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Banned because i am not a king, but a beggar; as for ninjaing, i still have a long way to go.
Banned, because beggars don't fit in with Gog's wealthy and successful clientele. We don't want your lice and your stench around here!
Post edited August 17, 2019 by morolf
Banned because beggars can't be choosers! You'll take the lice and stench and you'll be happy with them!
Banned for suggesting that people should be happy as stinking filthy hippies.
Banned for being a flower girl.
^ Banned for being the florist who provide them
Banned for banning florists.
Banned for littering rose petals before his path
Banned for picking them up and eating them.
Banned for not realizing that he's an animal and that's what some animals eat.
Banned for insulting other forum users as animals.
Banned for adding rose petals to the food pyramid.
Banned for causing me to ruminate over the mystery of the Sphinx
Banned for being a ruminant of mystery sphinx food.
Banned for having red-green color blindness