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matterbandit: Watching the World Figure Skating Championship with a hot chai tea in one hand and a crispy sfogliatelle in the other. :P

Vinry_.: - Chommang_drawing = The guy uploads many simple tutorials on how you could get better at drawing the human body. His style is not 100% aimed for realism, so maybe that could help you from getting intimidated from the kind of practice that you're about to see.

- Dino_illus = Now this is the artist that I was talking about. I really like the way they color their characters and environments, something that I still currently try to learn.
matterbandit: Thx for sharing these links! :) I agree... Dino's coloring technique is quite unique, difficult to put to words. But I like it! Interesting effect! :)
No problem! True, I think Dino's coloring technique is both messy and composed at the same time, where I don't think they ever overdid the shading as well as the folds in the clothing of the characters they drew. It's just the right amount. And this applies to the environments as well. Love her 2B drawings from NieR:Automata btw.
kultpcgames: A seriously ill friend is healthy again after months. Today I'm not buying a game, I'm buying flowers.
Fantastic day today! It was great to catch up with some of my closest friends. It was a great way to unwind and forget about our troubles as we chatted for hours. I got to go for a run in the park later in the day, too. It was a lovely day, and getting some exercise and breathing in some fresh air did wonders for my mood. It was a wonderful day that filled me with joy.
But bots ^^^ don't have friends, do they ...?.