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Last cast of the dice, on that game. Let's check out lady luck, once again... 1, 2, all set and ROLL!!! Deal me another winner :3

- to be continued -
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Cleaning up various hard drives, I have freed up a 2T HD and I'm giving it to a friend for her pc!
The Cubs fired Maddon. XD

Best manager you've had in over a hundred years, first manager you've had to win a title in over a hundred years, and you kick him to the curb.

Serves you bums right. I hope you all enjoy the next 100 years of futility, and I hope you enjoy watching him win the World Series with San Diego or Seattle or Kansas City, or wherever he goes.
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Cardinals, 2019 NL Central Champions :D

Bring on Atlanta, though TBH, I don't think we stand much of a chance. I'm not a fan of them or their city, but I give credit where credit is due, and they are a GREAT young team that plays the game almost flawlessly, and for that, they have my respect.
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Critical miss! Second in a row! Ah, to hell with it. Besides tomorrow, i 'm going UP.


And burp in your faces, friks! Now, turn right behind you every 5 to see if i 'm there! Muthafuckas
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Ah, manage to survive a once in every 5 years, 5 hours worth of struggle (well not really a hard one, but it involves a lot of standing outdoor and patience) to renew my car driving license. The card itself not ready yet, have to get back in two weeks and switch the receipt but at the very least I already put my mind at ease. See you in 4 years to renew my motorcycle one.
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I don't know which sorts of people he sings about I find worse...those who are ignorant through no fault of their own, or those who choose to be and remain ignorant of things around them. Still a catchy song at any rate.
FCK dominoes PIC is NSFW to the max!
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Пол-дня пыталась зайти в игру. То "что-то пошло не так", то "проверка колоды"... ужасное обновление.
Did google translate translate that right?

It couldn't have.

Shit, I guess it did. :P
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I like my new flatmate! I might get a job! I have a new game with German speech to play!
Now *I* am expecting them and not them -> me, inside there, the new place. Time to reverse the roles, as well as the situation itself and surpass even my former, OP perks, intuition included. This time i made an entire field research IN ADVANCE and most importantly, searched for and registered mugs, analyzing profiles, BEFORE venturing forth in unknown territory! Problem is, i missed the deadline by a small time margin (always time, grrr) and i missed my opportunity, for going up. Am going DOWNWARDS, once again. But former experience and newfound skill of mine, can cut it this time, i believe; so long as i take note and care of... TIME!!!

I also have to thank Mr. Zucker-B. His invention made investigation a mere child's eandeavor. Everybody is literally "profiling" themselves and being constantly self-exposed to public; no need to manually monitor, watch, or spy!?

And did i say, i now wear a "mask"? The freaks taught me how to act, at least! You 'll never see, talk to, interract with, the real me, any of you, ever again! :P
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One last moment of glory (or Gloria as the case may be) before the beginning of the 2019/2020 Season

Now we reset and go back to work.

Vancouver, it's your turn. You're officially now the oldest team without a Cup, and I am rooting for you. Bring it home.
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One last moment of glory (or Gloria as the case may be) before the beginning of the 2019/2020 Season

Now we reset and go back to work.
Nice pic and moment.