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Banned for knowing what baseball is.
Banned for not caring about sports. Gog is a community for athletic jocks, not for sickly nerds.
Banned for not watching Revenge of the Nerds
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Banned for being Booger.
Banned for believing in mythological creatures.
Banned because mythological creatures do exist. I saw a unicorn on social media. He had a horn, hooves, and a rainbow background!
Banned for stalking Happy on social media.
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Banned for not downloading all the kewl memes from social media(one of the few good things social media has going for it) :D


HeresMyAccount: Banned for not realizing that it's already being shown, and I've tried to record it about a dozen times but it always refuses to do so, because for some reason everything on that whole damn channel seems to have been glitching for about a month or more. I'll just watch the stupid thing on demand.
I figured it was either out or about to be out.....I just saw an old mention of it and forgot to check it's release status before posting that.

That said, one can always find "other" sources for the clips...and there are also ones on YT as well. :)
Banned for violating EU Copyright Directive Article 13.
Banned, for not taking swift, appropriate action against such a flagrant violation
Banned for being swift with Taylor.
Banned, because it was quite the other way around, good sir. Yet, I do not intend to complain.
Banned, because Taylor Swift is going to write a song about you and maybe mention our forum in it, bringing unwanted attention by her fans.
Banned because GWAR is going to write a song about you involving horribly violent and perverse atrocities.
Banned for watching music videos with Beavis and Butthead.