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Banned for manufactured satisfaction.
Banned because you can't get no satisfaction.
^ banned for satisfying yourself in a public forum
Banned for not being satisfactory enough for the GOGus Bearus.
Banned because the GOG bear ruined again a very good bane reason.
Banned for speaking of the masked body-builder with a silly voice.
Banned for speaking ill of Dwayne Johnson.
Banned for defending a guy who despite his strength and tough guy persona, immediately folds at the first sign of internet backlash. Yes, I'm out for blood today. I'm a #$%@ing dinosaur.
Banned for being a #$%@ing dinosaur.
Banned for #$%@ing a dinosaur.
^ banned, because what's so bad about kicking a dinosaur?
^ Banned for promoting animal abuse.
^ Banned because kicking dinosaurs it's beating a corpse, not animal abuse.
Banned because birds are dinosaurs.
Banned for knowing forbidden facts.