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Banned for trying to divert attention from yourself...why go fishing, when we could go Pokemon-catching instead?
Banned for underestimating magikarp.
Banned for collecting stamps.
Banned for playing Super Mario!
Banned for practicing dark art.
Banned because i practice dark art for clairvoyance and mancy; i predict failure, absolute defeat and total waste of all my efforts.
Post edited May 27, 2019 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
Banned for pessimism.
Banned for speaking out free!!!
Banned for trying to censor other users.
Banned for trying to censor users who try to censor users. Boomerang-ban. Boom boom ban.
Banned for throwing boomerangs around in the forum which could hurt other users.
Banned for getting the boomerang in this first place
Banned for trying to steal the souls of other users.
Banned because you are a liar; most people no longer have a soul, ergo nobody can steal it from them.
Banned for trying to spread his negative view of humanity, just because of his individual misfortune.