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Banned for calling me when I'm sober.
banned for leaving me at the bar
Banned for raising the bar.
Banned for reminding me that the bar needs to be lowered.
banned for not raising and lowering the bar to complete you bench press workout
Banned for not lowering the bar on your next round of limbo.
Banned for not passing the bar exam.
banning for a lond dick, (wish i have some too #kappa)
Banned for crimes against kappa
Banned for crimes against your hair.
Banned for not showing me how to get free robux.
Banned because I miss the time when many of the stuffs sold were still payable using tix.
banned because i dont know what youre talking about
Banned for not being able to read minds. Or take minds like MENTOK THE MIND TAKER! Booweeoop!
Banned because Amazon has made streaming their original shows in 4K an extremely convoluted and confusing process, and their phone support representatives have no idea what they're talking about.