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Banned because he played "Kill Yourself" for hours, but never got to see the end credits.
Post edited November 11, 2023 by neumi5694
Banned for ending the banning streak that Hooyaah and LegoDnD were having. Great work out there!
Banned for complimenting neumi while banning him.

LegoDnD: Banned because the Guess-The-Game thread is crumbling.
Banned because what's that?
Banned because guess.
^ banned because guess who?
Banned for guessing wrong.
^ banned, because there was no wrong answer
^ banned for flat-out answering.
Banned for flattening answers.
Banned for flattening your flat-mate's flatfish so flat that your flat-top is flattered.
Banned for being obsessed with things that are flat.
^ banned for posting that reason in thirty one seconds flat
Banned because I can go zero to sixty in 3.5.
^ banned for wasting fuel...
tsk tsk tsk
^ banned for trying to be Fast & Furious while being Gone in 60 Seconds.