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Banned for making me feel sad. I had the best PC box collection ever... then I lost it :(
Banned for not being a finders keepers.
Banned for not defeating Dungeon Keepers
Banned. for banning others for not doing things that is neither their responsibility, not their proclivity
Banned, because the occasional arbitrary act of injustice is fun, spices things up a bit.
Banned for using too much cumin.
Banned because some can never be too much... spice!
Banned for not paying the duties on your imported spices.
Banned, because the duty of paying ones duties is obviously of paramount importance
Banned for playing with duty.
Banned for making clever word puns
Banned for being an old user.
Banned for spamming fail.
Banned... for failing to embrace Spam
Banned for hugging canned meat.