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Banned because you're the one who threw the diet at the dinosaurs.
^ banned because it was the meteor that destroyed the vegetation via a cataclysmic global catastrophe which resulted in the death of herbivores and thereby the carnivores in turn... Do you truly know nothing?
Banned because you aimed at the dinosaurs and missed.
^ banned because the meteor kept getting bigger and you didn't know why... and then it hit you
Banned because meteors can't get bigger, so obviously it wasn't a meteor.
Banned for refuting the meteor erection theory.
Banned because I'm only interested in ass-teroids.
^ banned for mixing dickweed and pussy willows and thereby producing kumquats
Banned for being bio graphic.
Banned for whistling with Simon.
banned, because you didn't say, "Simon Says"
Banned for leaving out what Alvin and Theodore are saying as well.
Banned for being a chipmunkist.
banned because your actual name is Chip Monk
Banned for being a chip off the old monk.