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Banned for not casting Chromatic Orb on the patient.
Banned for crimes committed in the high court
Banned for always choosing the highest floor for a courtroom.
Post edited August 18, 2019 by le_chevalier
Banned for riding high horses.
Banned for riding low iguanas.
Banned because iguanas are protected species!
Banned for giving an iguana a derby hat and a cigar
Banned because it was an exploding cigar!
Banned, because you could give the children reading here dangerous ideas for pranks with explosives.
Post edited August 18, 2019 by morolf
Banned for denying the kids the chance to develop their talents as engineer, sapper, saboteur or demolitionist, etc. Talent development has to begin since early age.
Banned for playing too much Team Fortress.
Banned for not playing Team Fortress at this very moment.
Banned for being regularly AFK at multiplayer games, hanging on forums.
Banned for trying to discourage people from using GOG forums.
Banned for not telling him that I never go "AFK" when my game is running!