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^ banned for punching the clock at work, now your hand, the clock, and you don't work any more
Banned for breaking doctor/patient confidentiality
Banned because this happened on an episode of Dr. Oz, so there wasn't any confidentiality to begin with.
Ban Dr. Oz for medical malpractice
Banned because Dr Oz was not the person above you.
banned cause you're not the wizard of oz
Banned because the wizard of Oz didn't attend Hogwarts.
Banned for slamming into a brick wall at the train station thinking it's actually platform 9 3/4.
Banned for wearing platform shoes that are as tall as platform 9 3/4, whatever that is.
^ banned for not knowing about Platform 9 3/4
Banned for mentioning platform shoes.

Edit: Darnit, banned for ninjagoing me again!
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Banned because I need to fulfill at least one single daily dose of ban each day. One ban a day keeps the bad people away.
Post edited January 25, 2022 by MovingArtillery
^ banned for using a banana bandana as a bandage
Banned because "banana slamma" was the tagline for the Donkey Kong cartoon.
Banned for confusing a Donkey Kong cartoon with bestiality porn.