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^ banned for eating psychotropic mushrooms
^ Banned for eating citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Banned for never leaving the entire population of the Lego Kingdom alone.
Banned because I shouldn't have to, I am their god.
^ banned, because one day you are going to have to Lego
Banned for timing that pun perfectly.
Banned for drawing faces.
Banned for facing a wall decorated with curated drawing collections of faces.
Banned for making it too hard to find a good come-back.
Banned for trying to come back rather than going away.
^ banned for ... ditto
Hooyaah: ^ banned for ... ditto
Banned for still going around with no pants on.
^ banned, because you may have kilt this thread with that post
Banned so that you never expose my secret collection.
Banned for making everyone aware of the existence of your secret collection.