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Banned for having way too much insight for this humble forum
Banned because i had insight and ways to "feel" things; yet, i still was unable to work around the circumstances.
Banned because of circumstances...
Banned for not specifying the circumstances.
Banned for making specific circumcisions.
Banned for banning with only circumstantial evidence
Banned, because circumstantial evidence is enough. We can't take any chances here, better ban a hundred innocents instead of letting even a single guilty one get away.
Banned because I smoke crack because I don't want people to think I'm a coward.
Banned, because crack is a drug for underclass losers, here at Gog we're gentlemen and snorting coke.
Banned for promoting the snorting of only one certain soft drink, and not others like Pepsi, Dr Pepper, etc.
Banned because you mentioned Dr. Pepper, which is not a cola as is Coke. You should have mentioned RC Cola, Jolt, and/or other colas instead.
Banned because Dr. Faust's methods weren't enough to cut it.
Banned for approving of Faust selling his soul to the Devil-Heretic, thou art Banned!
Banned for the art of "thou-ing".
Banned for the fart of though-ing.