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wolfsite: As for the Castlevania/Contra pack that runs flawlessly in Proton.
Apparently, you can also extract games ROMs and run them directly in NES emulators.
What is the method of changing resolution in Mafia game?

There is setup.exe there, which if I remember correctly could help with that, but it crashes now when I try to run it in Wine. There is a settings.bin file in savegame subdirectory, but it looks encoded.
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How does Ikenfell run?

Also, how strict are the system requirements, and in particular the GPU requirement?
I figured, I had widescreen fix installed. I updated it to latest version, and it now works OK.
Game: My Time At Portia
Version: 2.0.141140 (64-bit)
WineHQ AppDB Link: N/A
Installer MD5:
94059fdd2f51b78ab4b4f58202d04f37 setup_my_time_at_portia_2.0.141140_(64bit)_(40303)-1.bin
aab1a089429c65dd46089a22ff666535 setup_my_time_at_portia_2.0.141140_(64bit)_(40303)-2.bin
76e11d230231b3d58308061b18da7c71 setup_my_time_at_portia_2.0.141140_(64bit)_(40303).exe

Distro: Linux Mint 19.3 "Tricia" | Cinnamon | 64-bit
Kernel: 5.4.0-52-generic
Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 670
CPU: Intel i7-3930K @ 3.20GHz × 6
Wine Version: Wine Staging 5.19 / 5.20

Install Notes:
64-bit wine prefix.
No winetricks required.
DXVK optional but significantly improves performance.

How does it run:
1) Played about 30 hours without any game-breaking issues.
2) Occasionally game will suddenly slow down after a few hours of play -- fixed by reloading the game. This problem has also been reported on Windows.
3) Sometimes have to alt-tab into the game on startup.
4) Loses keyboard focus on alt-tabbing or mouse leaving game window -- cannot relock, requires reload.

1) This is one of the rare games I have only been able to get working in base Wine Staging.
2) I couldn't get it to run in either Lutris or Proton (GE), though it is reported as Platinum on ProtonDB.
3) Played at 1920x1080 with highest graphics settings without any major problems, but performance was improved with lower shadow settings. I'm running a pretty old card near the game's minimum specs.
4) The only major issue I encountered is that the game will not resume keyboard control after losing focus.
5) Recommend playing with a controller, especially given the keyboard issue -- the game never loses controller lock.
6) No out-of-the-box support for a DualShock 4 controller. Was able to get controller support running with Lutris' runtime environment.
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