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Banned because you peek into women's laundry with underwear and steal panties.
Banned for not trying to stop HeresMyAccount who was committing the unethical act.
Banned because each and every time, i attempted to stop anything illegal from taking place, or confront the ones behind the action, i always ended up getting shafted and earning hatred, with various (dire) consequences down the road, most of them completely unpredictable, at that; last time i tried to launch an offensive from the shadows, against a huge, spiraling den of snakes, they took away my precious giiirl for good!!!
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Banned for joining one of those cults where people let snakes bite them.
Banned for promoting snake handling in rural churches.
Banned for drinking wood varnish and furniture polish (by the way; I always wondered: does the lemon scented polish taste like lemonade?)
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Banned because when life hands you lemons, make lemon meringue pie.
Banned because lemons suck.
Banned cuz lemons are nice (when life gives you lemons BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD).
Banned for squeezing blood out of lemons
Banned for squeezing lemon juice out of your veins.
Banned for stabbing the Lemon Kool Aid guy to death and being a sourpuss.
Banned for drinking directly from the KoolAid Man, causing him to die of dehydration.
Banned for uploading images in my head of the KoolAid Man with a straw in his pants, saying "OH YEAH!" while someone get's their drink on.
Banned for not having security software installed in his head.