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Banned because, most "modern" humans, "give devils themselves a run for their money" and no mistake, individuality or not...
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Banned for being anti-modern.
Banned because a few hundred years from now, someone will find a piece of memory, restore it, and find this forum. It will be a great discovery.
Banned because squirrels will inherit the Earth and they will need more than a few hundred years to develop the tech needed.
Banned for ignoring cockroaches. Cockroach life matters.
Banned because still lifes matter.
Banned because only the great masters matter, as most "modern art" can be one-upped by kids in kindergarten.
Banned for beating Andy Warhol to death with a soup can.
Banned for not realizing that I love that particular piece of art and campbells soup
Banned for being Chef Boyardee and beating HeresMyAccount halfway to death with a large canned spaghetti.
Banned because i don't like death.
Banned for not getting that death is often the end to all one's troubles.
Banned, because that could be read as incitement to suicide or murder.
Banned because I seriously agree with you.
@ morolf: Banned for not reading it from a more benign and philisophical standpoint

(Also everyone: Murder and/or suicide are bad in most cases[barring fighting in wars against actual threats or maybe some people suffering terminal illness...but even then one should have hope] so don't do/try them guys)


Banned for agreeing so quickly on should always be slow to make such agreements
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