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Banned for being a conformist.
Once upon a time, a giant named Parsec saw your face and roared. This could only be interpreted as a ban!
Banned for imposing the highest and mightiest of all bans without even stating the reason.
Banned for selling tickets to the gog karaoke event
Banned because I'm not allowed to sing; court order.
Banned for discussing court orders on the forum
Banned for a declaration of order in the forum.
Banned for being an old new user.
Banned for bowing down to the now gone Amiga - I too miss them.
Banned for enrolling a flying pig into college.
Banned because if you are seeing flying pigs, you need to go to the psychiatrist. Or to a drugs rehabilitation center.
Banned for being a fan of Shasta McNasty.
Post edited October 08, 2018 by Dr_Adder
Banned for being bannable
Banned for no good reason.