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Banned for finding his kit and then touching his stuff with out his concent...
Banned for looking on doing nothing as he proceeds to rumble through that guy's kit without consent...
Banned for touching my executive ball-clicker without asking.
Banned because he has 0 hours played online on GOG galaxy
Banned for creeping on other people's profiles. Also, why do you only have 8 games?
Banned for judging people with few games. Leave us poor people alone :c
Banned because I'm a bad person, having nothing against the user above, placing ban with a slight guilt feeling, can't help myself, someone must be punished.
Banned for becoming Frank Castle.
Banned for making me look up Frank Castle.
Banned for looking up Frank Castle's skirt.
Banned because I'll take the case!
Banned for not getting that thing I sent ya