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Banned because who doesn't think R2-D2 is sexy?

Seriously, google sexy R2-D2.
Post edited October 03, 2018 by ZyloxDragon
Banned because I'd rather not.
Banned for rathering not.
Banned for using a generic profile picture
Banned for dropping your end of the bargain.
Banned for signing the contract in blood.
Banned for cheating the Devil in a Faustian deal.
Banned for being the Devil's Advocate.
Banned because I farted and it's your fault.
Banned for farting on the person below me.
Banned for receiving a Dutch Oven.
Banned for being a tribble.
Banned for being a trouble.
Banned for being a grunt in a known terrorist group
Banned because Team Rocket isn't a terrorist group. We're just misunderstood.