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Banned for assuming everyone reads this thread.
Banned because I'm unable to counter that argument.
^ banned for not mentioning that the "everyone" to which you were referring was only inclusive of they within the set of those who would read your post
Banned because you should've used that to ban finkleroy in my stead earlier.
Banned for placing the 37648th post.
Banned because whatever happened to that mummy guy who used to ban people here all the time?
Banned because the mummy is with daddy.
^ banned for not putting a bow on that post after "wrapping" it up so nicely
Banned for forgetting to shave for forever.
^ banned for taking a bath by licking yourself
Banned for abandoning a dozen people in a spider-infested swamp!
Banned for not sympathizing with the fact that he just wanted to leave the party.
^ You should be banned, for not realizing that I did not leave the party, the part left me."
Banned because there was no way that instaboy could've known what actually happened, since he only got that information through rumors.
Banned because we all saw what happened: Hooyaah instructs them that the only way to avoid a few hundred miles of extra hiking is go straight through, and then he bails on them.