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Banned for being a sedimentary rock.
^ banned for not shining on, you crazy diamond
Banned for not having a cigar one of these days while waiting for the worms. Banned for not taking up thy stethoscope and walking while setting the controls for the heart of the sun which is obscured by clouds. Banned for not bringing the boys back home who are wearing the inside out while coming back to life. And most of all, banned for not being careful with that axe, Eugene!
MovingArtillery: Banned for not banning the person directly above you.
Banned for following the rules.
^ Banned for knowing the rules.
Banned because so do I.
Banned because a full commitment is what I'm thinking of.
Banned because you wouldn't get this from any other guy.
Banned because I don't understand what you're both talking about.
^ banned, because you are the :"other guy" to whom he was referring
Banned for not helping us understand what the hell is going on.
^ Banned for having an irrational fear of being Sanchoed.
^ banned, for taking Sancho and Pancho to the Tex-Mex Cafe' in El Campo instead of my rancho in Refugio
Banned for speaking Spanish instead of Belgian.
Banned for presuming that Belgian is a language.