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Banned 'cuz dis ain't no zoo, broski.
Banned for rejecting reality and substituting your own.
Banned for rejecting tradition and embracing modernity.
Banned for rejecting yoga and following taiji.
Banned for rejecting taiji and following yoga.
Banned for reminding me of Yogi bear.
Banned because the CGI animators for Yogi live-action made a deleted scene where Booboo tearfully loads a shotgun next to a Yogi wanted poster.
Banned for replacing the GOG Bear with Yogi.
Not banned because Yogi bear is much much worse than the GOG bear and Yogi should indeed be shot with a shotgun, repeatedly.
Banned for playing the wrong game as it isn't "why the person above you not banned"
Banned for not playing the game "Why the person below you should be banned", which takes considerably more skill.
^ banned for not creating such a thread first
Banned. I really like to bane a blue one because of the continuos errors in the forum, but because I can't, I'm bane you.
^ Banned for not being satisfied.
^ banned for being unsatisfactory