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Banned for spreading hiking rumors instead of bans.
Post edited December 15, 2021 by J Lo
Banned because no, i am, in fact, not ready.
^ banned, for he who does not fight for freedom is an enemy of liberty
banned cause your homemade bee-nuts contained 50 % real bees
Banned because real bees are the only bees that matter.
Banned because cats with stones are the only cats that matter, whatever that means.
^ banned for not understanding your own reason for banning
Banned because we can ban if we want to ... *starts humming melody*
^ banned for posting the first "safety ban"
Banned for posting a dangerous ban.
Banned for going postal with bans.
^ banned for not going one further and also tossing the ne'er-do-well into the gulag
Banned because there is currently too little staff to support the official GOG-gulag.
Banned for not calling it the Goglag.
Banned for playing LEGO Dungeon and Dragons.