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^ banned for misspelling address while wearing a dress and calling it a kilt
Banned because you just kilt the English language - RIP.
Banned because nobody cares where your account is.
^ banned for being a moggy
Banned for being a moogle.
Banned for using a generic profile picture.
Banned for being from France, and not bringing wine or cheese. ;)
Banned for cutting the cheese.
Banned for forced organ harvesting.
low rated
^ Banned for possibly promoting organ grinding monkey business.
Banned for somehow having a score in the negative thousands
Banned because you did this to GamezRanker. YOU!
Banned for posting 24 minutes ago.
Post edited December 12, 2021 by ST0N3L3SS
Banned for eating buckeye chocolate.
Banned for eating actual buckeyes, which are poisonous.