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Banned for shopping in the wrong place.
Banned for shipping to the wrong shop.
Banned for trafficking Morphine on the following route: Saigon > Hong Kong > Amsterdam > Rome > New York City
Banned for being a travel agent.
^ banned fir becoming an MI6 agent; there is travel involved
Banned for replacing my baretta with a PPK.
^ banned for not recalling that you also have a backup sidearm
Banned because that would imply I had three arms instead of two.
Banned for showing off your juggling skills.
banned for having nothing to show off
Banned because try as I might, I can't seem to get my SpaceMouse Compact to work correctly with ANY games except for Overload!
Banned for playing a forum game with DRM.
^ banned, but immediately promoted to thread Captain, for exposing that fact
Banned for exposing yourself.
^ banned for exposing yourself... to ridicule