menu to make it more friendly to small screens - including slightly smaller font, adjusted margins, changes simulation charts and more.
- You can now command your dispatched B8 Claim Beacons, ordering them to extend the claim or return to your ship for future redeployment.
- Rear-mounted B8 Claim Beacons are no longer available for Cothon-212.
- Menu shadows on Enceladus Prime are now consistent.
- Selecting targets on your Astrogation will now scroll the map by the minimum amount required.
- Removed upgrade preview button, which did same thing as clicking on the upgrade name itself.
- XASER burn events will not happen next to populated areas anymore.
- Added vignette to upgrade and tuning simulations screens.
- Enabled CRT post-processing filter for Return to Enceladus and Rescue Mission cutscenes.
- Claim Beacon thruster will no longer keep burning if its onboard computer loses power for some reason.
- When you quickly opened and closed the Onboard Maintenance System menu while being hailed by another ship, you could interrupt the dialogue animation, leaving invisible options.
- Changed the response curve for docking arms so they will not shake ships and drones attached to them.
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0.396.4 - Coherent Light

- You can now tune the power and frequency of your laser mining systems.
- Asteroids will not spawn inside the walls of the Space Bar now.
- You cannot grab destroyed habitats with your salvage manipulator anymore.
- When hiring and immediately firing crew, the ship logs will now reflect both actions.
- Fixed German translation on HAL9000 heads-up display that overflowed screen size and hid units.
- Updated Polish and Russian translations.
- Fixed a handle leak in the Dealer menu that could cause crashes when you browsed inventory quickly.
- Fixed handle leak in AR1500 Manipulator code that could cause crashes when an asteroid exploded near you.
- You could go into debt when hiring crew if you opened the crew window first but switched to market or upgrades to spend your money.
- Screensaver mode will now quit when it detects any input.
- Sent comms message will now lose highlight.
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0.397.5 - Enemy Mines

- You will no longer get separate messages from Vilcy patrols made from several ships.
- I moved Elon Interstellar Model E’s weapon mounts a few centimetres forward so projectiles won’t hit the beak in an unlucky manoeuvre.
- Fixed a bug that caused pulse lasers to deal no thermal damage unless operating on maximum frequency.
- Fixed missing dialogue options when you encounter dead bodies in rings.
- Attacking one of the ships being in combat will make the other one appreciate you for it.
- Updated translations.
- Kzinti Lesson Mk2 thermal output now scales more gently, making it more suitable for mining.
- You can now come on board Ganymedean Anarchy station even if your faction standing is not maxed out.
- Hovering over past dialogue options with the mouse will not highlight them anymore.
- EIAA 1337 autopilot will now hold relative velocity to any selected target as long as you keep the X button pressed.
- I improved the stability of the AR1500 Manipulator code.
- You cannot extend your claim when you don’t have enough money anymore.
- Fixed rounding error in railgun code that caused the last bullet not to be usable.
- The dialogue reply button will not disappear if you close the OMS screen while the animation is still playing.
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0.403.11 - Forbidden Tales

As always, demo was updated with all these changes above.

New wergild rates
With the alarming rise of crime rates, Enceladus Corp sanctioned the next increase of wergild rates, ranging from 10,000E$ for property damage up to 50,000E$ for aggravated assault. Unlike bounty, wergilds are only to be collected by a licenced bounty hunter. Individuals seeking a hunter licence should contact your local Vilcy operative.

Anarchy Sightings
The terrorist organization known as Ganymedean Anarchy claimed responsibility for multiple attacks and extortions in the rings. With suspicions of the group being supported by citizens of the Enceladus Prime stations, station authorities launched a full-scale investigation into the matter. As to this day location of the base of operations of the nefarious group remains undiscovered.

Ganymedian Prejudice
With increased pirate attacks, many Ganymedean citizens who sought refugee on Enceladus after the Titan crisis are facing waves of prejudice and hostility. While stations authorities issued a statement condemning the acts of violence, the local Vilcy spokesman offered no comments under the pretence of an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Maintenance Records
- You can now join Vilcy on combat patrols.
You can get a bounty hunting licence now and collect wergilds.
- Your crew now knows other miners in rings, offering custom dialogue options.
- New shader for overheating computer.
- You can now permanently destroy the Big Bad Wolf.
- You can now dock to Big Bad Wolf as a part of a quest.
- The dealer provided ships with installed railguns but without any ammunition. Such ships confused both the Upgrades menu and NPC AI.
- A bug was causing Vilcy not to approach you with dialogue when they liked you.
- A bug could cause a railgun to hit part of your ship in the right conditions.
- Centrifugal forces can now shatter a mass-driver projectile, which prevents strange ricochets.
- You can now astrogate even if you opt to remove your ship HUD.
- Participating in space battles will now improve your standing with the group you are helping.
- Added friendly conversations with Ganymedean Anarchy pirates if you manage to win their favour.
- Changed the way the comms system highlights dialogue options when you have both keyboard and mouse cursor over them.
- The AR1500 Salvage Manipulator will not attempt to grab space stations and ice mountains anymore.
- Fixed several memory leaks in AR1500 code that could cause crashes.
- Fixed a bug that caused your crew not to speak to you, even if they wanted if there were a friendly ship, drone or beacon nearby.
- Unit conversions bug in auxiliary power generators caused them to consume much more thermal power than they should.
- Thrusters that do have not enough thermal power to fire will now visually fizzle.
- I rebalanced power delivery of auxiliary power storage systems. Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage systems will now deliver twice the power when discharging.
- A bug in the comms system caused your dialogue to be interrupted if you docked in the middle of it.
- An auto-exposure bug caused the screen to flash white when you started a new mission briefly.
- NPC AI bug could cause the game to crash when you astrogated with friendly ships in visual range.
- New achievements.
- Translations update.
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0.407.7 - Applied Geology

As always, demo was updated with all these changes above.

- Added a new mineral vein map for the geologist panel.
- You can now tune your microwaves.
- Camera zoom is now much more responsive.
- Made several adjustments to the physics engine to prevent baffle-related physics glitches.
- Damage from constant-beam weapons, like microwaves generators and beam lasers, fluctuated if your framerate changed during operation.
- A bug caused sparks from your mass-driver rounds to appear at the edge of your screen even if the bullet shattered further away and long ago.
- NPC ships are now aware that they were in combat just a few seconds ago and respond accordingly.
- Vilcy patrols are now aware of when Big Bad Wolf was destroyed and react accordingly.
- You could click and select dialogue options that were still not fully visible.
- In busy areas, reactor explosion shockwaves could be delated and could happen even a dozen seconds after a ship exploded.
- On the geologist panel, the mineral you are working with is now clearly highlighted.
- You can’t zoom the camera during cutscenes anymore.
- When tuning weapon systems, the simulation window will now present boresights.
- Improved integration with Steam services and overlay.
- Several stability improvements.
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0.411.0 - Absorbing Shock

- New External Impact Absorber upgrade.
- Expanded the bounty hunting dialogues.
- Smoothed the camera zoom and made it respond faster to zoom controls.
- Changed the algorithm for ore collision detection to prevent ore from being stuck in the reactor after a high-velocity impact.
- The camera on Enceladus Prime will not follow your mouse anymore.
- Mining Companions are now much better at catching ore that escapes at high relative velocity.
- I added an immobile background option for Enceladus Prime.
- Obonto stations will fire their point defence turrets on pirates harassing the player if they get close enough.
- Your astrogator skill will not extend the rally point specified by Vilcy combat patrol.
- Boresights are now clearly visible on the NDCI autopilot preview simulation.
- Drone system filters on the geologist panel will now respect apprisal delay.
- Microseismic drone installed on Eagle Prospector reported wrong values.
- Disabled power draw alert on Eagle Prospector, which fired every time you ignited a fusion torch.
- Massdriver projectiles will not explode from hitting an exhaust gas cloud.
- Drone systems will now favour their current target and not waste as many nanodrones by frequently switching targets.
- Fixed several typos.
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0.416.2 - Memory Leak

Demo was updated with all these changes above.

New hardware simulation provider
Electro Ride Systems won their bid for the deployment of spaceflight simulation software to Enceladian Shipyards, replacing the well-known Nakamura Dynamics spaceflight simulators. Spokespeople for ERS assured us that their 3.0 simulation software is as accurate as their competitor’s, and features a comparative simulation mode. Nakamura has challenged the validity of the bid, citing insufficient resolution to meet the contract parameters.

Subcontractor records leaked
An anonymous hacker leaked all Enceladus Corp subcontractor records, including estimated excavation yields, financial status and other private documents. Local ATLAS operatives launched a full-scale investigation hinting at possible AI connection. Enceladus representatives refused to comment.

Updated salvage policy
An investigation into the reckless endangerment of crew health and safety found a surprising resolution, as an Enceladus Corp Board of Inquiry exonerated a captain who permitted a crewman to perform EVA repairs on a derelict to prepare it for intralunar transit. While experts from Enceladus shipyard regard such operations as near-suicidal, this new precedent opens up new opportunities - and new risks - for unlicensed salvage operations.

Maintenance Records
- New upgrade simulations showcase the difference in the handling of ships before and after installing an upgrade.
- Most of the hardware you install now has its mass.
- The processing sound of various mineral processing units is quieter now.
- You cannot hire people who just died anymore.
- The gravimetric drone display scale was slightly different from your LIDAR scale on K37, Eagle Prospector and Cothon HUDs.
- The “missing child” quest could lock up in certain circumstances preventing progress.
- Internal cargo bay floodlight of Elon Interstellar Model-E will not illuminate exhaust gas that passes above the cargo bay.
- Augmented Reality overlay on EIME HUD is now darker, making the ship easier to see.
- You can now send your crew over to derelict ships to attempt salvage.
- The hardware activation button in the upgrade menu is now more prominent.
- NPC ships will use drone systems only when actively excavating.
- Purchases, sales and insurance gained while performing a ring dive are now listed in your ship logs.
- Added “reset do default” button to the gamma slider in settings.
- Updated translations, including numerous typo fixes.
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0.416.9 - Phantom Pain

- Astrogating just next to a habitat could cause a remote selling connection to be established.
- Adjusted Search and Rescue AI not to eject rescued ships when distracted by player interaction.
- Hiring a replacement crew when your crew is on sick leave will not cause overpopulating your ship when they come back.
- Next salary and leave time for your crew will now display dates without exact hours.
- Your ship can’t be damaged when you don’t have control over it due to a cutscene playing.
- Improved performance when asteroids break outside of your field of view.
- You will now get “Diving Licence” achievement even if you completed the tutorial in the free demo.
- AI will not be confused by ore flying directly towards it.
- Hacking enemy ships will now have more random outcomes.
- Fixed race condition that could make the game crash when ships were exiting detailed simulation range.
- Updated translations.
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0.422.3 - Depths of Uranus

As always, demo was updated with all these changes above.

The Synchrotron Controversy
Omaewamou-Shinderu’s most recent entry in the realm of weapons manufacture has earned imports from Uranus and especially its moon Miranda embargoes or bans in most systems on the grounds of safety and environmental concerns. Named after the spear that Odin would carry into battle during Ragnarok, this repurposed small proton collider has been stripped of most safety and measurement equipment. The charge it carries is enormous and takes time to dissipate in the rings, creating a very hazardous environment to mine in. Enceladus Prime has not yet made any regulatory rulings on this device.

New photosensors for reconnaissance drones
In a collaboration between Runasimi and Obonto Micro Engineering, new standards have been agreed upon regarding recon drone photosensors. Anticipating a drop in costs associated with standardized supply, the new photosensors promise better image clarity, with a higher dynamic range and onboard postprocessing.

Superconductor Improvements
Exiting a phase of testing and feedback, safety regulations surrounding this relatively new technology have been lifted. With an established track record of safety, SMES systems are now approved to operate much closer to their theoretical full potential, making them much more useful and reliable in providing a large power reserve for periods of peak usage.

Maintenance Records
- New SPC Gungnir Proton Cannon.
- Game engine upgraded to Godot 3.4, featuring: better stability, performance and native support for M1 processors.
- Improved quality of post-processing light effects.
- Improved collision detection accuracy between ship hulls and small objects.
- Enhanced the game background.
- New DTSS feature to smooth out the gameplay can dynamically adapt your framerate to the CPU power available.
- Superconductive Magnetic Energy Storage systems will now be more reliable.
- Point defence systems can now target drones and unusual hostile ships.
- Racing was not offering another race if you won a couple of times.
- NPC ships were confused by the complex shapes of Ganymedian Anarchy station and The Space Bar and sometimes tried to fly right through them.
- Chanced the way AI handles emotions to behave more like a human would.
- Added tooltips to the controls menu icons.
- The pause menu will not be affected by your camera exposure.
- Adjusted colour balance.
- Crew leave time is now listed in red.
- If you send your crew over to an EI1337 equipped derelict for salvage and it fails, the derelict will not attempt to fly by itself with it’s autopilot.
- Some derelicts were listed as older than their initial production date.
- Position lights on AR1500 Manipulator won’t turn themselves on after you adjust light settings.
- Pirates won’t open fire on you shortly after asking for a truce.
- Added mouse zoom and camera sensitivity sliders in the Controls menu.
- Vilcy patrols will now leave you alone when you do no business with them.
- Big Bad Wolf won’t follow your ship even when you have good standing with the bounty hunters.
- Rebooting your computer will now clear guiding drone, geologist and astrogator displays.
- AR1500 Manipulator will not throw light objects away.
- Marking many items for your guiding drone will not glitch out the drone path overlay.
- Updated translations.
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0.424.2 - Rearmed

- Fusion reactor rebalance - the fusion powerplants of ships will not shut down when your ship is damaged by electromagnetic pulses or microwaves.
- New achievements.
- Added photosensitivity warning screen.
- Fixed scale of electromagnetic sparks on Elon Interstellar Model E.
- Display of the EIME HUD is now darker, making it easier to see the background.
- Auxiliary Power Systems are now counted towards power warning in the Upgrade menu.
- Foreground rocks were missing in point defence upgrade simulation.
- Setting background FPS to 0 will not block preview and promotional videos in the Dealer menu.
- The AR1500 Manipulator will not throw away light objects you approach slowly.
- Multiple adjustments to manipulator and docking arm code, making them behave more like real machines.