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Banned because you didn't watch the Stargate movie (or played the videogame) and because you didn't catch the pun with the nerd (scientist) who is set up for life (ate armadillo food that "tasted like chicken" and got himself the daugter of the chief for wife)!
Banned because Stargate Universe is REALLY BAD!!
Banned because Star Search is worse.
Banned for not dancing with the stars.
Banned because the girl i recently was forced to part from, losing her twice, wore a silver star ring and a silver plain round ring; waaaaahhhh :'(

(gimme back, i beg you)
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Banned for suffering from delusions.
Banned because the only thing i suffer from, is being forced to be with another girl i don't like, with harsher "conditions" too; they took away from me the girl i really wanted, twice!
Banned for not being a king. Summon the army, send them forth, and lay siege!
banned for not using linux

Funny thing is, they "laid siege" to me, instead; had been on the defensive, ever since day 1, inside there...


Banned for not using Mac and especially, BIG-MAC!!!
Banned for leaving the gun and taking the cannoli.