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^ Banned because such triple-bans should not be acceptable. You will respect my authoritah!
low rated
^ Banned for not recognizing that the last two were mere replies ;)
(and unbanned for classic Cartman-isms)
^ banned because, "Screw you guys, I'm going home."
Banned for quoting the evilest animated child.
Banned for finding a bride for Chucky.
Banned because you shouldn't talk too much when talking, or you might just chucky on your food. Ok that was bad.
Banned for working on your stand-up routine.
low rated
^ Banned for daring to tell Fonzie to work on his sit on it routine
Banned for punching a jukebox to play a song.
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banned for kicking off a kickstarter campaign about punching jukeboxes
Banned for punching and kicking rather than using grenades.
Banned because i can guarantee you that punching and kicking are not bad methods of attack at all!
banned for punching punchlines
Banned for trying to punch by using a hole punch connected to your fist.
Banned for using the punch clock at work.