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AnnaBrown: Can't wait to see the results.
Sorry to tell you this, but if you can see them yourself then something went very, very wrong.
A friend of mine and his wife are expecting their first child!
tinyE: I'm clean.

Well....relatively. :P

add in tea like I do
this method
Got Raspbian working on my Raspberry Pi Zero W, without using a keyboard.

(I set it up to work as a USB serial gadget, and from then could interact with it from a computer, then set up wireless networking. At this point, setting up SSH should be easy.)

(Side note: Raspbian takes *much* longer to boot than a buildroot system; for some uses, this is a rather significant drawback. There's no "one size fits all" OS, particularly, for such an embedded system.)
Caesar.: A friend of mine and his wife are expecting their first child!
That's great! All the best for them! They are starting one of the most fascinating journey our human life can offer :D
Root Beer.
vidsgame: Root Beer.
I'll second this!
We finally had a perfect spring weekend up here, and got a lot done outside: wife did some cleanup in some of the flower beds, I got a bunch of raking done, and we put all of the garden stuff back in the garden shed - had to empty it last year to move it to a new spot.
vidsgame: Root Beer.
tinyE: I'll second this!
I remember my friends and I going up to Wisconsin to get a 24 pack of Sprechers and where my parents live in Texas, I get Virgil's. Both great.
Lady Day! Had Walburga fire, barbecue, beer, Martini...

GOG taking first steps fixing the privacy issues.... 404 is crude, but effective.
Beer, bacon and wonderful weather!
Grill season is open :D
To explain MIDI to an older person:

Compare it to a player piano.

(Also, got my Pi Zero W connected to the internet and as a USB serial gadget, no passwords required to log in.)
Not only is Raw later, but I'm about to watch Dbrunski125 stream Diablo II. Should be fun.
The kitchen in my shop is taking up space that could be better utilized for storage, so I'm yoinking it out of there. Got the cabinets and sink pulled today... without injuring myself. The lack of injuries - not even a scratch from a sharp corner - is a bit of a miracle.
So the British customs confiscated and threw out my toothpaste. I immediately thought of a certain stereotype and burst out laughing.

In case anyone is wondering why they did, it's because their rules say I can't have a container larger than 100 ml., and I had a gigantic and highly explosive 113 ml. one. Remember, remember the first of May and the toothpaste plot.