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Banned for spouting nonsense when your name isn't Alice! Or the Mad Hatter!
Post edited September 17, 2019 by oldgamebuff42
Banned because I can't come to the phone right now. Please leave your ban after the beep.
Banned because I didn't hear the beep and also for trying to escape a ban by running from the phone.
Banned for not respecting people's phone phobias.
Banned for not taking the opportunity to call it a phone-bia.
Banned for making me laugh.
Banned for making me laugh because of how silly you look.
Banned for not liking 3d glasses.
^ Banned for using x-ray glasses to girl-watch
Banned for having the irresistible urge to use "^" before your sentence.
ʙȺɲɴəɖ for not giving in.
Banned for surrendering
Banned for mistaking someone's white laundry line-dried in the sun for white flag of surrender.
Banned for airing his dirty laundry in public
Banned for dirtying the air with his public laundry.