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^ banned for not realizing that the Universe in which we exist is itself redundant and inexplicable


also, banned for setting up a bed and snacks so that you can live in this thread
Post edited 23 hours ago by Hooyaah
Banned for trying to instill me with existential dread and failing.
^ banned because I never... by the way, I ordered you some pizza to be delivered and a massage therapist
Banned for tricking me into having to share my pizza, but I'll just turn away the therapist instead.
^ banned because the massage therapist delivers the pizza
^banned becaus that's the pizza he took from his previous victim.
Hooyaah is banned for not realizing that my subversion still works, I take the pizza and turn away the therapist.
Banned for being a slovakian arms dealer and a pizza thief.
^ banned for not seeking the prosecution of armed Slovakian pizza thieves
Banned for reviving Countess Karnstein.
Banned for making me think for a second you were talking about Katniss Everdeen.
Banned for trying to eat poisoned berries.
Banned for trying to get yourself acquainted with the smell of elderberries.
Banned for acquainting yourself with the smell of your elders.