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Banned for misunderstandings.
Banned for being an incompetent Necromancer. Seriously dude, is that what you call a zombie?
Banned for being deathist
Banned for being a life-ist.
Banned for being a life-or-death-ist.
Banned because there is a $1,000,000 warrant on me. You can bring me in dead or alive.
Banned because the warranty on me is 10x higher than yours.
Banned for buying extra warranty.
Banned because your warranty expired the day before you malfunctioned.
Banned because my warranty started the day after you banned me last time.
banned for having a warranty while being truly defective and deceivng those into thinking you was not defective.
banned for haking
Banned for eating SPAM and yelling "Hot damn!".
Banned for making Spider-Man 3. That film was awful.
Banned for calling Spider-Man 3 a "film".
Post edited October 06, 2018 by finkleroy