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Banned for get kids addicted to pokemon thank you pikachu
Banned because I didn't understand anything in that post.
Banned for dementia.
jsidhu762: Banned for dementia.
Banned for pokemon peter pan syndrome
Post edited May 29, 2019 by xSinghx
Banned for alliteration.
Banned because I am one of the champions according to the radio.
Banned for having no time for losers.
Banned for not having enough time to lose to me, rage quitter.
Insta-banned because I have no time to lose.
Banned because you've being too nice to me lately ;)
Banned for being a corpse which constantly returns to life instead of staying in the mortuary.
You're probably talking to floating skulls as well :-)
Banned for going grave-robbing. How else would you know so much about the floating skulls?
Bann3d for offtopic, irrelevant, unconstructive, and derogatory posting.
Banned for 3d banning.
84nn3d f0r n0t r3p74c1ng 73tter35 w1th numb3r5.