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My niece bought me an iced ring doughnut with sprinkles on top.

That was nice.


bash: telnet: command not found
Best friend sensed that I was feeling down (he read between the lines of my text messages) and picked up the phone to chat with me. :)
It looks like my skirt came. (I haven't opened up the package yet, but it's supposed to have pockets!)
Unless I'm deceiving myself, it appears as if my tennis elbow is on the mend :D *touch wood* - it's been 3 blasted months by now...
Changed the profile picture of my accounts (including GOG) to a pixel picture which i made by myself using the Android version of Pixel Studio :)
Sinking into a thousand-page book of Father Brown Stories by G.K. Chesterton.
Reacquainted myself with some Calvin and Hobbes! :)
A bunch of wildflowers from my daughter.