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Banned for getting drinks at the crowbar, and then spending the night a roach motel.
^ banned for spreading the picnic blanket out over a fire ant bed
Banned because he's shining bright all right, but he's no star, he's a will-o-wisp...
Banned because hallowed are the Ori.
banned, because hallowed are the wean
Banned for meaning to say "ween".
^ banned for being wrong, a "wean" refers to a small child in Scotland
Banned because "To go wrong in one's own way is better than to go right in someone else's."
^ banned, because, "To go wrong in a new way is better than to make the same mistake repeatedly."
Banned, because "The faster you fail, the faster you learn".
Banned, because as highest you climb, harder is de fall.
Banned for not properly sorting your recycling.
Banned for sorting your trash and then dumping it on the side of the road anyway.
^ banned because the GOG bear ate my post

Banned for feeding the GOG bear when the sign explicitly forbids it.