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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest speedruns, particularly marathon or no-reset speedruns, are fun to watch. Throughout the entire run, but especially near the end, the RNG can just decide to give you a game over. (I even lost the tutorial battle on my very first ever playthrough.) Fortunately, when you game over, the game allows you to just start the current battle over, which is extremely helpful when the game is saying "no". (This problem is worse in the speedrun because the main character never gets the revive spell, as that's in the section that the run skips, so if the companion dies during a boss fight, that could very well be a game over since there's no way to revive them.)

(Just watched a race on GDQ's "The Bargain Bin" show, and it was fun, never knowing how the RNG would play out.)

By the way, I learned of a glitch that lets you duplicate consumable items, which includes seeds. Maybe I should give the game another go, knowing that I can get more seeds earlier in the game, and can therefore afford to make constant use of magic sooner?