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Banned for burdening the healthcare system, when Bradley is probably just a hypochondriac.

EDIT: Vingry is banned, because the only help for Bradley is my good advice about joining a monastery.
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Banned because, the ONLY monastery i would accept to enroll at, is one of the now extinct, Tachikawa Ryu religion (religion of sex, female monks too, mixed dormitories).
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Banned for having way too much sex on your mind
Banned for Salt-N-Pepa.
Panned because you just had to Push It
Banned for not mentioning seasoning.
Banned because it's not Halloween season yet.
Banned because Halloween is not a seasoning I put on food.
Banned because Hell-o-win, or rather, Hellowon.
Banned because it's "hallow" not "hello". There's a significant difference between "hall" and "hell".
Banned for making the person above you feel ignorant
Banned for selling your soul for a handful of Granola.
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Banned for operating the Granola for Souls pawn shop.
Banned because you should never peddle souls, like, ever!
Banned for thinking that I would use souls as parts for a bicycle.