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I should be banned because when I make political threads the mods lock them, and when others make political threads or make posts about people who want games with sexual content they get called lizards and the mods ignore my reports and the threads stay unlocked.
Post edited December 16, 2021 by Crevurre
Banned for not consulting to a locksmith.
Banned for being a lizard.
Banned for being offline.
low rated
^ Banned for only being half online (that one other user found & has the other half.....of your online status)


Hooyaah: ^ banned for not going one further and also tossing the ne'er-do-well into the gulag
InSaintMonoxide: Banned because there is currently too little staff to support the official GOG-gulag.
LegoDnD: Banned for not calling it the Goglag.
"Fun GR Trivia": I once got a "one week all expenses paid Gog vacation" for funnily joking about bans being akin to that G lettered word. ;D
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^ Banned for one week.
Banned for claiming to be a monkey, who claims to be a king.
Banned for being the King of Kongs.
Banned for being on like Donkey Kong.
banned cause you're being ghosted by ghosts
Banned by being ghosted by the ghost with the most.
Banned because ghost busting makes me feel good.
Banned for getting off on busting ghosts.
Banned for getting off on parole after a drug bust.
banned cause i couldn't purchase a drug bust at the drugstore