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Banned for not looking at it through a furry’s lens
Banned because I shaved the fur off my face today.
Post edited January 25, 2022 by J Lo
Banned for clogging the drain.
^ banned for not unclogging all of the hair and slime out of the drain in your shower
Banned for making me queasy
^ banned, because an eight metric ton theropod should not become queasy quite so easily
Banned because he's easy-queasy.
Banned because you don't know what he ate.
Banned because you ate cat food.
Banned because you are a cat who ate people food.
Banned because Cat People ate your food.
Banned because y’all mfs wouldn’t know a good diet if it fell from the sky and destroyed the world you knew
Post edited January 26, 2022 by Mr_Whiffles
Banned for not catching the diet before it hits your world.
Banned because the dinosaurs were killed by a diet.
^ banned for not including the word "starvation" immediately before the word "diet" in you ban reason above