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Banned for implying that's a bad thing.

Edit: banned myself for not reading your post carefully enough, but banned you for not banning.
Post edited September 21, 2017 by HeresMyAccount
banned for trying to make sense of this silly ****
Banned for trying to make sense of things that have no reason to make sense..
Banned for making too much sense of nonsensical things.
Banned for smacking dumplings with a tentacle made of aardvark tongues stitched together.
Banned for Smuckers.
Banned for smackers.
Banned for Skittles and Snickers!
Banned for noses and pickers.
Banned for nosing the pickles.
Banned for pickling the noses.
Banned for preserving nasal.
Banned because how about external uses?
Banned for smoking while pregnant.
Banned for impregnating tobacco products.