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Banned because we need a canary, not a falcon, to warn us of deadly gasses.
Banned for considering a once endangered species to do a canary's job.
Banned for being an animal using a computer. Those are made for humans!
Banned because squids suck.
Banned for not hailing Hydra.
^Banned for inhaling hydra, you silly calamari.
Banned for stealing raydens hat from mortal kombat.
^Banned for trying to "FINISH ME!"
Banned for not using Scorpion
Banned for not using Ermac!
Banned for using Ermac.
Kombat arkade thinks with a controller.. I will beat your ass.
Banned because i want to beat Kitana's ass, no one else 's!
Banned for being TOASTY!!!
^Banned for being too toast-centric.