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Banned for not using soul power, but possibly eating soul food.
Banned because souls games peaked with Demon's Souls.
Banned for using black soulgems. Off to Oblivion you go.
Banned, because I've heard Oblivion has annoying level-scaling.
Banned for being pro-static in a dynamic world.
^ Thou art banned therefore, for banning the person above you who was blameless for that which you accused him. Forty lashes with a cat-o-nine tails is duly suggested as well.
Banned for giving someone a good spanking...
Banned for watching someone giving a good spanking.
Banned for not washing his chain mail underwear.
Banned for sending his dirty laundry via mail to a chain restaurant.
Banned for not wearing your chain-mail set!
Banned for wearing only chain mail in public
Banned for blackmailing the chain gang.
Banned because I got tandoori style cold cuts at my local supermarket. I guess you can say I bought it at deli!
Post edited September 17, 2019 by jsidhu762
Banned for stylish puns.