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Banned, because philosophy doesn't belong in a gaming forum. This is a place for games with mindless violence and cool explosions.
Banned for silently supporting Michael Bay, as that man is an abomination against GOG.
Banned for not appreciating Michael Bay movies as supreme works of art...getting those explosions right takes real skill!
Banned because I just had this conversation with my sister:

Sister - Did you eat already?

Me with my 700 IQ - Yeah, did you eat already?
Banned, because you made me google "What do pokemon eat?".
Banned because they eat poffins.
Banned for tempting Nintendo with that avatar.
Banned for tempting furries with your avatar.
jsidhu762: Banned because they eat poffins.
Banned, because they eat: Berries, Vitamins, Ice-Cream (Vanilla, Choc, Strawberry, Blue-Moon), Soda Pop, Fresh Water, Lemonade, Berry-Juice, Slowpoketails, Various types of Medicine or Bitter friendship-dropping herbal solutions and poffins.
Banned: Because liquids can not be eaten...
Banned because they can, if the eaters are very small, and the viscosity therefore very high.
Banned for being extremely specific, when generalities would suffice...
Banned for being very specific in a complaint about being specific.
Banned for recursively propagating the problem of specificity by continuing to specify the things that have already been specified before, in far too much detail, said in long-winded sentences which would have been better suited to short sentences such as, "Banned because I said so!"
Banned for posting a well explained but long reason for banning the guy about you. TL;DR.