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Brothers in Arms!
justanoldgamer: It was snowing every times I looked out the window today so just about now minus 30 minutes I convinced myself to go out and shovel and then reward myself by buying beer.

I live in a basement apartment so I can't see the ground unless I climb on something, so I was quite please to see that there was barely about a centimeter on the ground. I guess it did not snow all day, only when I looked out.

So barely any shoveling and I got beer to celebrate the fact instead of as a reward for hard work.
About 3-4" / 7-10cm here since yesterday morning. It was fairly cold while it snowed so we got powder. Powder is good - I can use the leaf blower for part of it and the garden tractor should have little difficulty with the rest.

And, of course, post-plowing beer!


December electric bill came in. After subtracting the base customer fee (line charges, etc), it was a whopping $26 compared to 2.5x that much last year. Even in the month with the shortest days the solar setup is taking care of most of our electric needs. Will be good to get a full year under our belt so we can have an idea of how much 'surplus' power we're getting over the course of the year. After that, start transitioning some of our LP load to electricity. For sure we're going to be Net Zero on electricity. Would love to get it down to practically no LP load, but that's a pretty tall order for this place. Doable, but not cheap or easy.
At least i found somebody else to play with and get it on. But i really wanted that special girl, damn it all... She already beat me to it, though; got herself some company, even before i gave up on her...

Must convince myself that this will never change. I mustn't want something or someone specific/in particular; the more i do, the further away said something or someone gets from me and the more problems and complications arise, out of thin air at that. Too much feeling and attachment, lately started affecting even my health, for which i was proud because it never fails... I got literally sick, over that very special girl.

Well, time to play that Bioshock that i won before...
Got to see, in person, an Xbox Adaptive Controller. In particular, I got to feel how the two large buttons felt to push. (I am pretty sure they are designed so that they can be pressed with a foot or perhaps an elbow.)
Today I felt happy. A wondrous rare event. I went cycling along the river, the weather was beautiful: temperature at freezing point, clear sky, hardly any wind. Relaxing stops at a museum, at a piece of landscape art and finally in a cafe with fresh mint tea with honey and buttercake. And I didn't worry about the world at all today.
Drunk is not here.
Lion's song game ending was poetic and fitting,
Even though i quit drinking a long time ago... I got me some Zacapa X.O. extra aged rum, to fix me up. Nothing like anything i tasted before and i have sampled many aged, named brands, mind you. Needed something super strong in order to come to (my senses), since losing her really cost me a great deal, this time... She was so special to me...

At least, i enjoyed the work that her friends and my newfound colleagues, presented. But whom am i kidding? I quit and already prepare for resignation... Probably will need a second super strong drink, when that time finally arrives.
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